Monday, 2 February 2015


Oh it is so, so cold on my little island and my MH still hasn't made me a new coat, so I am a very cold little puss when I go outside. I got a bit of a shock when I went outside this morning 'cos at the front of my house there is a jug which is a fountain in the summer but in the winter my DH takes the jug bit inside and just leaves the bottom bit which usually gets full up with water and that's where I have a little drink in the morning. So, I nipped out of the window and was a very happy little Squeak 'cos there was no wind. I said good morning to the little birdies and then ambled over to get a wee drink and it is a very good job I was fully awake 'cos I saw the ice before I put out my adorable little tongue!

Oh can you imagine if I had still been a bit sleepy? I would have been stuck to the ice until the summer! Phew. How lucky am I? Well, I was still a wee bit thirsty, so I just nipped back in through my window and ran as fast as I could into the kitchen where my bowl of water is always sitting waiting for me and I had a wee drink of not frozed water.

Talking of water. You know my dear old MH hasn't to bend down and that she has a grabber to help her pick things up? Well, she is getting very good with said grabber and she can even pick up my bowls of dinner with it, but the only thing she can't lift up is my water, so my DH has to do that for me, but he doesn't mind at all.

We are all having a good time just now and I am liking it when both my humans are with me, and I especially like it 'cos the wind has stopped howling at me and I have been able to get out to play as often as I like for as long as I like, so I am happy.

I was even happier last night 'cos my MH had a Tunnocks tea cake after her dinner and she wrapped up the paper into a little ball and throwed it on the floor for me and what a fantastic time I had with it. I ran at it and I jumped on it and when I was finished with it I killed it dead!

If I can remember where I left it, I will do it all over again tonight. Oh Yippee!

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