Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A Much Better Day

The weather still isn't brilliant on my dear little island, but it is a wee bit better. Sadly, it is not better enough to let the Boss get out to play and she is beginning to get a tad peeved, but she is trying to be patient and I am helping her, of course. However, it was good enough for me to get out to play and that made me very happy as I was able to scoot all over my garden and I had a wee chat to some of the birdies and sheeps and I liked that.

Sometimes I wish I had another pussy cat in my house to play with but then that would make everything different wouldn't it? Would I get all the attention I get now if there were two puss cats and I would need to be the favourite or I might get jealous of the other puss, so maybe I was just meant to come to my forever home and be the apple of my MH's eye. And I can always play with the baby sheeps and cows when they arrive, plus I always get my humans to play when I am a wee bit lonely, so maybe I should just leave it at that. What do you think?

We did our usual routine today with my humans cleaning all the bedroom and it is so funny to see my MH with her feather duster and my DH with the vacuum cleaner. I am almost enjoying it being out just to watch him 'cos he does it to help the Boss but he doesn't really like it and I try not to let him see me smiling at him. We did our exercises and then I went away out for a while and when I came in there was some real mince for me 'cos my MH had been making stovies and she knows I like to get a wee bit of mince which I gobbled up as soon as I jumped in through my window.

I played with my treat ball and I just love that toy 'cos I get a wee treat for my adorable little tummy when my little paw has knocked one out and it always makes my humans smile when I am playing with it and that makes me happy too. Then it was time for a seat on the back of my couch as I waited for dinner time and I am sure I will be able to go out to play for quite a long time later on.

I hope so my dear friend. Oh, I do hope so.

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