Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Happy day

It is still very cold on my little island so I haven't been out too much and when I do venture out, I don't linger but I just do what I have to do and nip back into my nice cosy house where I know my MH is waiting with a cuddle for me.

We have had a girlie day today as my DH had to go to Stromness but we had very good fun and I got a surprise when my friend M. came to see 'cos I haven't seen her for a long time and she told me she had missed me so I gave her a very special purr and she went away home very happy.

My MH told me that some of her friends are coming to my house to see us on Friday and I am getting very excited already 'cos I don't know these ladies and they don't know me either. I will probably hide under my couch when they come in 'cos I am a wee bit shy, but once I listen to them for a while and decide that they are OK, I shall venture out and give them the full Squeak treatment and then they will just love me.

My MH has been managing to play with me but not down on the floor but she plays with my toys and her grabber and I just run and run all over my living room until I am a tired out little puss and then I have to have a sleep on my couch. I have been able to get out to play just before bedtime and I like that. It is very quiet and sometimes I see some of my little animal friends, but all the little mouses are sleeping somewhere warm so I don't see them.

I shall just have to be patient and wait until the Spring when all the little mouses and sheeps will be out playing again. I can hardly wait!

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