Saturday, 28 February 2015

Happy. happy. happy

We have all had a very good day today 'cos all our water is on and my humans are nice and clean again. I had thought I might have to do the deed myself and wash them, but the lovely water men fixed it and we have lots of lovely water coming through our taps so everybody on my little island is happy again.

The weather hasn't been too bad so I have been out to play lots of times and every time I go out, I stay longer and longer so that makes me happy too. AND, I didn't get locked in or locked out of anywhere today so I am doubly happy.

I don't have much news except that we got a lovely surprise this morning when our friends P. and H. from Germany phoned to see if we were doing OK and my MH was able to tell them that she was. They were asking her how she gets her socks on now and she said that she would put a picture of the 'contraption' that she uses so that they can see what she does, so she will do that tomorrow if I remind her. It is brilliant and her socks were on in seconds today without her bending down.

I am having a snooze just now as I always do after my dinner, but I am going out to play in a while and then I shall come home and settle down on my MH's knee 'cos we are going to watch boxing on my television and she will put on her big furry dressing gown first and you all know how much I love that dressing gown, no matter where it is.

I have even taken to lying on it at night when I need a wee space of my own. I nip over to the ottoman where it is kept and I lie there till I hear my MH starting to wake up and then I nip over beside her and pretend I have been there all the time. And she doesn't know a thing about it!

Oh. She does now, doesn't she? Doh!!!

Friday, 27 February 2015

Some Good and Some Bad

That's what my day has been. Some of it has been really good but there was a little hitch in the middle of it. We still had no water this morning but it started to come through the taps at tea time so my humans are very happy. It is not perfect but it is getting there.

I played outside quite a lot today and had a good old sniff at all the grass round my house. I also had a sniff at the boots of the visitors who came to my house and I smelled lots of different smells which made me a very happy pussy cat. Then I was even happier when my DH came home from the pier with another box which I had great fun jumping in and out of and it was after all this good fun that disaster struck!

My MH went into the big cupboard to put some things away and she didn't notice me going in behind her, so she went out again and shut the door with me still inside! Oh woe! I was in there for HOURS! Well, I think it was about half an hour but it felt like hours to to this adorable little puss who thinks she has been abandoned. Eventually my MH decided it was cuddle time but she couldn't find me and she came looking and when she opened the cupboard I rushed out and I'm afraid I had a few naughty words of my own for her. That was until she gave me a great big cuddle and apologised and then I forgave her.

Talking of naught words. My MH didn't say any this morning 'cos she got her socks on with no trouble at all and she was a very happy MH, so that was a good start to the day, sure it was? Now, I have a question for you from her. These are her baby bonsai trees which she has made from seed but she doesn't know what to do to make them little trees, so is there anybody out there who knows what she can do to make them into little bonsai trees? That would make her a VERY happy lady.

So it hasn't been too bad a day at all and I am just about to go outside and play on my little island for a while and I shall tell the sheeps and the mouses and anybody who will listen really about my trauma in the cupboard. I hope I don't get nightmares 'cos I might not be able to sleep tonight, but I am sure that if I waken my MH she will make it all right for me.

She is quite good-----sometimes!! Hee hee

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Out to Play

It has not been just as busy in my house today so once I had seen that my humans were settled and doing fine, I nipped outside just to hang loose and do some pussy cat things and I liked the freedom.

I had a long chat with the sheeps who are in the field in front of my living room and we discussed the water situation. They were quite worried 'cos they weren't sure if there was enough water to give them all a drink, but I was able to pass on all the information that I had got from my humans. My friend S. has been telling my MH what is happening and then when she is telling my DH I have a listen as well so we all know.

It has been quite a good day with just a couple of showers but it is cold, so I haven't been out for too long and of course I have to help my MH with her exercises 'cos she told me it is not as good when she has to do them on her own, and to be honest, I like lying on her chest when she is doing them 'cos she talks to me all the time and I just purr back at her.

Tomorrow is a special day 'cos it is six weeks since she had her new hip, so tomorrow she can put her socks on and doesn't need my DH to help her with the long stockings. She has a gadget to help her put on her socks, so tomorrow we are all going to watch her and see if she can do it. I think there might be a few naughty words floating around my living room tomorrow morning, but I shall let you know!

The nice water man told us that we might have water in out taps tomorrow but we will need to wait and see and if we do have it, me and my humans have still to drink the bottled water. It is OK but I still prefer drinking out of the puddles and I suggested that my humans tried it too, but my MH said she couldn't bend down that far.

Maybe when she is all better? Or maybe not! Hee hee

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What a Day!

I have hardly had enough time on my own to have my normal snoozes. It has been so busy in my house, but although I am a wee bit tired now I really have liked it.

