Saturday, 14 February 2015

Nothing to Report

Well nothing that's very interesting, that is. We all had a very good sleep and my MH is very pleased with me 'cos I have started sleeping all through the night and I don't ask her to get up and feed me in the middle of it. I know she was only too pleased to attend to me even if it meant dragging her out of a good dream, but between you and me, dear friends, it was making me too tired in the morning, so I have stopped. See?

In fact, I made her giggle this morning 'cos she had to waken me up to get out of bed. Oh I was so cosy and I have heard it said that I looked so cute and adorable the old dear had a tear in her eye. I was all curled up at her side and I was sound asleep. She spoke to me but I didn't hear her, so she had to stroke my adorable little lugs until I finally came to, and then she had to ask me to please move so that she could slide out of bed. Which I did of course and then I asked her to feed me which she did of course! See how well we work together?

My DH watched the football but before he settled down we all went for a stroll up and down my garden path and I was so excited about them being outside with me that I scooted all over the place like a big express train. That's what they said anyway. I know I was tired when I went back inside so maybe they were right, but I had very good fun.

AND I have learned a new trick. Normally when I am going to lie on the bed beside the old dear when she is doing her exercises, I jump up onto the bed first and then gently step on to her delicate little chest, but I changed that modus operandi (I think that's how you spell it, but you know what I mean anyway. I think I have been watching too many detective programmes! Hee hee)and that is what I do now. I just have a quick look to see where she is and then with the gentlest of thuds I land right on her chest, and she loves it! She loves it so much she makes that funny 'ooofff!' sound and I know that means she is happy. See? I think I shall be doing that all the time now.

So there we are. It is a bit misty and a bit damp but I have just had a play outside all by myself doing pussy cat things, and after a little snooze I shall have my dinner and then nip out to play again until it is time for my humans to watch television 'cos they are going to watch the Musketeers and I just love that programme 'cos the musketeers are so lovely they make me go all week at the knees and since there are four of them that is one for each of my adorable little knees!

I need to keep watching so that I can decide which one I like the bestest 'cos I still don't know but when I do decide I shall tell you. OK? Good.

I hope you all have a very good weekend like what I am having so far.

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