Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Contented Puss

That's what I am and I hope you are content too. I have had a very good day and have been in and out quite a lot. I am trying to get as much fresh air as possible while the wind is having a wee sleep. My little weather man friend says that there will be a big storm on my little island over the next few days, so I don't think I will be getting out much and between you and me dear reader, I don't think I will be wanting out. I might end up like Dorothy and Toto and get blowed away to a strange place. I think I would love all the adventures, but I would need to be sure that I could get back home every time I needed a cuddle. I can't go very long without a cuddle and I know my MH feels exactly the same and she wouldn't want to be without me, so I am staying inside!

I played a lot with my MH and I have finally managed to get all the wee treats out of my little toy as today's pictures will show you.

Me and the old dear were lying on the floor for a long time this afternoon as she helped me to play with my toys and at one point it was quite funny 'cos my DH came into the living room to look for her, so he looked on the couch and didn't see her, but he didn't look on the floor so he couldn't find her and when he started calling her name me and her just lay on the floor and giggled until he came back in again and then he just shooked his head at us.

We played for ages and ages and then I decided it was time for a wee wash and my dear old MH just sat and watched me and I am sure I saw a little tear in her eye 'cos she was thinking just how adorable I looked.

And how right she was!

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