Saturday, 31 January 2015


.... it was after my dinner time before I got out to play today and I was not at all happy with that situation. You all know how much I like being outside especially when the sheeps are outside my gate and doubly especially when I needed to see if that great big worm was still there, but by the time I did get out it was too dark to see if it was on my path. Even with my brilliant eyesight!

There has been snow and sleet and lots of horrible wind on my little island and far too windy for me to venture out. In fact, I would call it a gale and I am getting very good at naming these winds 'cos I have been listening very carefully to my little weather man friend so that I know when I can go out safely and when I need to stay in my house with my humans.

My MH is getting on really well and is now just using one stick and sometimes none sticks at all, but she is getting annoyed like me 'cos she can't get outside and she wants to get her shoes on and go out to play with me, but she is frightened the wind might blow her over. Since she has come home she has to wear long white stockings and 'cos she hasn't to bend over, my DH has to put them on for her and do you know what he did? He tickled her feets! Oh dear, what a noise she made. I think if she could have moved quicker she would have clouted him with her stick!

We have all had a good day but I am hoping that the wind has a wee rest soon so that I can get out to play before bedtime 'cos I have an awful lot of energy and unless I can get rid of it all, I might not sleep and if I don't sleep then my poor old humans won't get much rest either, so my adorable little paws and their not so adorable fingers are all crossed!

I shall tell you tomorrow.

Friday, 30 January 2015


Look what I discovered this afternoon! A worm, but not just any worm--a ginormous worm! I shall let you all into a little secret. I have never seen a worm before and I was just a tad perplexed when I discovered this wriggly creature on my path today when I finally ventured out, but after I had poked it once or twice with my adorable little paw and it didn't hurt me, I wasn't frightened any more. Not that I was frightened in the first place you understand. Just a little bemused.

We have had a very good day although it is still too cold for yours truly so I haven't been out to play as much as I would like and when I do I just stay out for the littlest time and then I go home again where my humans are waiting for me with lots of cuddles which I just love.

I am a very happy puss just now 'cos both my humans are at home with me and also because my DH is finally feeling a wee bit better and that is very good news. He had to go to the boat today to get all our messages and when he comed home to me he gave me lots of bits of string to play with and that was good but then my MH picked up the string with her grabber which she brought home from the hospital to help her pick up all the things that she has dropped and she picked up one end of the string and shooked it all over my kitchen and I chased it and chased it until I was just the tiredest and happiest little puss in the whole big wide world.

Oh yes, it has definitely been a WOW day for me, but I hope you have had a good day too.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

A Super day

I got all excited at one point today 'cos I just happened to be looking out of my window when I saw all the snow was falling down and lying on my garden and I was desperate to go out and play. I love the snow and I was so excited that I was bouncing all over my kitchen, but then a nice man from BT came to my house to fix the phone and I decided that I would stay in and watch what he was doing and then when I DID go outside, all the snow had disappeared and it was just grass again! Oh, I was so sad, but my little weather man friend says that it might snow some more on my island, and if it does, I don't care who is in my house, I am going OUT!!!!

My phone is working now and my humans are very happy so that makes me happy too. I got another surprise this afternoon when some more of my friends came to my house. My dear old MH thinks they are coming to see her, but I know they really want to visit me and so I was on my best behaviour and I said hello to them all and gave them all a wee purr which they all liked, so I have had a very good afternoon.

It is very cold on my little island so I have been going out of my door then running round my house and in my window again before I freeze solid. Oh dear, can you imagine it? A little frozen Squeak. It doesn't bear thinking about, does it? How would my poor MH cuddle me if I was a iceberg?

Mind you, if she cuddled me I would be thawed out again and be a normal Squeak, sure I would? Phew! Problem solved!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A Surprise

I went out to play quite late last night and I got a big surprise as soon as I went outside my gate 'cos I wasn't really looking where I was going and I nearly bumped into a big sheep! The nice farmer lady next door had let the sheeps out to eat the grass round about my house and so I had a long chat with one of them and that's when I got another surprise 'cos the mister sheep told me that two of the lady sheeps had little baby sheeps but since it is awful cold the nice farmer lady put them inside a cosy barn so I couldn't see them. I was a bit disappointed but I will see them when they are a bit older, I hope.

