Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Snow and Hail and Wind

That's what it has been on my little island today and I have decided to become a house cat until the warm sunshine comes back, but I have absolutely no idea how long that will take. I know that I would rather be nice and cosy in my house than outside getting hailed and rained on and I am sure I can hear you all agreeing with me.

It is still quite busy in my house with my humans still doing some work in the bathroom but they have promised me that it will be finished by the weekend and then all their time is for ME, so that makes me happy. You will see that my MH has finished her doggy picture so that is good too. She noticed this afternoon that I had a lot of energy so she asked me if I wanted to play which of course I did. And we had some very good fun as we played with some of my toys.

Later on in the afternoon, she saw that I was sitting on my window sill just staring and when she came and looked out of the window there was a great big seagull looking for something to eat.

I would have chased it away but as you can see from the picture, it wasn't weather for a little puss like me to be outside, so I just scared it off from inside!

Brains as well as adorableness! All wrapped up in one little Squeak.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Bye Bye and Hello

We were all in my house today 'cos my DH decided to stay home and get a wee rest as he was tired from all the work he had been doing, so we were all happy together.

My MH was playing with her vacuum cleaner and her dusters so I looked after my DH and helped him feel not so tired and we went outside two or three times, but it was very cold. In fact, one time I was out and I was just settling down to have a good explore when the hail came on and I had to run home as fast as possible 'cos I know it hurts me. And it did! Oh I didn't like it at all and I felt sorry for all the little baby lambs. I asked my MH if I could bring the babies into my house till the hail went off, but she said 'no' so that was that I'm afraid. Shame.

I was a bit disappointed this afternoon. In fact, I was a bit sad 'cos I saw the nice farmer man and lady from next door moving all the sheeps away from the field in front of my house and I don't know where they have gone. I know they have gone to a field where there is more grass, I just don't know where that field is. See? So that means I can't go and play with them and that's why I was sad. I just love those little baby sheeps and I know that some of my friends who read all about me like seeing their pictures too. I shall go exploring later on and maybe I will find them and I shall tell my MH and she can take me and her camera for a walk to find them.

Well, after I was a bit sad, I got a great big surprise. I was just going out to play and as my adorable little body was just about to go out of the door, it stopped dead. In fact, my front feets stopped so quickly my back feets nearly ran in to them! I was like a concertina! And what caused this pnenominominum ---(that's my new word. I heard it and I like it, although I don't know if it is right, but it is good, sure it is?) Anyway, there's me all scrunched up on my doorstep watching some ducks at my gate! Yes, DUCKS! I have never been close up to ducks before so I didn't get too near 'cos I didn't know if they were cat friendly, but if they come back, I shall have a word with them.

Oh by the way. The old dear has finished her picture so she will show it to you tomorrow.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Play Time

Well it was for me and my MH but my poor old DH was still a wee bit busy although he is finished all he can do just now so he can have a bit of a rest before he has to start sticking paper on to my bathroom wall, but me and my MH will help him and I know that will get the job done very quickly.

My MH did her pin picture and she will finish it tomorrow so I will ask her to put a picture on for you to see it. I like it and so does she but I will be a lot happier when it is finished 'cos then there will be more time for me. I know I am a very patient little Squeak, but sometimes I get a bit annoyed when she won't play with me 'cos she is playing with pins and sequins. I mean. Would you not rather play with an adorable little puss like me instead of pins? Not a hard question, is it?

I must have been able to make her understand that 'cos she came outside with me this afternoon and it was then that I noticed my little friend was at my fence and was calling for me, so I wandered over beside it and we had a chat which was lovely. I love seeing all the little baby lambs and I watch them for a long time when I am sitting on my window sill, but at night time, I nip into the field and play with them as long as the mummy sheeps don't mind. But I think they know I am a good puss. Well, I tell them often enough! Hee hee

I had fun playing in the grass plant in front of my living room and it is big enough for me to jump in. In fact it is almost big enough for me to hide in, and sometimes I sit there are watch the birdies when they are having their dinner, so it is one of my favourite places.

When I had finished hiding. I sat in the sun for a while before I nipped in and sat on my MH's knee before she could get to the table and her pins!

Oh, clever, clever Squeak.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

And Another Saturday

We have still been a bit busy, but my DH has been the busiest while me and the Boss have been having lots of rests in between jobs 'cos nearly all our work is finished just now until my DH is all done and then there will be more for us to do. So it has been a good Saturday although a different one than normal.

