Thursday, 29 January 2015

A Super day

I got all excited at one point today 'cos I just happened to be looking out of my window when I saw all the snow was falling down and lying on my garden and I was desperate to go out and play. I love the snow and I was so excited that I was bouncing all over my kitchen, but then a nice man from BT came to my house to fix the phone and I decided that I would stay in and watch what he was doing and then when I DID go outside, all the snow had disappeared and it was just grass again! Oh, I was so sad, but my little weather man friend says that it might snow some more on my island, and if it does, I don't care who is in my house, I am going OUT!!!!

My phone is working now and my humans are very happy so that makes me happy too. I got another surprise this afternoon when some more of my friends came to my house. My dear old MH thinks they are coming to see her, but I know they really want to visit me and so I was on my best behaviour and I said hello to them all and gave them all a wee purr which they all liked, so I have had a very good afternoon.

It is very cold on my little island so I have been going out of my door then running round my house and in my window again before I freeze solid. Oh dear, can you imagine it? A little frozen Squeak. It doesn't bear thinking about, does it? How would my poor MH cuddle me if I was a iceberg?

Mind you, if she cuddled me I would be thawed out again and be a normal Squeak, sure I would? Phew! Problem solved!

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