Me and my humans have had another very good day but it has been so cold that I have only been out for two very quick trips and then I hammered on the window to be let inside again. My little weather man friend told me that it might snow on my little island, but he told me to be very careful 'cos it is going to be very cold, so I think I will just spend most of my day cosied up on the couch beside my MH who doesn't want to go out in the cold either.

I had a big long play with the old dear today and I liked it lots and lots and then because I had so much energy I ran and ran and ran all round my house for ages and ages. I scooted into the porch and then ran from there at breakneck speed into the bedroom, dived off the beds and then scooted into the living room where I ran along the back of the couch, jumped onto the swivel chair and then raced back into the porch again. I did this for about ten minutes until I finally collapsed onto my couch to have a wee rest, but by this time both my humans were in fits of laughter at me.

It was just the bestest of fun a pussy cat can have and I might even do it again later on and naturally you will be the first to know. Well, after me and my humans that is! :-))

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Wee Bit Busy

We have all been a wee bit busy today but we have had a good day. I am sleeping very well these nights and I have stopped wakening my MH in the middle of the night, but the funny thing is that she is wakening ME up! The poor old thing usually needs to get up to go to the toilet and by the time she has gathered up her sticks and rattled her way into the bathroom yours truly is wide awake. So I wait for her and then I ask if I could please have a wee biscuit and of course I get it. It is actually quite funny watching her 'cos she has a grabber stick which she uses to save her from bending over and she is getting really good at picking things up with it. I am just waiting until she tries to get me with it! I have noticed that my DH is staying out of its reach too!

Anyway, we were up quite early 'cos the nurse was coming to see my MH and it my DH had to go away to the boat to get her and bring her to my house. I hided under my couch for a wee while until I knew that she was a nice lady and then I came out and I let her stroke me and she told my MH that I was beautiful so that made us very happy.

She said I could go into the bedroom with them while she was helping the old dear and oft we all went. Now, do you remember the great big bit of elastoplast that I told you about? Well, the nurse took it off and at this point I just pretended to watch but to be honest, my dear friends, I had my adorable little eyes shut tight 'cos I have discovered that I am not very good with that kind of thing and sometimes I come over all unnecessary and have to lie down, and I didn't want the nurse to have to stop working with my MH to bring me round!

I would never have heard the end of it!

Monday, 26 January 2015

A Fun Day

I have had a really good day today and although it is still very cold on my little island, I just nip in and out for short times and have a wee run round my garden before I jump back in the window again and get warmed up.

We had some visitors today who came to see me and my MH and it was good to see them, but I'm afraid I gave the lady a fright 'cos I was sitting up on the back of the couch where she was sitting and I stretched out my adorable little paw which just happened to tickle her on the lug and it made her jump, and we all giggled.

When they went away, I was able to play with my MH 'cos she sat on the couch and played with me and my toys an she didn't need to get down on the floor and it made me very, very happy 'cos it is just the bestest of fun when my humans play with me.

I asked my DH to take a picture of me and the Boss with her new feather duster which she uses to help my DH do the housework so when she is having a wee walk some of the furniture gets tickled with this duster. See? When I was sitting on her knee she told me that when she was a very little girl of just about three or four, she used to go to tap dancing lessons and guess what she used? YES!!! A feather duster!

She has promised me that when her new hip isn't new any more, she will do some tap dancing for me with the feather duster and I promise you that I will learn how to work our video so that you can see it too.

Sure I am a very good puss?

Sunday, 25 January 2015

More of the same

We are all into a nice routine now and I for one am very happy with it. It is quite cold on my little island, so although I go out quite often, I don't stay out long and as soon as I come in again, I jump up onto my MH's knee for a cuddle and a wee warm and that makes us both very happy.