We were all up quite early this morning 'cos we knew there were going to be lots of people coming to see us and my MH didn't want them to see her in our big furry dressing gown. So, we were all washed and dressed and fed before the first lot arrived. Now, I think you might be wondering why we had all these people? Remember I told you we had no water? Well, it would appear that the pipe under the sea which brings water to my little island from Hoy has a hole in it and it is letting out all the water and that's why we have none. See?

So, there were lots of people coming to see if we were alright or if we needed anything and then there was a man telling us what was happening to try and fix the hole in the water pipe and then we had a visitor who stayed with me all afternoon and talked to my humans and me too, so you can see why I am tired. You all know that I am a very sociable puss and every time my door got knocked, I was there as quickly as my humans. Well, actually, I was as quick as my DH but much quicker than the old dear, but she didn't mind me beating her.

Everybody who came to see us spoke to me and said I was beautiful, but one lady sort of upset me a wee bit. I was standing in my porch and she was outside and she asked my MH if the cat was allowed out! What? Did she not know that I have an entire island to look after and I do my job beautifully. However, I suppose she doesn't know me very well, but if she comes back, I shall tell her.

There was just one wee cloud on my otherwise shiny horizon and that was that I got de-wormed and de-flea'd today with a new 'stuff' that the Boss bought. I didn't recognise the container so I wasn't worried, but as soon as she started to put it on my adorable little neck I tried to make my escape. However, she knew what I was going to do and I was trapped.

I shall be ready the next time! You see if I'm not!!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

One Day...

.... I might have to just put pictures on for you 'cos I am doing very little just now, so I don't have a whole lot to tell you. However, I have had a good day, but a very lazy day and I have been inside nearly all the time except for a wee run outside after my dinner. But oh, my dear friends, it was a bit cold for me, so I just scooted back in through my window and waited till I got a warming up cuddle from my MH and that helped a lot.

Me and her played a lot tonight and I ran all over my living room and jumped across all my chairs and that made my humans laugh, but I was in a wee bit of trouble last night 'cos when I came back in my rear end and my feets were a tad mucky and I'm afraid I left a trail of adorable little paw prints across the chair at the window, the arm of the couch, my MH's dark blue trousers and the rest of my couch. You would not have won any prizes for guessing where I had been! But as usual, I got away with it.

We still have no water on our little island and this afternoon I heard my humans saying something which gave me nightmares. In fact, I may have to go into therapy.

It was blowing hard and I have sent you a picture of the 'smoking sea' which will let you see what the wind was doing, and it was raining, so my MH suggested that they took their shampoo and soap outside and had their shower in the garden. Oh dear. A horrible picture entered my little brain and the thought of my humans running about the garden in the nuddy getting a shower is a sight I hope I will never see. BUT!! If I do, I shall make sure that there is a picture on my blog. If I am to suffer, I shall not be alone! Hee hee

It is still very windy and cold, but right now it is not raining, so I am thinking of nipping outside for a wee while before settling down on my MH's lap for the rest of my evening. So life is not too bad at all.

Monday, 23 February 2015

No News Again

I have had a very quiet day today and have been a wee bit worried 'cos I heard my humans talking about there not being any water on my little island 'cos a pipe has burst and I wondered how I was going to survive without anything to drink but when my MH realised that I was worried she told me it would be fine 'cos we had lots of bottled water and she would make sure that I always had water in my dish, so that was good. I usually drink outside but if it gets much colder then all the water outside will be frozed and I won't be able to get anything. See?

I did manage lots of trips out to my garden but I am afraid they are getting shorter and shorter 'cos it is so very cold and I don't like getting cold. So my plan is that I nip out the door or the window and I run about for a minute or two and then come back in the window or the door. Usually the opposite one I went out of. I make my humans smile when I come in the window 'cos now I stand on the chair until whoever has let me in has closed the window and then I ask could I please have a cuddle to warm me up, and of course I always get it. Brill!

I found a little ball in my house today but it wasn't my wee green one 'cos I have no idea what I have dome with that one, but the one that I did find was a wee rubber one and it bounces brilliantly so I chased it all over my kitchen and I had great fun. My MH even kicked it for me to let me chase it even faster and that was magic and it made us both smile a lot.

It hasn't snowed yet in my little island but it is cold enough so maybe it will come soon. I like the snow but my adorable little feets get quite cold so I have to keep running fast to try and keep them warm, so that's why I am practicing with my little ball in my kitchen. See? (again)

I think I might be the fittest little puss in the world!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Nearly Right

My little weather man friend was nearly right when he said it would snow and be a gale on my little island 'cos it has been sleeting and raining and the wind has been very naughty, and you all know what this means for this adorable little puss, don't you? My friends didn't come to see me and that made me and my MH a wee bit sad, but then my friend S. sended me an email with a big cuddle in it and she said she has some treats for me, so I am asking my little weatherman friend very nicely if he can make the weather better just long enough for S. to deliver my treats. I am sure he will oblige 'cos he is a lovely little weather man.