I have told you before that my humans like to have a lazy weekend, but there is quite a lot to be done so they have had to work this time and I have heard the old dear saying that she wants to do some painting in the bathroom so yours truly will be helping with that too. I wonder what colour I will end up?

I forgot to tell you that my MH is doing another sequin picture and I have been watching her very closely but I am not helping 'cos there are jaggy wee pins on the table and I don't want them sticking into my adorable little paws. Sure I don't? She showed my friend S. her picture yesterday and there was nearly a fight 'cos S. said it was a lovely clown but it is a doggy!! Maybe she needs to go to Specsavers! Hee hee. It was OK really and we all laughed---eventually!

It has not been a very good day today and it has been wet and windy and cold, so although I have been very brave and have been outside quite a lot, I haven't stayed out too long and when I come in the window, I always ask for a cuddle to warm me up, and of course I always get one.

We are all having a rest now and I think the work will be finished tomorrow for a wee while and then there is still some more to do next week, but I shall tell you about that when it happens.

I think my MH picked today's picture to remind her that the sunshine might come back. We hope!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Just Another Friday

But a good day and a day for me to get out to play as much as I wanted. My MH was working in my house cleaning the spare bedroom and my DH was making a cabinet for my new shower room so he was in and out lots of times and I went out some of the times with him, but some of the other times I just went out all by myself and had a chat to the new baby sheeps that are popping out all over the field in front of my house. I haven't seen a new one being borned again, but I keep looking 'cos it brought a little tear to my eye.

As it was Friday, my DH went to the boat to get our messages so when he came home I made sure I was in my house to play with the string off the boxes which I just love. My DH ties it in a big knot for me and then he throws it on my kitchen floor and I run after it and kill it and I have really good fun.

I helped my MH do her exercises today but as I was feeling a bit tired, I asked her to lift up my blanket a wee bit, and I cuddled up under it and had a lovely sleep for nearly all the afternoon. But then I got a big surprise when my friend S. came to see me and she gave me lots of cuddles. She told my humans that she had come to see the new shower room, but I knew she had really come to see me. But that is our secret, please 'cos I don't want to hurt their feelings.

A funny thing happened through the night and it will make you smile when I tell you. Me and the old dear were sound asleep. Well, it was about four o'clock in this morning, so that was OK. But then she needed to go to the toilet so I said I would go with her and maybe she could give me a wee biscuit as we were up any way. Makes sense, sure it does? Anyway, my poor old MH has cold feets, so when she gets up she puts on her lectric blanket so that our bed is nice and warm when we come back. See?

Well, she put her had down to catch the cable of the blanket just as I decided to have a little look under the bed. I do that lots of times 'cos you never know what I might find. I haven't found any thing yet, but I keep looking. Anyway. There we were ---- me under the bed, her getting up and trying to put on her lectric blanket. OK? She put her hand down and guess what she grabbed thinking it was the switch? YES!!!! It was my little wagger which hadn't quite made it under the bed with the rest of me!

Oh my dear friends, we did giggle. Well, eventually we did, but we both got a great big fright 'cos I thought there was something under my bed trying to get me and my MH thought she had found something awful, so we were both a bit relieved when we found out it was just me. Oops.

I do cause some problems sometimes, but I am so, so worth the bother! Hee hee

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Nearly Normal

That's what my day was, and I must say I liked it being back to normal--almost. First of all we didn't get up as early as we had been doing although I must say I did have a chuckle last night as my poor old humans crept into their bed and were asleep before eleven o'clock---just as I was getting ready to go out to play! Oh boy, they were tired and I felt a wee bit sorry for them, but I had a wee biscuit and it passed! Hee hee

Anyway, this morning we were all working in the bathroom as my MH was cleaning and my DH was putting up all the bits that needed putting up and I was watching so you can see we were all very busy.

So, apart from that, I don't have any more news for you, but I just want you to know that I am very well especially now that my house is a bit quieter. I was just a bit annoyed that every time I went outside I got wet, but it was worth it too 'cos when I came back in, my MH cuddled me dry and told me she loved me.

That bit is my favouritist bit as you all know.