My poor old DH is quite tired 'cos he is still not very well and because my MH is on her sticks he has a lot of work to do 'cos he has to do all the things that she can't. She is quite happy 'cos now he knows just how hard she works, and she is going to try and make sure he doesn't forget. Hee hee

I got a wee bit of a surprise though when my friend S. came to see us. I didn't think she would come today 'cos she came to see me on Friday, but she did and I liked it lots. She is my very bestest friend and I love her lots so I am always happy to see her. We played for a long time and she asked me to show her how my little treat ball worked, but I'm afraid I wouldn't and I suppose you will want to know why? Well, I just thought that if I showed her how to get my treats out, she might have eaten them all up herself and not leave any for me! One just never knows, does one?

Now, if you are wondering why there aren't any new photographs of yours truly it is because my MH hasn't been playing with her camera 'cos she is holding onto her sticks so she can't hold on to the camera at the same time, but she says she will soon be able to take some pictures of yours truly. So don't worry, new pictures will arrive soon.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

No News

I'm afraid I have no news for you at all today 'cos me and my humans haven't done anything at all that is very interesting, but we are all very happy, so you don't need to worry about us.

It hasn't been a very good day on my island 'cos the wind has been blowing and we even had some hail and sleet and it was nearly tea time before yours truly ventured outside and then I only stayed out for very short times. In fact, one time my dear old MH let me out the door and by the time she had wandered into the living room with her sticks, I was back at the window yelling to be let back in. Oh we did laugh!

Me and the Boss did our exercises and then I helped my DH watch the football and while I was watching, I saw something which I thought might help me when I am in personal trainer to MH mode. I saw the referee and he was blowing a whistle and I thought that would help me in my training, but I am afraid that when I mentioned this to herself she didn't think it would be a very good idea. But I'm still working on it! It would just go beautifully with the rest of my training uniform.

I am hoping that it won't be just as cold tomorrow 'cos I have a lot of energy building up and as my MH can't play with me inside my house, I will need to use it all up when I get outside, so my little paws are crossed that it will be a better day for this adorable little puss.

And I hope it will be a better day for you too.

Friday, 23 January 2015

A Good Day

I was left in charge of my house and my MH today 'cos my DH decided to go to Stromness to do some shopping and to get his hair cut. It was so long that he was nearly tripping over it and my MH was threatening to put a ribbon in it! So oft he went leaving me with all my instructions to make sure the old dear did all her exercises and as usual, I took up my very special place on her chest calling out the numbers one to five!

Don't worry though 'cos I was still able to get out to play and do lots of pussy cat things so I have had a good day. I made my MH laugh a lot though 'cos I was sharpening my adorable little claws on my scratching post, which isn't all that funny in itself, but I was standing on the top of the stool while I did it! It did look quite funny. Maybe I will give her warning next time so that she can grab her sticks to get to her camera and take a picture for you.

I got a lovely surprise this evening when my friend S. came to see me and she brought another two friends with her who wanted to see my MH and me too, of course, so we all had a chat until they had to go away to the Burn's Supper in our Hall, but my humans didn't feel like going so they just stayed home with me.

And I certainly wasn't complaining!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Not Much News

I don't have very much news for you at all today, but we have all had a very good time anyway. We are not getting up very early and then the bestest time for me is when I sit on the couch beside my MH while my dear old DH kneels on the floor trying to put on her while hospital stockings. He has to put them on HER, not him, you understand 'cos my MH isn't allowed to bend. Oh, my dear friends, I wish I knew how to work the video 'cos I would put it on u-tube!It is hilarious and although he is getting a wee bit better, it is still the funniest thing I have seen for a long, long time! I try not to giggle 'cos I know he is doing his bestest, but it is hard not to roll off the couch with laughing!

I was out playing for quite a lot time and I am afraid I gave my humans a bit of a fright when I came home 'cos I looked as though there was something wrong with me, but it was just a long bit of pampas grass that had got caught in my whiskers and my DH was able to pull it off for me. Sorry, dear humans.

