Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Wee Bit of News

But a wee bit of bad news I'm afraid. I was a sick puss last night. Just for a minute, you understand, but I was a bit sick on the carpet on my living room.Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I had had my dinner and my after dinner snooze and I went outside to play for a while and then I nipped in through the window and it was then that it happened. I threw up on my carpet. Oh what a fright I got. I have never been sick before and I didn't know what was happening. I thought I was turning outside in and so I ran away and hided under my couch in case something awful was happening and also in case my humans might be angry with me, but I should have known better 'cos my MH came looking for me and coaxed me out again and gave me a great big get well cuddle which made me feel so much better. She lifted me up on her knee and told me I was fine and that it was probably just something I had eaten and I would be perfectly OK. And do you know what? She was right----well, she usually is!--- but I have been back to my perfect, adorable self ever since.

I had a very good sleep all cuddled up beside my MH and we have all had a good day today but I had to go out to play all on my own 'cos it wasn't the right weather for my MH to come out to play with me, but I understand so I just helped her when she did her exercises and I sat beside her when she needed some company and that made me and her very happy.

So we have had a very good day, thank you very much and I am feeling not sick any more. I am having another one of my snoozes and then I shall go and attack the outside and see what is happening all around my house and I am sure I will get lots of sympathy from my little animal friends when I tell them how sick I was.

Oh I do love a bit of sympathy, don't you?

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