There are more and more baby lambs being born in the field and every time I go out there is a new wee friend for me but my MH has been a bit busy so she didn't take any pictures, but maybe she will have some for you tomorrow. Especially if I ask her very nicely.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

All Done

My bathroom is all finished! The workmen went away at dinner time 'cos their work was all done and my bathroom is looking lovely, although my humans have still a lot of work to do but with my help, it won't take them too long. It's just a wee bit of tidying up and cleaning and washing and wallpapering. And then after dinner.....! Hee hee.

My MH was out for a wee while too 'cos the minister was on my island and the old dear was so happy 'cos she was driving her little car and she was able to go out without her sticks, so she is right back to normal now. AND, tonight she can have a shower in her own house. So now you know why she is a very happy MH.

Me and her had a very good afternoon and I was a wee bit clingy because I have been a wee bit out of sorts with all the upset and noise in my house. Normally my house is a quiet place, but since Monday it has been very noisy and very dusty with lots going on and not much time for me but this afternoon my MH started to make up for it and gave me lots of cuddles which I liked.

We got a big surprise this afternoon as we were looking out of the window 'cos one of the mummy sheeps had a baby right there and I saw it coming out and I liked it and I didn't faint. I think I am getting stronger. It was a little white sheep after the mummy had cleaned it and then it had a feed and when it was eating, its little tail was going even faster than mine and we all smiled. It was lovely. There are lots of baby lambs and lots of ladies in waiting in the field in front of my house so I might see more little babies being borned. I hope so. I am going to have lots and lots of little sheeps to play with soon but I think me and my humans will be in bed very early tonight 'cos we are all quite tired.

But we are all very happy and I hope you are too.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

More Work

We were all up early again this morning which is rather unusual in my house as you know, but up we were. Actually, I quite like being up early 'cos it gives me much more time to play and do all the things adorable little puss cats should be doing.

My DH went away in his car and brought up one of the workmen who are pulling my bathroom to bits. I was a wee bit disappointed 'cos yesterday there were two men and they are both very nice, but one is especially lovely and talks to me all the time and he lets me rub up against him while he is stroking me, but the other one doesn't and it was the other one who came today, not my friend. So I was a tad peeved but that soon disappeared when I saw what he was doing 'cos he started putting new things back into my bathroom, so I think that is a good sign. And, I heard my humans saying that both men would be back tomorrow and they will probably be finished then which will be good although it means my humans will have a lot of cleaning up to do and they won't have an awful lot of time for you know who! (And that's me, in case you don't know!) Maybe if I help them there will be time for lots of cuddles?

I saw my little friend today but there was another little lamb with her and the mummy sheep and they walked slowly past my window again so I purred for them but they didn't answer me. I will go into that field tonight and see how they are.

I have been in and out lots of times today and it has been good 'cos my DH has been in and out lots and lots of times too so I just follow him to see what he is doing. A lot of the bathroom 'stuff' has been kept in my MH's gym so she hasn't been able to get in there to do her exercises, but she said she will need to give it a great big clean before we start working and I think we will do that during the weekend so I will be helping her as usual and then when we are finished I will ask her to play on the grass with me.

And you all know what she will say. Sure you do!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Puzzled Puss

So, the alarm went off really early this morning and I thought that my humans were going to the town for shopping, but I was wrong. My DH went away to the pier and my MH stayed with me until he came back with the two men who came to see me last week and they brought MILLIONS of tools with them and put them all down in my kitchen. Boy, what a mess they made.

Then they headed into my bathroom and tore it all to bits and threw stuff into my garden. I thought my MH would have been a bit annoyed, but she seemed very happy with it. Well, she wasn't all that happy with all the grey dust that filled my whole house and the noise that all the drilling was making but she knew it would be worth it in the end. I still haven't decided.

I didn't have a very good day 'cos every where I went there was noise and mess and even when I tried to sit on my MH's knee the noise still annoyed my adorable little lugs, but then every now and then the men would stop and then they came and talked to me so that helped a wee bit.They are coming back tomorrow but I think it might be a wee bit quieter. I hope.

When they finally stopped, my DH tooked them to the boat and me and my MH just sat on my couch and enjoyed the quiet, but it was just for a short time 'cos then the old dear had to start cleaning the kitchen before she could make our dinner 'cos none of us wanted to eat grey dust. Hee hee

However, I have finally found out what is happening. For some reason my humans have decided to get the bath taken away and a shower put in instead and that's what the men are doing. See?

