Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Nearly There

Have you worked out that I am quite an excited little puss? I love Christmas. In fact I love December 'cos at the beginning is my birthday and then it is Christmas, so it is a very good month for this little pussy cat.

I have had a good day today and I even got a big surprise when my friend S. came to see me and I liked that very much. I haven't seen her for a while 'cos she hasn't been very well but she said she couldn't go any longer without a cuddle from yours truly, so I made it a very special one today and I am sure I have made her a whole lot better.

There is one thing which has made me a very happy puss and that is the fact that the dreaded vacuum cleaner is away for a long rest just as my MH promised and the rest of the time is just for me. Yippee! I can have her attention whenever I want it and for as long as I want, so what more could I ask for? Give me a minute and I am sure to think of something! Hee hee

My DH went over to Stromness this afternoon so it was just us girls in my house and we had good fun, but we will all be together now for a wee while and that's when I like it best.

I hope you are not too busy getting ready for Santa and I hope you have a lovely time, but I will write to you again tomorrow if the Broadband thingy is still working.

Paws crossed, eh?

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