Friday, 9 January 2015

What a Night!

Boy, was it windy! I don't think I have ever felt such a big wind and that was just sitting on my windowsill inside my house! My poor old MH doesn't like the wind at all and she can't sleep when it is screaming at us, so about three o'clock in this morning she got up and tooked her duvet and pillows into the couch in the study and of course I had to go with her to make sure she was OK.

Well, we settled down and I cuddled up beside her and although it wasn't too comfortable, we did manage to get a snooze for a wee while until the wind got really bad and wakened us both with its banging at the walls and windows of my house. I cuddled up beside the old dear, but I am afraid I wasn't much help and then I sort of made things a bit worse when I asked if I could go out to play.

At this time it was about five o'clock and the storm was at its worst and my MH tried to explain that she couldn't open the door 'cos that's the way the wind was blowing and she knew I definitely wouldn't go out and she was frightened to open the window in case the wind would take it off its hinges, so she explained to me that I was NOT going out and since I knew she was tired and a bit frightened, I didn't argue. Oh, I am a good puss.

The wind finally went away but unfortunately so did the power and just after lunch time all the lights and heaters in my house went off and guess what I had to do? Yep. I had to cuddle up to the old dear again to keep her warm. No great hardship, though 'cos I do love those cuddles. I must say I was just a tiny bit annoyed when the power did come on because the vacuum cleaner came out! After all I had done for her and how does she repay me? She brings out the awful vacuum cleaner! Aaargh!!!

It was just for about five minutes though and then we both sat on the couch and I got my adorable little lugs stroked, so I forgave her. Like I always do!! My little weather man friend told me there was going to be more wind on my island tonight but it won't be just as bad as last night, so hopefully me and my MH will stay in our own bed in our own room tonight. I shall let you know.

I hope the wind didn't hurt you and that you are all OK. Just like me!

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