Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A Very Quiet Day

That's what me and my MH have had 'cos my DH was away from my house for the whole day and it was just us girls together which was quite nice but we were a wee bit worried about my DH 'cos he is not very well. He tooked himself over to see the doctor and the doctor sent him to get his chest x-ray'd, and that's something else I learned today. I never knew what an x-ray was, so I asked she-who-knows-(nearly)-everything and she explained it all, so now I know. My poor old DH was tired when he came home, but I gave him a very special cuddle and some of my extra special purrs and that made him feel an awful lot better.

So, while he was away, me and my MH had a very lazy day. The vacuum cleaner stayed in the cupboard and I had a very long snooze before we played some games and then the old dear watched me as I did my daily wash and she thought I looked so cute, she decided to put some pictures on so that you can see for yourselves. They might look a wee but blurry but that's just 'cos I am moving so quickly!

It is getting quite windy on my little island already and all the weather people on my television are saying that it is going to be very, very stormy soon and my MH says she thinks the best place for us all is in our bed under the duvet and I must say I am inclined to agree, so if you don't hear from me for a day or two, that's where I will be.

Oh I do not like the wind at all, but I hope you will be safe if it is blowing where you are.

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  1. Stay safe little one. We are in the middle of a deep freeze here. BRRRRR.