I will be very happy when it is all finished.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Much Quieter Day

I had hoped that we might all go for another perambulation today, but sadly, when we got up it was raining and a bit windy so we all stayed in my house. Well, me and my MH stayed indoors but my poor DH had to go out a few times 'cos he had lots of things to do before the men come tomorrow to work in my bathroom. I will be very happy to get it all back to normal again, but I am enjoying exploring bits of it that I haven't been able to get into before, so I am a wee bit torn. However, my MH is getting really excited and she will soon be able to get a shower again. Yippee!

I didn't do very much as I was quite tired. I think I overdid it a bit yesterday so in a way I am quite happy I had an excuse for staying in and I had lots of seats on my MH's knee which always makes us both happy.

I did get a wee surprise though when one of the little lambs I met yesterday passed my window when I was sitting on the window sill and it was with its mummy sheep, but it stopped when it saw me and it said 'baaaaa' and I gave it a big purr and even the mummy sheep looked happy to see me, so maybe I will try and go into the field again. If you look behind me in this picture, you might see the wee black baby sheep and I think that one might become my bestest friend this year.

As I told you, I was a bit tired today and I am afraid I have developed a cheeky habit of pinching my MH's seat. She always sits at one side of my couch and I sit at the other, but just lately I have taken to moving over to her side as soon as she gets up and she has called me a cheeky monkey, but she still loves me.

This picture show me sound asleep on her side of the couch and I think it suits me, don't you?

Saturday, 21 March 2015

A Great Big Adventure

Now, I know I keep telling you that I have had the bestest of days, but today was the very bestest of them all and of course I shall tell you why. When we all wakened up we saw that it was a lovely day and me and my DH were out first and we discovered it was warm as well as sunny and calm, so we stayed out for a while before we went inside to tell my MH and she decided that they would go for a walk later on.

I sat on her knee while she had her breakfast and we had a chat and then she took me out to play in my garden and I ran all over the place and attacked bits of grass and flies and I rolled on the grass as well and really it was great fun and I was so happy and my MH was happy too. When I lay on my path to get a wee rest, it was lovely and warm on my adorable little tummy so I did some more rolling there as well.

After my DH had pulled off some more bits of our bathroom, he said he was ready to go for a walk with my MH so I asked if I could please go with them. Now, I will let you into a secret. Sometimes when my pussy cat friend Buttons tells me she has been a walk with her human, I am a wee bit jealous 'cos I don't get to go a walk with my humans. They play with me lots but the only time I go a walk with them is when they are putting water in the bath for the lady cows and that is only a tiny bit a way from my house, so when I asked if I could please go with them today, my little heart was pounding and my little paws were crossed, but my MH said 'no' and I was sad. Broken hearted even. But then my DH said ' oh, let her come' and when my MH changed her mind, I was beside myself with joy and I shall love my DH for ever and ever!

So off we ALL went. Down my path and on to the road and I sniffed all the bits of grass I had never been on before and my MH smiled 'cos my tail was straight up and all fluffed out because I was so excited and a wee bit nervous too, but I was loving every single second of it and I knew I was safe 'cos my humans were right beside me. We strolled along the road and then we walked up the path between my house and the farm next door and that's when I had great fun 'cos I met some new baby sheeps and they were lovely. We all stopped for a minute and one of the little white lambs came over to see me and because it wasn't frightened, I decided to nip through the fence and go into the field beside it, which I did. However, the mummy sheep wasn't too happy with me so I just gave her a wee purr and nipped back out of the field again and walked on with my humans right into another surprise.

I did some more sniffing and then I discovered a pipe lying in the field. It was a great big pipe---not like the one my DH smokes--- so I decided to see what was inside it and I crawled all the way in and disappeared but when I heard my humans calling for me, I crawled out again and ran up to them and we all wandered back to my house just in time for me to have a drink and a wee biscuit and then a rest. I didn't stay in too long 'cos I wanted to enjoy the day so I went away and played all by myself and I had great fun.

So, now you know why my day was so good.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Another Super Duper Day

First of all, we all watched the clips of the sun. I'm not sure what it was or what it is called but my humans were watching the sun for a long time and I helped them. At one point my MH was watching from the spare room window and I went in to see her there and it was there that I found out where my DH had put the ladder which I had lost.

