Thursday, 26 February 2015

Out to Play

It has not been just as busy in my house today so once I had seen that my humans were settled and doing fine, I nipped outside just to hang loose and do some pussy cat things and I liked the freedom.

I had a long chat with the sheeps who are in the field in front of my living room and we discussed the water situation. They were quite worried 'cos they weren't sure if there was enough water to give them all a drink, but I was able to pass on all the information that I had got from my humans. My friend S. has been telling my MH what is happening and then when she is telling my DH I have a listen as well so we all know.

It has been quite a good day with just a couple of showers but it is cold, so I haven't been out for too long and of course I have to help my MH with her exercises 'cos she told me it is not as good when she has to do them on her own, and to be honest, I like lying on her chest when she is doing them 'cos she talks to me all the time and I just purr back at her.

Tomorrow is a special day 'cos it is six weeks since she had her new hip, so tomorrow she can put her socks on and doesn't need my DH to help her with the long stockings. She has a gadget to help her put on her socks, so tomorrow we are all going to watch her and see if she can do it. I think there might be a few naughty words floating around my living room tomorrow morning, but I shall let you know!

The nice water man told us that we might have water in out taps tomorrow but we will need to wait and see and if we do have it, me and my humans have still to drink the bottled water. It is OK but I still prefer drinking out of the puddles and I suggested that my humans tried it too, but my MH said she couldn't bend down that far.

Maybe when she is all better? Or maybe not! Hee hee

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