Friday, 23 January 2015

A Good Day

I was left in charge of my house and my MH today 'cos my DH decided to go to Stromness to do some shopping and to get his hair cut. It was so long that he was nearly tripping over it and my MH was threatening to put a ribbon in it! So oft he went leaving me with all my instructions to make sure the old dear did all her exercises and as usual, I took up my very special place on her chest calling out the numbers one to five!

Don't worry though 'cos I was still able to get out to play and do lots of pussy cat things so I have had a good day. I made my MH laugh a lot though 'cos I was sharpening my adorable little claws on my scratching post, which isn't all that funny in itself, but I was standing on the top of the stool while I did it! It did look quite funny. Maybe I will give her warning next time so that she can grab her sticks to get to her camera and take a picture for you.

I got a lovely surprise this evening when my friend S. came to see me and she brought another two friends with her who wanted to see my MH and me too, of course, so we all had a chat until they had to go away to the Burn's Supper in our Hall, but my humans didn't feel like going so they just stayed home with me.

And I certainly wasn't complaining!

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