Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What a Day!

I have hardly had enough time on my own to have my normal snoozes. It has been so busy in my house, but although I am a wee bit tired now I really have liked it.

We were all up quite early this morning 'cos we knew there were going to be lots of people coming to see us and my MH didn't want them to see her in our big furry dressing gown. So, we were all washed and dressed and fed before the first lot arrived. Now, I think you might be wondering why we had all these people? Remember I told you we had no water? Well, it would appear that the pipe under the sea which brings water to my little island from Hoy has a hole in it and it is letting out all the water and that's why we have none. See?

So, there were lots of people coming to see if we were alright or if we needed anything and then there was a man telling us what was happening to try and fix the hole in the water pipe and then we had a visitor who stayed with me all afternoon and talked to my humans and me too, so you can see why I am tired. You all know that I am a very sociable puss and every time my door got knocked, I was there as quickly as my humans. Well, actually, I was as quick as my DH but much quicker than the old dear, but she didn't mind me beating her.

Everybody who came to see us spoke to me and said I was beautiful, but one lady sort of upset me a wee bit. I was standing in my porch and she was outside and she asked my MH if the cat was allowed out! What? Did she not know that I have an entire island to look after and I do my job beautifully. However, I suppose she doesn't know me very well, but if she comes back, I shall tell her.

There was just one wee cloud on my otherwise shiny horizon and that was that I got de-wormed and de-flea'd today with a new 'stuff' that the Boss bought. I didn't recognise the container so I wasn't worried, but as soon as she started to put it on my adorable little neck I tried to make my escape. However, she knew what I was going to do and I was trapped.

I shall be ready the next time! You see if I'm not!!


  1. Your friend S did a lot of explaining about your lack of water. I'm glad your visitors came to check on you and your MH/DH. Hopefully the hole will soon be plugged.

  2. I hope so too Bonnie, but we are all fine and have plenty of water to keep us going and I am doing my best to look after the 'oldies'!!