Sunday, 21 December 2014

Still Here

Well, I am starting to write this to you, but I don't know if I will be able to finish it. My dear old MH started to download something on her computer last night and even though it was so slow ( even slower than the old dear herself hee hee!) she decided to keep going and she left her machine on all during Strictly and just when it reached 99% the whole thing crashed! Oh boy, was she not happy at all. I took my adorable little self off under the sofa and put my little paws over my equally little lugs so that I didn't hear her, but I knew she was not a happy MH!

So, there we are. There might be more bad temper if this crashes too, but we will try. I liked the dancing programme last night and am glad that Caroling won 'cos I like Pasha too so I am a happy puss. I have also been a busy puss and I helped my DH wrap up all the presents for the children's raffle at the party on Friday night and my MH said they all had a very good time. I had a brilliant time sniffing everything and as you can see, did a lot of exploring, although it was mainly inside paper bags and boxes!

It has been a wee bit windy today but I have been able to get out to play for a while. My MH told me that today was the shortest day and it is quite dark on my little island about half past three o'clock, but as I have brilliant night time eyesight, I can see even when it is at its darkest and I quite like the dark time, so I will be out playing as long as I am not getting blowed away.

I am getting quite excited 'cos I know it is only four MAIN sleeps till Santa comes. Why do I say 'main' sleeps? Well, one year I was told it was three sleeps, so I went onto my bed, had a very quick sleep, got up and ran round my living room, then went back for another sleep, ran round the bedroom and had another sleep and then told my MH it must be Christmas 'cos I had had three sleeps! See? No, she didn't either! But now I know.

I'm afraid that if I have one little flaw it is that I am a bit impatient, but I shall have to learn to wait. It is not easy though, 'cos I am a very excitable little puss, but if I can get out to play, then that helps too.

I hope you are a wee bit excited but not too impatient.

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