Me and my MH had lots of time to spend together and we did our exercises as usual and then she did something that she had never done before. Well, not in my lifetime, anyway. She was working with a jig saw that my friend gave her for her birthday and she was putting all the bits into different bags and she was doing this on our spare room bed and I was watching very carefully so that I could help. Now, you all know what I am like with bags, don't you? I like to go inside them. So, I decided to put my adorable little nose inside the biggest bag and in it went all by its little self except I was behind it you understand, but it didn't come out on its own! Oh dear me no. It came out with quite a few bits of jig saw hanging to the whiskers and the Boss was not best pleased, so I got a bit of a row for that.

I decided to take myself off to the chair in the room and sat and watched her but then I noticed that my little wagger was hanging down from the chair and it was twitching away all by its dear little self quite happily. I sat and watched it for a while and my MH sat and watched me watching it until I pounced and tried to catch it. I swirled round and round and round in the chair and then I gave one death defying leap---and fell off!

Oh, my dear friends, I thought the old dear was going to burst a gasket she laughed so hard and then I was frightened she would fall off the bed 'cos I don't think me and my DH would have been able to get her up again, and I don't think her grabber would have been any use. I might have had to ask the nice man next door to bring his fork lift into my house to help us. However, she managed to control herself and gave me the biggest cuddle when I jumped up beside her, but I did feel a wee bit silly. However, we both had a giggle about it and that was fine.

I hope you like today's pictures. They are maybe not the best of yours truly, but you will see that I am still having great fun with my little bit of string. I just love it and it makes me very happy, so that can't be bad, can it?

Saturday, 21 February 2015


We have had another quiet day but it has been good just the same and I have had lots of plays and lots of sleeps and every time my MH nips into our bedroom to do her exercises I go and find her and help her. She talks to me and tells me she loves me and that I am the bestest little puss in the world. That makes me the happiest little puss in the world. We all did wee bits of work but we also did lots of sitting down so that was good fun and I played with my MH whenever I asked and I liked that lots.

This picture isn't the bestest one of yours truly but I thought you might like to see the shape that my little wagger gets into when I am playing. Sometimes I think it has a mind of its own 'cos it doesn't do what I tell it to, but it did make me and my MH giggle when we saw what it was doing in this picture and I hope it makes you giggle too.

I am hoping that my friends M. and S. will be able to come to my house tomorrow to watch a film with me and my MH, but my little weatherman friend says it might be very windy on my little island and it might even snow, so maybe they won't be able to come to see me, but I have my little paws crossed that my weather man friend might be a wee bit wrong tomorrow and they will be in my house with me.

I shall let you know.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Brilliant Fun

I have had simply the bestest of fun today with both my humans. My dear old MH is much better and nearly back to normal so she is able to play with me whenever I ask her. The only thing she still can't do is lie down on the floor with me, but she holds all my toys with her grabber while I chase them all over my living room, so that makes me very happy. And it cheers her up too!

Now, as you all know, Friday is messages day Chez Squeak and messages day means string day and when my DH takes the string off the boxes he ties it up in a big bow and throws it to me, so I play with it for a long time and I make my humans laugh at the things I do.

I had played lots of times with the string and then I had a rest on my couch and quite forgot about it, but when I trotted through to my kitchen for a little nibble at my biscuits I found it again and I asked my DH to please play with me. Which he did. And it was brilliant, especially when I got into some of the funniest shapes you can imagine. Once my MH had stopped laughing, she grabbed her camera and tooked these pictures just for you.

I think they are brilliant and I think I might use them if I decide to become a pussy cat trainer. I think they would look fantastic on my glossy brochure which I am sure my MH would make for me. I just need a name for my new venture so I shall give that some thought as I am resting on my couch.

I am looking forward to a good weekend and I hope yours is a good one too.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

A Better Day

We have had a super duper day today, but for a while it was just me and my MH 'cos my DH decided he wanted to go to Kirkwall so oft he went leaving us to have a lovely girlie day. We even managed to play together for a while and that made me extremely happy.

We did lots of little things and we had to have lots of seats and that is my favourite bit 'cos when we are having a seat, I nip up onto my MH's knee and she strokes me which always makes my purrer work very hard and it makes the old dear smile and I like that. My MH decided to do a wee bit of housework and I had great fun playing with her feather duster when she tickled me with it. Oh it did make me laugh 'cos it was such a funny feeling bit I liked it and every time she put it down, I jumped on it and then my MH would lift it up again and tickle me some more. I think the feather duster will be one of my favourite toys now.

Now, I have to tell you that I am a very fit little puss. I know I have always been healthy and very well, but since my MH has had to do all her exercises, I am getting very fit and I shall tell you why, but first I need to explain one of her exercises. She has to do lots of them lying on our bed and as you have seen from the photographs I lie beside her or usually on top of her to make sure she is doing them properly and I know she appreciates that.

