Wednesday, 10 December 2014


What a day! My little weatherman friend was right when he told me that I would be safer staying indoors. The weather has been the worst I have ever seen in my en-tire life. There was rain, hail, sleet, lots and lots and lots of wind as well as thunder and lightning, so I did what my little weatherman friend said and took to my bed where I stayed all curled up for most of the day.

My humans didn't go out either so we were all in my house together doing very little which was very nice 'cos it meant that they were on hand to cuddle me whenever I asked. However, I was a very brave pussy cat twice this afternoon 'cos I asked my MH to please let me out and although she tried to persuade me to stay inside, my mind was made up and I marched straight to the door where I stood and made a few squeaking noises which meant 'open this door for me please' and she did.

As soon as my adorable little self hit the outside, I sort of took off in the wind and landed on the grass and then I was able to run to one of the bushes where I was able to shelter for a while. None of my little friends were out, so I nipped back up onto the window sill and asked to be let in. It was a wee bit difficult getting up onto the window sill 'cos when I took off the wind sort of caught me and I'm afraid I missed the window a couple of times and my MH said that if she hadn't been worried about me it would have been funny 'cos she just saw my adorable little head appear at the window and then it disappeared again in a sideways direction.

I did get a little surprise this afternoon when I returned from my first trip out. I was sitting on my MH's lap as she was using her ipad and I heard a little 'ping' which means she has got a message, but when she opened it up it wasn't for her. It was for me!! It was a new paw pal and I was so excited when she read it out to me. I have lots of paw pals now and I just love hearing all about the things they do and of course they love hearing all about me and my trillions of adventures.

Oh, I just being me---even when I am living in a weather bomb!

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