Sunday, 8 February 2015

More Surprises

Today started off just normal with us all getting up not too early and my MH rushing ---well, sort of rushing :-)-- to the window to see if she could get out to play today and then being all disappointed when she saw it was still raining and winding and she knew the answer was 'no'. I had to cheer her up by sitting beside her for a long time, but soon she was OK about it.

We all sat and had a chat and then we did our exercises and I was just settling down on my couch for my afternoon siesta when I got my surprise cos my friends M. and S. came in to see me and I loved that. My MH had decided that we would have a girlie afternoon and we all watched a film but I was just a tad naughty 'cos at one point I wanted to go out to play and I am afraid that my friend S. had to open my window three times before I decided to take off in the wind! She told me that her pussy cat didn't do naughty things like that, but I have heard her telling my MH a different story, so I think she was telling a little fib. And on a Sunday too!!

We all had a good afternoon and my DH had a good time too 'cos he was getting peace in the study to watch his football on our television without my MH shouting for him to help her, so he was happy.

It is still very windy round about my house so I think if I do go out later on, it will just be for a very little time. I don't like the wind especially when it is a cold one and I am happier when I am on my couch or on my MH's knee and that's where I shall be spending most of tonight.

But roll on tomorrow and I hope it is a better day 'cos I really want my MH to be able to get out to play with me soon. So keep your fingers and paws crossed for me please. Thank you.

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