I have also helped my MH when she has been doing all her exercises and I know she appreciates that, and then we both got a suprise when my friend M. came to see us and she sat and chatted to us both for a long time and she gave my MH a pair of socks with a little puss cat on them and she liked them. The pussy cat is lovely, but not nearly as adorable as me. Naturally!!

I am having a snooze now but I will be going out to play in a while although I am not staying out very late these nights because it is a bit cold and also 'cos my MH needs me. And you all know that I just love to be needed.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Another Good day

We have all had a very good day and I have been a very busy little puss. As well as doing my normal pussy cat things in my house and in my garden, I have been helping my MH when she has been doing her exercises. I have decided to personally oversee the exercise regime and I am getting fitted for a little headband and four little sweat bands for my adorable little feets as well as a little paw-kit watch so I shall definitely look the part. Oh, my dear friends can you picture me? I shall look adorable!

The old dear has to do the exercises four times a day, so you can see that I shall be a busy little puss and I also have to learn to count to five, 'cos there are some things that she has to do and count to five at the same time so I am working very hard at that one. Multitasking is absolutely no bother at all to a puss such as I.

It might look as though we are sleeping, but we are actually having a little chat before we begin. I was just setting out some ground rules for the duration and the old dear was just mulling them over. See?

I have been out playing a lot of times and I like that. It is quite cold on my little island but it is dry and there is no big bad wind so I am quite happy playing outside and when I go in there is always a big cuddle waiting for me. The only difference is that I have to jump up onto my MH's knee for my cuddle 'cos she hasn't to bend down, so she can't pick me up for a long time which is a shame but it doesn't mean that I don't get a cuddle, I just have to ask now.

Ah, yes. Another good day chez Squeak.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Getting Back to Normal Again

Oh, I have had a very good day and I have been a very happy little Squeak and I will let you into a secret. My DH told me he was a very happy DH too. He is happy 'cos the Boss is back again, but he is really happy 'cos when she was away, I sat on his knee every single night 'cos I knew we were both lonely and my DH liked that a lot. As you know, I am my MH's puss cat and I always sit on her knee, but I will have to share my affections in the future 'cos my DH needs some cuddles too, so that will be my new year's resolution, even if it is a wee bit late.

So, what have we been doing? Well, last night my MH got all settled down on the couch and I sat down beside her and I purred and purred and purred until I thought I would need to look on Amazon for a new purrer! Hee hee

We had a quiet night and me and my DH listened while she told us what it had been like in the hospital and she told us that she was feeling good and was very happy to be home again with us. I kept having a wee look to see where the doctor had put her new hip, but I couldn't see anything, so I decided to ask her what they did, and oh my dear friends, have you ever asked a question you don't want to hear the answer to? While she was telling me, I could feel my adorable little forehead getting all clammy and I thought I was going to fade away again. It was just as well I was sitting on the old dear's knee 'cos I am sure I would have fainted clean away. I don't think that being a doctor-puss will ever be on my bucket list!

Now, you would have thought I had learned my lesson, wouldn't you? But I am afraid I didn't and when we went to bed and the old dear was snoring away quite happily, my curiosity got the better of me and I creept down the bed to see if I could find this new hip any where, but what a shock I got 'cos instead of a hip I saw the most ginormest bit of elastoplast I have ever seen in my en-tire life. It was THIS size (My adorable little paws are stretched out now as far as they can possibly go!) I scooted back up the bed as quickly as my little feets could take me without wakening my MH and just lay there thinking.

And I have decided that maybe that is the new hip? I think I will find a little puss cat sized anti-faint pill tomorrow and ask her again. Or maybe I will just forget all about it.

You will be the first to know.

Monday, 19 January 2015


Just a tiny note to tell you that my dear old MH is home again and I am delighted. I haven't seen where her new hip is but she has promised to tell me all about it tomorrow.

She says to tell everybody that she is very well and says a big thank you for all your good wishes.

I will write more tomorrow 'cos I am oh so very busy cuddling into my MH and we are both just loving it.