Well, today it went a wee bit further and it was really a wee mistake on my part, but I shall tell you all about it. The exercise is that my MH has to slide one leg out to the side and then bring it back in again. OK? Well, I sort of got my position wrong and my front two paws were on the leg that slides while my back two paws were on the leg that stayed still so I ended up doing lots of stretches which I hadn't intended doing, but I feel a whole lot better for that and think I might do some every day.

But I need a wee headband and four little wrist bands so that I look the part. Cute or what?

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

No News Again

My life is very quiet just now. It is good but quiet and I do like it but I will be happy when the weather gets better so that I can stay out in the warm sunshine just lying on the lovely grass watching all the little mouses. It will happen, sure it will?

Me and my humans have had a good day just doing the normal routine things but every now and then the old dear needed a wee rest so she sat on my couch and I nipped up beside her for a girlie chat while she stroked my adorable little lugs and I purred away for hours and hours before I nodded off to sleep.

At one point in this afternoon we thought we might make a little perambulation around my garden so we wandered to the door, opened it and then looked out, but when we felt the cold on our little faces, we looked at one another and said 'no way' and then we raced one another back to the couch, and guess who won? Yes! Me!! Well, I do have four feets while my MH only has two!!

We might be able to get out to play tomorrow and I will make my MH laugh as I run all over my garden and do my funny jumps which she just loves, so I am hoping that the weather will let us do that and then I might have some more news for you.

The very good news is that I am back to being a very well little Squeak and I haven't been sick any more. Maybe the little mouse that I ate was passed its sell by date. Hee hee. Just kidding of course 'cos the little mouses are my friends, Sure they are?

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Wee Bit of News

But a wee bit of bad news I'm afraid. I was a sick puss last night. Just for a minute, you understand, but I was a bit sick on the carpet on my living room.Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I had had my dinner and my after dinner snooze and I went outside to play for a while and then I nipped in through the window and it was then that it happened. I threw up on my carpet. Oh what a fright I got. I have never been sick before and I didn't know what was happening. I thought I was turning outside in and so I ran away and hided under my couch in case something awful was happening and also in case my humans might be angry with me, but I should have known better 'cos my MH came looking for me and coaxed me out again and gave me a great big get well cuddle which made me feel so much better. She lifted me up on her knee and told me I was fine and that it was probably just something I had eaten and I would be perfectly OK. And do you know what? She was right----well, she usually is!--- but I have been back to my perfect, adorable self ever since.

I had a very good sleep all cuddled up beside my MH and we have all had a good day today but I had to go out to play all on my own 'cos it wasn't the right weather for my MH to come out to play with me, but I understand so I just helped her when she did her exercises and I sat beside her when she needed some company and that made me and her very happy.

So we have had a very good day, thank you very much and I am feeling not sick any more. I am having another one of my snoozes and then I shall go and attack the outside and see what is happening all around my house and I am sure I will get lots of sympathy from my little animal friends when I tell them how sick I was.

Oh I do love a bit of sympathy, don't you?

Monday, 16 February 2015

Restless Puss

For the past few days I have been able to get out and I was just getting used to it when it all changed and made me not happy at all. It has not been a good day cos it has been wet and windy and me and my MH weren't able to get out to play. Now she was OK with this, but it just upset me a lot I'm afraid to say and I have been a very hard to please little Squeak, and I know that will have come as a great shock to you, but there we are.

I asked to get out the window, but that didn't suit so I asked to get out the door but that was just as bad so me and my poor old MH had to try all over again and she was getting just a tad annoyed with yours truly and that is something else which will come as a great shock to you. However, she decided to play with me to try and take my mind off my restlessness and it worked for a wee while, but then I decided that I would try again to go out and it took me another three or four goes before I eventually managed it and I am not completely sure but I think I felt my dear old MH's hand on my adorable little backside to help me on my way!

I did get a wee surprise in the afternoon when my friend M. came to see me and that helped pass the time for me. My poor old MH thinks all these people are coming to see her, but you and I know better don't we? We'll not tell her though, eh? I even got a message from my friend S. to say how sorry she was that she didn't get to see me yesterday, but being as adorable as I am, I forgived her!

I am having a rest just now and I am cuddled up beside my MH on my couch with my head on her keyboard as she is writing this for you. I look simply adorable and if you close your eyes I am sure you will be able to picture me. I do hope so.

Sunday, 15 February 2015


Not much of a day I'm afraid and a bit of a disappointment for me and my MH 'cos some of our friends were supposed to be coming to my house to watch a film on my television but it was too windy and they didn't come, so it was up to me to cheer the old dear up, which I did beautifully, of course!

