Thursday, 22 January 2015

Not Much News

I don't have very much news for you at all today, but we have all had a very good time anyway. We are not getting up very early and then the bestest time for me is when I sit on the couch beside my MH while my dear old DH kneels on the floor trying to put on her while hospital stockings. He has to put them on HER, not him, you understand 'cos my MH isn't allowed to bend. Oh, my dear friends, I wish I knew how to work the video 'cos I would put it on u-tube!It is hilarious and although he is getting a wee bit better, it is still the funniest thing I have seen for a long, long time! I try not to giggle 'cos I know he is doing his bestest, but it is hard not to roll off the couch with laughing!

I was out playing for quite a lot time and I am afraid I gave my humans a bit of a fright when I came home 'cos I looked as though there was something wrong with me, but it was just a long bit of pampas grass that had got caught in my whiskers and my DH was able to pull it off for me. Sorry, dear humans.

I have also helped my MH when she has been doing all her exercises and I know she appreciates that, and then we both got a suprise when my friend M. came to see us and she sat and chatted to us both for a long time and she gave my MH a pair of socks with a little puss cat on them and she liked them. The pussy cat is lovely, but not nearly as adorable as me. Naturally!!

I am having a snooze now but I will be going out to play in a while although I am not staying out very late these nights because it is a bit cold and also 'cos my MH needs me. And you all know that I just love to be needed.

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