She's home!! Yippee, yippee, yippee

Monday, 12 January 2015

Me Again

Just a wee message from me tonight to let you all know that I am very well and not blowed away but that is only because I have spent most of the day all cuddled up in my little bed.

It has been so wet and so windy that every time I even thought about going out, I just lay down till the thought passed. It has not been a very nice day at all and my poor old MH's nerves are jangling 'cos she is all ready to go and doesn't want everything to be cancelled even though she doesn't want to leave me but I am being so brave and telling her that I will be fine and I will look after my DH while he is looking after me. AND I know where to go if we need help, so it is all sorted really.

All we need is for the weather to behave to let my MH get to Glasgow and then keep behaving to let her get back home to me. That's not too much to ask for now, is it?

So, my dear friends, all being well on the weather front, you won't be hearing from me for a while but as soon as she comes home I will let you know.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sleepy Sunday

It has been a quiet Sunday, but only inside my house 'cos I am afraid that the naughty wind is still blowing all around my little island and my poor old MH is getting very edgy which is not good for me but specially not good for my DH!

We were all up through the night 'cos my DH was coughing a lot and I got up to see if he was OK and then my MH got up to see where we were, so we all sat and had a wee chat and then when my humans looked at the clock and it was half past five o'clock in this morning, so we all decided to go back to beds---after I had a wee run round my garden, of course!

So, because of all that, we all had a long sleep and then we had a very quiet day and I helped her pack her bag for going away to the hospital, but then when we watched the weather man on the news tonight, we began to think that she might not be able to go away 'cos it is going to be windy and snowy too on Tuesday, so I will let you know, although I will only be able to let you know if she doesn't go 'cos if she does go, I won't be able to write to you at all. See?

I have been out quite a lot of times but only for little trips 'cos it isn't very nice out there and I am much more comfortable on my couch or on my MH's knee where I intend to stay for a long time tonight.

I will probably write to you tomorrow and maybe I will have more news for you about my MH, but please keep your fingers and paws crossed 'cos the sooner she gets away, then the sooner she will be back to me and my DH.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

More Wind

Well, we made it through through the first storm and now we are all sitting waiting for the next one to finish so that I can get out to play, please. We all had a good sleep last night and I think that my MH was happy that the wind didn't blow too hard during the night. It has decided to wait until day time and somehow that's not just so bad.

It has not been too bad a day and I did manage out a couple of times. Actually, getting out was the easy bit, but getting back in again was harder! I went out the door both times and I just sort of stood there and let the wind take me wherever it wanted and it was like I was flying and I liked it so much that I am going to ask my MH to make me a Superman suit with a little cape which could keep me warm if I was saving the world when it was cold. Good plan, eh? Anyway, I digress again. I went out the door 'cos it was far too windy at the windae! Do you get it? That's a wee joke 'cos some Scottish people say windae instead of window. Good eh? Anyway (again!) when I had fixed all the problems in the world---or at least my little bit of the world---I decided to go back inside but I had to have three or four jumps up onto my window sill before I managed to land without being blown off course. I think if I am going to be a Superman type puss, I might need to sharpen my direction skills, but I am sure that with a little practice, I shall be purr-fect! That's another joke. There must be something in the treats my MH is giving me today! When I finally did land on the window sill, it was my DH who had to open the window for me 'cos my MH said she was frightened it would just blow out of her hand and disappear somewhere. But between me and my DH yours truly managed back in safely and I got a big cuddle from the Boss.

My DH has been getting a crash course in looking after me 'cos my MH is going away on Tuesday---if the weather lets her. I would like to do my weather dance to keep her here, but I know she needs to be fixed, so I am trying to be a brave puss and I am helping her to train my DH. He looks after me a wee bit, but as you know I am definitely my MH's puss and she knows nearly everything I am thinking and sometimes even before I have thinked it!