We just watched the television ourselves and we did our exercises before I settled down on her knee and I had a wee snooze while she just stroked me and talked to me and I liked that a lot. It has been winding all day and even I haven't felt like going outside, but I am sure I shall venture into my garden after I have had a feed. That is my normal routine and I try to stick to it as much as I can.

Me and my MH had a play with her grabber and that made us both happy. It is a magic thing and my MH makes my DH laugh when she does lots of things with it. There is hardly anything she can't do with her grabber and the only thing I know is that she can't lift my water dish but she CAN lift my food dish and that really is much more important. I like playing with it as well but I don't go too close in case I get grabbed too!

So, although it has been a bit disappointing in some ways, we still have had a good day and I hope your day has been good too.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Nothing to Report

Well nothing that's very interesting, that is. We all had a very good sleep and my MH is very pleased with me 'cos I have started sleeping all through the night and I don't ask her to get up and feed me in the middle of it. I know she was only too pleased to attend to me even if it meant dragging her out of a good dream, but between you and me, dear friends, it was making me too tired in the morning, so I have stopped. See?

In fact, I made her giggle this morning 'cos she had to waken me up to get out of bed. Oh I was so cosy and I have heard it said that I looked so cute and adorable the old dear had a tear in her eye. I was all curled up at her side and I was sound asleep. She spoke to me but I didn't hear her, so she had to stroke my adorable little lugs until I finally came to, and then she had to ask me to please move so that she could slide out of bed. Which I did of course and then I asked her to feed me which she did of course! See how well we work together?

My DH watched the football but before he settled down we all went for a stroll up and down my garden path and I was so excited about them being outside with me that I scooted all over the place like a big express train. That's what they said anyway. I know I was tired when I went back inside so maybe they were right, but I had very good fun.

AND I have learned a new trick. Normally when I am going to lie on the bed beside the old dear when she is doing her exercises, I jump up onto the bed first and then gently step on to her delicate little chest, but I changed that modus operandi (I think that's how you spell it, but you know what I mean anyway. I think I have been watching too many detective programmes! Hee hee)and that is what I do now. I just have a quick look to see where she is and then with the gentlest of thuds I land right on her chest, and she loves it! She loves it so much she makes that funny 'ooofff!' sound and I know that means she is happy. See? I think I shall be doing that all the time now.

So there we are. It is a bit misty and a bit damp but I have just had a play outside all by myself doing pussy cat things, and after a little snooze I shall have my dinner and then nip out to play again until it is time for my humans to watch television 'cos they are going to watch the Musketeers and I just love that programme 'cos the musketeers are so lovely they make me go all week at the knees and since there are four of them that is one for each of my adorable little knees!

I need to keep watching so that I can decide which one I like the bestest 'cos I still don't know but when I do decide I shall tell you. OK? Good.

I hope you all have a very good weekend like what I am having so far.

Friday, 13 February 2015

A Very Quiet Day

There has been no more excitement in my house today and we have all had a very quiet day but a very good day just the same. My MH didn't get out to play with me today 'cos the weather wasn't great but I went in and out lots of times and I was a very happy little puss just pottering around my garden and then jumping in through my window to make sure the humans were doing fine---which they were.

My friend M. came to see me and my MH for a while and we had a wee chat then I just had a snooze on my couch while I listened in case there was anything very important that I might miss, but they only chatted about nothing really, so I just feel asleep and just wakened up again when M. was going home.

So it has been just a normal sort of day really but we are all quite happy in my house and I was VERY happy when I jumped back in through the window after my humans had finished their dinner 'cos my dear old MH had left some fish on a little dish for me and my DH said I was like the vacuum cleaner when I just sooked it all up. Oh boy it was good---so good. I just loved it.

But I am a million times more adorable than the vacuum cleaner, sure I am? Silly DH! I shall need to give him a good talking to later on.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Happy Birthday MH

What a brilliant day we have all had. It is my MH's birthday today and it is a special birthday for her so me and my DH have been spoiling her even more than usual. I gave my DH all of my hard earned paw-kit money and he got her some perfume from me and she loved it so much I got the biggest cuddle ever!

We all went into the garden again this morning and I watched as my MH wandered up and down our path and she was very happy so me and my DH were very happy too. In the afternoon I got a great big surprise 'cos some of the ladies from the island came to my house to wish my dear old MH a happy birthday and I had a very good time while they all sat and chatted 'cos I just wandered in and out of my house and when I was in there were lots of knees for me to choose from and you know that always makes me very happy. They were in my house for a long time and between you and me, sometimes I had to go out to give my adorable little lugs some peace 'cos there was a lot of talking going on! The ladies brought her lots of presents too, but I think she liked mine the bestest 'cos she didn't cuddle them like she cuddled me! See?

I had a wee rest when everybody went away and then after my dinner I went out to play again and I think I will be going outside later on 'cos it is a fine night on my little island and you all know how much I just love being out in the dark and when it is not winding a lot my humans can leave the window open for me so I can come home whenever I want.

