Sunday, 28 December 2014

Not Much News

I don't have very much to tell you today except that I am still having a very good time and I am sure you will be pleased to learn--although not too surprised---that my MH has kept her Christmas promise that I would get all her attention, and I have. I have had lots of play times with her and millions of cuddles so I have had a very good Christmas but it is coming to an end 'cos the vacuum cleaner will make an appearance tomorrow and the housework will begin again for a few days. I am OK with that 'cos I have had a good time and I do like a nice clean house!

I have been playing with my toys today and have had good fun bouncing all over my living room and scooting through my house making my MH laugh out loud, especially when I skidded in the kitchen and my adorable little feets were going in all directions trying to keep me from falling on my equally adorable little bum. Hee hee

I have also been outside quite often, but it is a bit too cold for my liking so I just do what I have to do and then nip back in through the window to where it is nice and cosy and there is always a cuddle lying about for me somewhere. My MH hides them all over the house and I just need to find them. See?

My MH has noticed that my sleeping habits have changed and I am now sleeping the whole night without asking the old dear to get up and feed me and she is very happy about that. I have decided that as I am now a growed-up puss cat, I can make sure that I give my MH peace to sleep and if I am hungry I can always go and get a wee biscuit which are always in my dish and now I have my new toy which I just kick to get some treats, so I am being very mature.

But I am still a very playful kitten!

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