There is just one wee bit which confuses her and that is my routine when I want out after I have had my dinner, and she still hasn't worked that one out yet. Mind you, that might be because I haven't worked it out either! Hee hee

I get my dinner just before my MH starts to cook for her and my DH and then I have a wee sleep on my couch, but when they sit down at the table in the kitchen I wander through and ask to be let out please. Well, my MH gets up and opens the outside door for me and I have a wee sniff at the outside and then turn and walk back into the kitchen where I sit and stare at them for a minute or two before I walk back into the porch, or I push the porch door open if it is a wee bit shut and my MH knows I am asking again. I sometimes do this two or three times before I finally decide to go out, but the thing that my MH can't understand is that I know I am going to go out, so why don't I go out the first time?

And if I knew the answer to that, my dear friends, you would be the first to know!!

Friday, 9 January 2015

What a Night!

Boy, was it windy! I don't think I have ever felt such a big wind and that was just sitting on my windowsill inside my house! My poor old MH doesn't like the wind at all and she can't sleep when it is screaming at us, so about three o'clock in this morning she got up and tooked her duvet and pillows into the couch in the study and of course I had to go with her to make sure she was OK.

Well, we settled down and I cuddled up beside her and although it wasn't too comfortable, we did manage to get a snooze for a wee while until the wind got really bad and wakened us both with its banging at the walls and windows of my house. I cuddled up beside the old dear, but I am afraid I wasn't much help and then I sort of made things a bit worse when I asked if I could go out to play.

At this time it was about five o'clock and the storm was at its worst and my MH tried to explain that she couldn't open the door 'cos that's the way the wind was blowing and she knew I definitely wouldn't go out and she was frightened to open the window in case the wind would take it off its hinges, so she explained to me that I was NOT going out and since I knew she was tired and a bit frightened, I didn't argue. Oh, I am a good puss.

The wind finally went away but unfortunately so did the power and just after lunch time all the lights and heaters in my house went off and guess what I had to do? Yep. I had to cuddle up to the old dear again to keep her warm. No great hardship, though 'cos I do love those cuddles. I must say I was just a tiny bit annoyed when the power did come on because the vacuum cleaner came out! After all I had done for her and how does she repay me? She brings out the awful vacuum cleaner! Aaargh!!!

It was just for about five minutes though and then we both sat on the couch and I got my adorable little lugs stroked, so I forgave her. Like I always do!! My little weather man friend told me there was going to be more wind on my island tonight but it won't be just as bad as last night, so hopefully me and my MH will stay in our own bed in our own room tonight. I shall let you know.

I hope the wind didn't hurt you and that you are all OK. Just like me!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Surprise, Surprise

Did I sound like Cilla Black there? I hope so, 'cos I have been practicing for a wee while. I suppose I will need to explain this, sure I will?

Well, you all know that my little island is due for some really bad weather over the next few days? So, because of that the boatman said he wouldn't be able to bring all our messages tomorrow, but he could bring them tonight if we wanted. And my dear old MH did want, so at four o'clock in this afternoon my DH nipped down to the pier to get our boxes and he came back with two big boxes. One was for my MH and had all her groceries in it, but the other one was for me and that's what the surprise was.

I got a new scratching post and it is brilliant! It is bigger than my last one and I just love it. My old one had got a bit all hairy where yours truly had been sharpening adorable little claws and so my humans decided that it was time to get me a new one. And I didn't even need to ask. Brilliant!

I am all ready for the storm. I have been outside for a while this evening and I made sure my litter tray was all ready for me in case I don't get out for a long time. My MH has lots and lots of my dinners in and she has plenty of dinners for her and my DH, so we don't need to go anywhere until next Tuesday when she is going away to Glasgow for a new hip so we are all hoping that this naughty wind will be blowing somewhere else and not here.

I hope you will be safe too if the wind is blowing where you are.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A Very Quiet Day

That's what me and my MH have had 'cos my DH was away from my house for the whole day and it was just us girls together which was quite nice but we were a wee bit worried about my DH 'cos he is not very well. He tooked himself over to see the doctor and the doctor sent him to get his chest x-ray'd, and that's something else I learned today. I never knew what an x-ray was, so I asked she-who-knows-(nearly)-everything and she explained it all, so now I know. My poor old DH was tired when he came home, but I gave him a very special cuddle and some of my extra special purrs and that made him feel an awful lot better.