And that always makes me very happy.

I hope you are happy too.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


It has been a crackin' day for this little puss. It started very early 'cos my DH was up early to catch the first boat to go to Stromness and because it was a very good day, he could leave the window open for me. So, he gave me my breakfast and as soon as I had gobbled it all up, I disappeared out into my garden where I played for a long time before I went and cuddled up beside my MH who was still sleeping.

When we got up, we sat on the couch for a while and had one of our special girlie chats which I always love and we waited for my DH to come home and then I got a great big surprise 'cos I watched as he helped my MH put on her shoes and then we all went outside into my garden and I was beside myself with excitement and happiness 'cos it has been such a long time since we have all been outside together.

We all walked up and down the path with my MH and she was very happy and my DH took this picture for you so you could see how happy she was and after I played with her for a while I decided to run all over my grass and I made them laugh as I bounced all over the garden and I was just as happy as I possibly could be.

We didn't stay out too long and after my MH had a wee rest on my couch, we went into the bedroom to do our exercises again and my DH sneaked up on us with the camera so there is another picture for you to let you see how hard we have been working.

Oh I have just had the very best of days and I hope we can do it all over again tomorrow.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A Much Better Day

The weather still isn't brilliant on my dear little island, but it is a wee bit better. Sadly, it is not better enough to let the Boss get out to play and she is beginning to get a tad peeved, but she is trying to be patient and I am helping her, of course. However, it was good enough for me to get out to play and that made me very happy as I was able to scoot all over my garden and I had a wee chat to some of the birdies and sheeps and I liked that.

Sometimes I wish I had another pussy cat in my house to play with but then that would make everything different wouldn't it? Would I get all the attention I get now if there were two puss cats and I would need to be the favourite or I might get jealous of the other puss, so maybe I was just meant to come to my forever home and be the apple of my MH's eye. And I can always play with the baby sheeps and cows when they arrive, plus I always get my humans to play when I am a wee bit lonely, so maybe I should just leave it at that. What do you think?

We did our usual routine today with my humans cleaning all the bedroom and it is so funny to see my MH with her feather duster and my DH with the vacuum cleaner. I am almost enjoying it being out just to watch him 'cos he does it to help the Boss but he doesn't really like it and I try not to let him see me smiling at him. We did our exercises and then I went away out for a while and when I came in there was some real mince for me 'cos my MH had been making stovies and she knows I like to get a wee bit of mince which I gobbled up as soon as I jumped in through my window.

I played with my treat ball and I just love that toy 'cos I get a wee treat for my adorable little tummy when my little paw has knocked one out and it always makes my humans smile when I am playing with it and that makes me happy too. Then it was time for a seat on the back of my couch as I waited for dinner time and I am sure I will be able to go out to play for quite a long time later on.

I hope so my dear friend. Oh, I do hope so.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Another Wet Day

I have been inside ALL day! I did try to go out a few times, but I chickened out at the last minute 'cos it was too wet and too windy. My MH laughed at me every time I put my adorable little nose out the door 'cos I sniffed the wind and then shot back into my living room and then I did the very same thing when I tried to go out of the window.

After I had tried to go out--- honest, I DID try--- I decided that it would be best if I just lay on my couch until my MH had worked out a way to make the rain stop falling and the wind stop blowing, but she is still working on that one. Eventually, I managed to take myself into the kitchen for my dinner and I got a wee surprise 'cos as well as my own dinner, there was a little saucer with some chicken on it just for me. So, I gobbled all that up and decided that I was going to be a brave puss, and I asked my MH to please let me out and I gave her a big shock 'cos I went out the first time she opened the door!

I didn't stay out too long 'cos it is quite lonely out there just now and it was wet and windy and I wasn't very a very happy Squeak but I knew as soon as I went back into my house I would be the happiest little puss in the world again. And guess what? I was right!!

Oh I just love being happy and I am really happy just now 'cos I can help my MH every day to do her exercises which are making her all better and every day she tells me that I am brilliant and that she loves me millions.

Is it any wonder I am the happiest little puss in the en-tire world?

Sunday, 8 February 2015

More Surprises

Today started off just normal with us all getting up not too early and my MH rushing ---well, sort of rushing :-)-- to the window to see if she could get out to play today and then being all disappointed when she saw it was still raining and winding and she knew the answer was 'no'. I had to cheer her up by sitting beside her for a long time, but soon she was OK about it.

We all sat and had a chat and then we did our exercises and I was just settling down on my couch for my afternoon siesta when I got my surprise cos my friends M. and S. came in to see me and I loved that. My MH had decided that we would have a girlie afternoon and we all watched a film but I was just a tad naughty 'cos at one point I wanted to go out to play and I am afraid that my friend S. had to open my window three times before I decided to take off in the wind! She told me that her pussy cat didn't do naughty things like that, but I have heard her telling my MH a different story, so I think she was telling a little fib. And on a Sunday too!!

