Monday, 23 February 2015

No News Again

I have had a very quiet day today and have been a wee bit worried 'cos I heard my humans talking about there not being any water on my little island 'cos a pipe has burst and I wondered how I was going to survive without anything to drink but when my MH realised that I was worried she told me it would be fine 'cos we had lots of bottled water and she would make sure that I always had water in my dish, so that was good. I usually drink outside but if it gets much colder then all the water outside will be frozed and I won't be able to get anything. See?

I did manage lots of trips out to my garden but I am afraid they are getting shorter and shorter 'cos it is so very cold and I don't like getting cold. So my plan is that I nip out the door or the window and I run about for a minute or two and then come back in the window or the door. Usually the opposite one I went out of. I make my humans smile when I come in the window 'cos now I stand on the chair until whoever has let me in has closed the window and then I ask could I please have a cuddle to warm me up, and of course I always get it. Brill!

I found a little ball in my house today but it wasn't my wee green one 'cos I have no idea what I have dome with that one, but the one that I did find was a wee rubber one and it bounces brilliantly so I chased it all over my kitchen and I had great fun. My MH even kicked it for me to let me chase it even faster and that was magic and it made us both smile a lot.

It hasn't snowed yet in my little island but it is cold enough so maybe it will come soon. I like the snow but my adorable little feets get quite cold so I have to keep running fast to try and keep them warm, so that's why I am practicing with my little ball in my kitchen. See? (again)

I think I might be the fittest little puss in the world!

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