So, while he was away, me and my MH had a very lazy day. The vacuum cleaner stayed in the cupboard and I had a very long snooze before we played some games and then the old dear watched me as I did my daily wash and she thought I looked so cute, she decided to put some pictures on so that you can see for yourselves. They might look a wee but blurry but that's just 'cos I am moving so quickly!

It is getting quite windy on my little island already and all the weather people on my television are saying that it is going to be very, very stormy soon and my MH says she thinks the best place for us all is in our bed under the duvet and I must say I am inclined to agree, so if you don't hear from me for a day or two, that's where I will be.

Oh I do not like the wind at all, but I hope you will be safe if it is blowing where you are.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Contented Puss

That's what I am and I hope you are content too. I have had a very good day and have been in and out quite a lot. I am trying to get as much fresh air as possible while the wind is having a wee sleep. My little weather man friend says that there will be a big storm on my little island over the next few days, so I don't think I will be getting out much and between you and me dear reader, I don't think I will be wanting out. I might end up like Dorothy and Toto and get blowed away to a strange place. I think I would love all the adventures, but I would need to be sure that I could get back home every time I needed a cuddle. I can't go very long without a cuddle and I know my MH feels exactly the same and she wouldn't want to be without me, so I am staying inside!

I played a lot with my MH and I have finally managed to get all the wee treats out of my little toy as today's pictures will show you.

Me and the old dear were lying on the floor for a long time this afternoon as she helped me to play with my toys and at one point it was quite funny 'cos my DH came into the living room to look for her, so he looked on the couch and didn't see her, but he didn't look on the floor so he couldn't find her and when he started calling her name me and her just lay on the floor and giggled until he came back in again and then he just shooked his head at us.

We played for ages and ages and then I decided it was time for a wee wash and my dear old MH just sat and watched me and I am sure I saw a little tear in her eye 'cos she was thinking just how adorable I looked.

And how right she was!

Monday, 5 January 2015


..... you know I told you that I had been doing an awful lot of thinking yesterday? Well, I have decided that pussy cats were not built for thinking and I might not do it again, I think!I have been SO tired today and have spent all afternoon just lying on top of my little bed having a snooze and the only reason I can think of is that I thinked too much yesterday!

It has been quite a good day, so I was able to go out to play for a while this morning but to be honest, my dear friends, my adorable little heart wasn't in it at all, and I just went back in and sat up on the back of my couch while my MH ran all round my house with the vacuum cleaner and the dusters and it was then that I decided I would be better on my little bed, so off I went.

We didn't have a very good night last night 'cos my poor DH was up a lot with his awful cough and as you know, when my DH is up, we are ALL up! It did mean that I got a wee extra play outside about three o'clock this morning and I quite liked that, but I am afraid the old dear wasn't too happy when I cuddled in beside her with very cold little feets and I made her shiver until she cuddled me warm again.

I have just had a thought! Could it be that being out late has made me tired and not the thinking? I shall conduct an experiment when I am feeling stronger and you will be the first to know the result. Well, the first after me and my MH of course. :-))

My MH has finally persuaded my DH to go to the doctor with his cough and he will go on Wednesday if the wind isn't howling round about my house. My little weather man friend has told me it is going to be very stormy soon, so I think we might all have to stay indoors until it goes away to some place else, but I hope it lets my DH get to the doctors 'cos he needs to get better soon to look after yours truly when my MH goes for her new hip. As you know, I can do most things for myself, but I still can't manage to open my sachets of dinner and THAT is a necessity!

So, please wind don't blow too hard on Wednesday. Please!!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Thinking Day

I know I am not and never will be a Brownie or a Girl Guide, unless the rules change to let adorable puss cats join, but nevertheless I have had a thinking day today. Perhaps it is just the onset of another splendid year stretching out in front of me, or the fact that I am now a very sensible five year old puss, but I have been mulling things over a lot today and have come up with my new year's resolutions.

