Sunday, 7 December 2014

Good News and Bad News

What would you like first? The good news or the bad news? OK. The bad news. We'll get that out of the way first.

I am a not happy puss! I have been rained on and blowed on and sleeted on and even hailed on and that was sore! We were in my house today and we all heard the thunder and I think I even saw some lightning but I'm not very sure. However, I snuggled up to my MH and waited until I thought it was safe for me to go out and then I asked her to please open the window for me which she did and oft I went out into the weather.

I played about for a little while and did some sniffing but the wind was blowing too much for my liking so just as I decided I had had enough and was on my way back to the window, the rain came on and then it turned to sleet and it all fell on top of me. I think it might have fallen somewhere else too, but I didn't hang around to find out. I shot up onto the window sill and clattered the window with my adorable front paws until my dear old MH opened the window and let me in.

I have a routine when I come in wet. I jump in the window and land on the chair and I sit on the arm of the chair making little squeaking noises until my MH closes the window then lifts me up and cuddles me warm again, or if I am soaking or even 'ringing', she gets the tissues and dries me then cuddles me and I nip into the kitchen for a little nibble at my biscuits, and I am happy again.

I had a rest on my couch for a while and then decided to go out as it was looking not too bad, but again just as I was beginning to enjoy myself I got hailed on and I did not like it at all. It was sore, so I scooted home and went through my routine again except this time I needed a double cuddle 'cos I was very cold, but as usual, the old dear knew just exactly what do do. Oh yes, I have taught her so well!

So, that is my bad news. It's not too bad, but bad enough if you are a little puss with very important business to do outside and can't do it properly because of the horrid weather. Sigh!

The good news is that I asked my MH to take some pictures of yours truly and that's just what she did, so here they are. We had a good old play in my living room this afternoon and I was able to get some of my energy used up and she got to play with her camera which makes for a happy MH and as my DH is beginning to feel a wee bit better now, my house is a bit happier today, and I hope you are all happy too.

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