We all had a good afternoon and my DH had a good time too 'cos he was getting peace in the study to watch his football on our television without my MH shouting for him to help her, so he was happy.

It is still very windy round about my house so I think if I do go out later on, it will just be for a very little time. I don't like the wind especially when it is a cold one and I am happier when I am on my couch or on my MH's knee and that's where I shall be spending most of tonight.

But roll on tomorrow and I hope it is a better day 'cos I really want my MH to be able to get out to play with me soon. So keep your fingers and paws crossed for me please. Thank you.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

I Wonder ....

... why does being adored make yours truly so tired? As you know, I had an absolutely brilliant day yesterday sitting on lots of knees and being stroked and cuddled and adored and I just loved it, but today I have been the tiredest little puss in the world. In fact I gave my dear old MH quite a fright today 'cos she couldn't find me and she knew I was in my house somewhere. She just didn't know where! So she had to keep looking for me and she finally discovered me lying all snuggled up between the two pillows on the spare room bed sound asleep and she said I just looked so cute. Naturally!

This isn't me on the bed 'cos my MH didn't want to disturb me. This is me having another of my many power naps on my couch!

It has not been a very good day on my little island 'cos it has been wet and windy and my MH is desperate to take her new hip outside. I think she want to show it our dear little island but the weather still hasn't been good enough. Maybe tomorrow. So instead of being outside, me and her just lay on our bed and we did some more exercises while my DH made the dinner for us and that made the old dear very happy.

We have had a good day and I even got a wee play with my MH which was very good, and although she couldn't get out, I nipped out of my window quite a few times and had a wee sniff all over my garden and that was good fun but I was a bit cold so I didn't stay outside too long and went back into the warm of my house and found lots of cuddles waiting for me which was just lovely.

I have discovered that cuddles make me not tired any more so that's good, sure it is?

Friday, 6 February 2015

Not so quiet

Well. What an afternoon I have had! As I told you yesterday, some of my MH's friends were coming to see us today and I had a brilliant time with them as you can see from this picture.

When they arrived I was having a wee lie down 'cos I had just helped my MH do her exercises and it always makes me tired, but then I heard strange voices. Well, the voices themselves weren't strange, you understand. It was just that I didn't know them so they were strange to me. See? Anyway, I opened my little lugs and listened and then I heard my name being spoken so I decided I would let them see the real thing and I wandered into the living room and inspected these two ladies who thought I was simply adorable. 'Nuff said.

We all had a very good afternoon and I just wandered from knee to knee enjoying all the attention that I was getting. I made sure my dear old MH got her full share of my purrs as well, and since my DH had taken himself off into the study to get some peace and quiet, he will get all his cuddles later. I am a very fair little puss.

Me and my MH are a wee bit tired now, so we are having a rest but we are both very happy 'cos we have had a crackin' day, and I hope you have had a good day too.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Just A Quiet Day

It has been another very good day Chez Squeak and as usual I have loved every minute of it. I have been outside a lot but inside a lot more 'cos it is cold, but if I run about my garden then I don't feel the cold too much and it helps me to use up some of my lots of energy.

It was housework day today 'cos my MH has some of her friends coming to see her tomorrow and she is getting all excited and I am getting excited too 'cos I have never seen these ladies and I am a wee bit shy so I am a wee bit worried, but I am sure we will all get along very fine. I hope so. Anyway, back to the housework. Before my MH went away for her new hip, she did most of the housework and me and my DH could escape together for some peace and quiet, but since she has come home, there are things that she can't do and my DH has to do them for her, so at one point this morning he was hoovering and she was cleaning and I was getting ignored. I was not a happy puss. But just for a little while 'cos my MH soon ran out of steam and she sat down and cuddled me, so that was OK.

We didn't have any visitors today so me and my MH were able to play for a while and even though she can't get down on the floor with me, she can use her grabber to play with my toys and I just run and run all over my living room and I like that. And then when I feel I have done enough running, I just pick a chair--or my MH's knee--- and settled down for a little snooze.

I will have lots of knees to choose from tomorrow 'cos I am sure that my MH's friends will be very happy for me to cuddle down beside them. I will be able to tell you tomorrow.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Wee Surprise

I have had another good day today just doing the usual things which I like. We are into a good routine now with me and my MH doing our exercises four times a day and then me helping my DH do some cleaning and cooking so I have been quite busy but I still have plenty of time to do 'Squeak things' which I love.

I have been outside lots today and although it is still cold, I have enjoyed playing in my garden and I only got wet once, but my MH fixed that as soon as I jumped in through my window. It was then that I got a big surprise 'cos two of my MH's friends were in my house to see how we were all doing, but I am afraid I got into a wee bit of trouble 'cos I jumped on one lady's knee and I still had my adorable little claws out which sort of made her jump and shout out a wee bit and we all got a fright but then all the ladies giggled while I walked away with a 'that wasn't me' look!

