Thursday, 8 January 2015

Surprise, Surprise

Did I sound like Cilla Black there? I hope so, 'cos I have been practicing for a wee while. I suppose I will need to explain this, sure I will?

Well, you all know that my little island is due for some really bad weather over the next few days? So, because of that the boatman said he wouldn't be able to bring all our messages tomorrow, but he could bring them tonight if we wanted. And my dear old MH did want, so at four o'clock in this afternoon my DH nipped down to the pier to get our boxes and he came back with two big boxes. One was for my MH and had all her groceries in it, but the other one was for me and that's what the surprise was.

I got a new scratching post and it is brilliant! It is bigger than my last one and I just love it. My old one had got a bit all hairy where yours truly had been sharpening adorable little claws and so my humans decided that it was time to get me a new one. And I didn't even need to ask. Brilliant!

I am all ready for the storm. I have been outside for a while this evening and I made sure my litter tray was all ready for me in case I don't get out for a long time. My MH has lots and lots of my dinners in and she has plenty of dinners for her and my DH, so we don't need to go anywhere until next Tuesday when she is going away to Glasgow for a new hip so we are all hoping that this naughty wind will be blowing somewhere else and not here.

I hope you will be safe too if the wind is blowing where you are.

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  1. The picture of you on the floor looks like you are looking right at me, Squeak. I'd like to scratch your little chin. Don't get "blowed" away.