I have decided that I shall accept lots more cuddles from my MH 'cos I know how much these help the old dear get through the stresses and strains of the day and really it is no hardship to yours truly to be adored a little more that usual. I might even get to like it. My other resolution is that I shall think before I make major decisions and I shall look at the problem from all angles before making my pronouncement. There may be exceptions to my second resolution 'cos if I see something chaseable, then I am off and I will consider the consequences later!

So that has been my Sunday really. It is very cold, but I have been outside a few times just to see what is happening on my patch, but I have been happier indoors playing with my MH and my toys. I have lots of toys that my humans bought for me but my two favourite ones were given to me as presents. One is my little mouse which I told you about yesterday and I love it 'cos I can play with it all on my own and I run at it and jump on it and I even throwed it up in the air today which made my MH laugh a lot, and the other one is a toy on a stick which my friend S. gave me a long time ago, but I need my MH to shake it for me which she just loves doing of course, and as it is good exercise for the old dear you can see I only have her best interest at heart!

So there we are. It is now resting time and I will probably go out again before bed time 'cos I just love being outside in the dark and at that time my little island is lovely and quiet with just the little mouses---live ones!---scuttling around, so sometimes I just get a nice cosy spot where I snuggle down and just listen to them and I like that a lot.

I think I shall do lots of that this year. Another resolution, maybe?

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Not Just As Bad

Well, although the wind is blowing a wee bit not so hard today, it is still not a very good day, but at least I have been able to get out to play once or twice and that suits me fine.

I went out early this afternoon and I was having a lovely play all by my adorable little self and as it was very cold, I was running very fast all over my garden and I am sure that if the birdies had been looking down from up in the sky they would just have seen a great big streak and they wouldn't have known it was me. Yes. I was going THAT fast! I was having really good fun but suddenly the hail came on and it was really sore so I decided that it was time to go in and it was then that I realised I was very cold, and as soon as my MH opened the window, I jumped in and stood shivering on the stool until my MH cuddled me warm again and you all know how much I love her cuddles.

We both had a rest and then I asked her to play with me and we had great fun especially when I was playing with my little mouse which I just love! My MH laughs when I play with it 'cos sometimes I pretend it is a real mouse and I pounce on it after having stared at it then wriggled my adorable little bum and that sends the old dear into fits of giggles. My friend J. sent the little mouse to me for Christmas and it is one of the bestest present I have ever had, so thank you again J.

I will probably go out again later on although it will depend on the wind and the hail, but I might just cuddle up on the couch with my little mouse and my MH.

We shall see.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Hello Again

I am back to normal again for a wee while and I hope that I will have lots of news for you this year and I also hope that I can make you smile once in a while. I make my MH smile lots and sometimes I do really funny things that make her laugh out loud and I like that too.

We have had quite a good day but unfortunately I haven't been able to get out to play as much as I wanted 'cos there is a horrible gale blowing all round my house and I have been in all afternoon. I only managed out for a wee while after my dinner but I had to go in and out of my door 'cos my humans were frightened to open the window in case it blowed away too.

I did manage to use up some of my energy 'cos I asked my MH to play with me and she did. Now, if you would like to read my first paragraph again, you will see that I told you that I make my MH smile and laugh, but if you look at this picture you might see that I make her do other things too----like scream!

We were playing and she was down on the floor with me rattling all my toys for me to chase and then I decided that her feets were much more interesting and so I cuddled them. So, what's wrong with that? I hear you ask. Well, I sort of forgot that I had my adorable little claws out and I am sure if you listen very carefully you will hear a very high pitched voice screaming "Squeeeeeekkk!!!!!" I very quickly tooked my claws out of her feets and jumped up onto my DH's chair until she had forgived me. She always forgives me 'cos she loves me millions, but I think I told you that already?

So, although I haven't been able to get out to play as much as I would like, I have had a very good day, but I am now going to sit on the couch and cuddle up to my MH and just hope that the wind will go away and let me get out to play soon.