So it has been a good day and I have liked it lots, but the bit I like the bestest of all is sitting on my MH's chest while her legs do their exercises. And I know she likes it loads too.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Happy day

It is still very cold on my little island so I haven't been out too much and when I do venture out, I don't linger but I just do what I have to do and nip back into my nice cosy house where I know my MH is waiting with a cuddle for me.

We have had a girlie day today as my DH had to go to Stromness but we had very good fun and I got a surprise when my friend M. came to see 'cos I haven't seen her for a long time and she told me she had missed me so I gave her a very special purr and she went away home very happy.

My MH told me that some of her friends are coming to my house to see us on Friday and I am getting very excited already 'cos I don't know these ladies and they don't know me either. I will probably hide under my couch when they come in 'cos I am a wee bit shy, but once I listen to them for a while and decide that they are OK, I shall venture out and give them the full Squeak treatment and then they will just love me.

My MH has been managing to play with me but not down on the floor but she plays with my toys and her grabber and I just run and run all over my living room until I am a tired out little puss and then I have to have a sleep on my couch. I have been able to get out to play just before bedtime and I like that. It is very quiet and sometimes I see some of my little animal friends, but all the little mouses are sleeping somewhere warm so I don't see them.

I shall just have to be patient and wait until the Spring when all the little mouses and sheeps will be out playing again. I can hardly wait!

Monday, 2 February 2015


Oh it is so, so cold on my little island and my MH still hasn't made me a new coat, so I am a very cold little puss when I go outside. I got a bit of a shock when I went outside this morning 'cos at the front of my house there is a jug which is a fountain in the summer but in the winter my DH takes the jug bit inside and just leaves the bottom bit which usually gets full up with water and that's where I have a little drink in the morning. So, I nipped out of the window and was a very happy little Squeak 'cos there was no wind. I said good morning to the little birdies and then ambled over to get a wee drink and it is a very good job I was fully awake 'cos I saw the ice before I put out my adorable little tongue!

Oh can you imagine if I had still been a bit sleepy? I would have been stuck to the ice until the summer! Phew. How lucky am I? Well, I was still a wee bit thirsty, so I just nipped back in through my window and ran as fast as I could into the kitchen where my bowl of water is always sitting waiting for me and I had a wee drink of not frozed water.

Talking of water. You know my dear old MH hasn't to bend down and that she has a grabber to help her pick things up? Well, she is getting very good with said grabber and she can even pick up my bowls of dinner with it, but the only thing she can't lift up is my water, so my DH has to do that for me, but he doesn't mind at all.

We are all having a good time just now and I am liking it when both my humans are with me, and I especially like it 'cos the wind has stopped howling at me and I have been able to get out to play as often as I like for as long as I like, so I am happy.

I was even happier last night 'cos my MH had a Tunnocks tea cake after her dinner and she wrapped up the paper into a little ball and throwed it on the floor for me and what a fantastic time I had with it. I ran at it and I jumped on it and when I was finished with it I killed it dead!

If I can remember where I left it, I will do it all over again tonight. Oh Yippee!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Well Part 2

My little weather man friend told me that it wouldn't be windy today and he didn't tell the whole truth 'cos it was! Not as bad as yesterday, mind you, but still too windy for my liking and definitely far, far too cold. If it stays as cold as this for much longer I am going to ask my MH to make me a little coat 'cos by the time I go out of my door, do what I have to do and nip in again either through said door or the window, my adorable little body is so cold that it takes my MH a long time to get me warmed up again. So, a coat please, dear MH!

We were all up quite early this morning and my MH was telling her friend that for the first part of the morning she was sitting on the couch in her tennis shorts and holding her racket and for the afternoon she was wearing her football boots and her strip. We all had a wee giggle at the thought of that but in case you are concerned, it was a wee fib on the old dear's part. Naughty MH! Me and her weren't happy 'cos Andy lost his match but then me and my DH were happy 'cos our team won, so a day of mixed fortunes, methinks.

We have all had a good easy day and I like it so much when my MH does her exercises 'cos she has to lie on our bed to do them and while she thinks I am helping her, I am actually having a little snooze, but don't tell her that please. We haven't had any visitors today, but maybe there will be some next week. I hope so 'cos I love when our neighbours come in and make a fuss of me.

I did get a surprise yesterday when my MH was reading her emails 'cos there was one from me and it was from my friend J. who had lots of news for me about some of my paw pals. I have lots of paw pals and I love hearing what they are doing. I don't think any of them live on a little island like me and I can tell them all the things that I do so we have lots to talk about.

It is just the bestest of fun having a paw pal club and I know I am so lucky that my friend and my MH help me with this very important work.