Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Good Evening

What a day! And what a forecast. My little weather man friend has told me to stay in my little bed tomorrow and to tell my humans to stay beside me 'cos the wind is going to be badder than ever and it will not be safe for any of us to go outside. Oh dear.

It has been blowing and raining and sleeting and you will see from today's pictures that the sea has been very angry and there are millions of white horses on it. I love watching them as long as I am in my house of course. Oh yes, I am a wise puss, but then that comes with age does it not? Did I tell you....???? I think maybe I did mention it. Hee hee

I have had a good day and not a very busy day. Me and my DH were up at about four o'clock in the morning as he needed to get a wee drink and I had to make sure he could find everything 'cos he didn't have his specs on, and then for a wee reward I got a couple of treats and then nipped back to bed. I think maybe I should have borrowed said specs 'cos I kind of missed my take off and sort of landed with my adorable little left paw right on my MH's not so adorable left lug which didn't cheer her up for some reason. Oops

She did a wee bit of housework and then we sat on the couch and had lots of chats and cuddles. I did venture out a couple of times while the wind was having a wee rest and I only got hailed on once, so that's not too bad. I have still been scooting around, but not as much as yesterday 'cos my litlle feets are a wee bit tired. I think I nearly overdid it yesterday. Nearly but not quite!

The little boat you can see in the picture is called the Graemsay and that is the same as my little island is called. It is the boat that takes all the humans from here and from Hoy into Stromness and it is the boat I need to go on when I am being taken to the V-E-T, but apart from that, it is a very good boat. I watched it today and it was bouncing and rolling on top of all the white horses. They are not real horses, you know. They are just pretend---I think! Maybe I need to find out why my MH calls them that.

That's my homework for tonight.

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