I hadn't really lost it as such, but when I went into the big cupboard where it usually stays, it wasn't there any more and I didn't know where it was. Until today. I ran into the spare bedroom and there it was! Oh yippee. So. Just to make sure it was MY ladder, I ran up to the top and sat there for a long, long time and my humans just laughed.

My day just got a lot better when two men came to my house and while my DH was away picking them up from pier my MH told me that these were the men who were coming to work in my bathroom and for some reasons known only to themselves my humans are getting the bath taken away. Maybe they think they are clean enough without it. I really don't know, but these men have something to do with it, so I decided that I might not like them, but oh dear me, I was very wrong 'cos they were lovely and one in particular thought I was wonderful. So, I was completely hooked! He cuddled me and stroked me and smiled as I rubbed my adorable little chin on his sleeve---millions of times which made all the humans smile.

They only stayed in my house for a little while but they told me they were coming back on Monday to do all their work, so I shall finally get to know what is happening. And as soon as I know, so will you.

I am now having a snooze on my MH's lap and lap top while she is writing this for me, and then I shall have a play outside before I take up my position on her knee while we watch the Musketeers.

So, my day started good, had a good middle and will finish good. A good day methinks!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

No Accidents Today

I have had another very good day today with no mishaps at all so that has been very fine. We were all up quite early and it was another quite good day weathher-wise so I went out to play as soon as I had gobbled up my breakfast. I went looking for Mr. Ram to apologise to him for my DH's very bad behaviour last night, but I couldn't find him 'cos I think he has maybe gone to another field to play, but I will keep looking and I will find him sometime.

I helped my MH with some of her work and I watched her doing her vacuuming from the back of the couch so that every time she passed me she could tickle my little lugs and she passed lots of times, so my adorable little ears have been well and truly tickled. When she didn't need me any more I helped my DH in our greenhouse and then as a special treat I got some real stew when he was making the dinner and I ate it all up 'cos it was really good.

I was just about to settle down on my little bed for a nap when I heard my MH calling for me and we both went out into the garden again for a play and it was then that I got a lovely surprise. When the old dear had been looking out of the window, she saw two brand new black baby lambs and she wanted to take me outside to see them and she was going to take some pictures for you. I was so excited 'cos they are lovely and when they are a wee bit older, I will be able to play with them but just now they are staying very close to their mummy sheep.

Oh I can hardly wait for them to grow up and play with me. I love this time on my little island 'cos from now on there will be lots and lots of new baby sheeps and baby cows for me to get to know and it is such good fun.

No doubt there will be lots and lots of pictures for you.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


... my day started off brilliantly and carried on that way for a while although there were two wee hiccups during it which made me think that maybe I was in the wrong house! And naturally, I shall explain.

When we all wakened up we saw that it was a lovely bright day and although it was still a bit cool, my DH told me that I should take my MH out to play 'cos she would like it a lot, and, being a very good, obedient and caring little puss, I told him I would certainly do that. I went out for a wee while on my own while she was having her breakfast and then when she was ready, we both went out into my garden and what brilliant fun we had. I ran and chased bits of grass and leaves and things and I rolled all over the grass while my MH watched me.

We wandered round the garden and I said hello to the pampas grass and the honeysuckle and then I showed my MH how I sharpened my adorable little claws on another bit of wood that I had found. There are lots of bits of wood around my garden so I can sharpen my claws in lots of places and I try to pick a place where the sun is so that I am warm while I am busy.

We were out for a long time and then we went inside and my MH decided to make some scones and buns for my DH 'cos he likes them a lot, but because it was warm, she left the door open and so I could lie in my porch and feel the breeze on me while I watched my MH doing her work and I was oh so very happy, but then it went a wee bit wrong.

We went into the bedroom so that my MH could do her exercises and do you know what happened? No, of course you don't 'cos you weren't there. Well, my MH kicked me! I shall give you a minute to digest that statement. She has to do an exercise where she moves her leg back and forward and I'm afraid I was right behind her when the leg went back and it hit me. Oh, my dear friends, I flew right across the room and landed in a heap in the corner and lay there shivering and crying! OK, OK that bit is a BIG lie, but it sounded quite good, didn't it AND it got your attention. Hee hee To be honest, my MH only tapped me, but I did get a wee bit of a fright. However, I jumped up onto the ottoman and she picked me up and cuddled me and said a great big sorry, so naturally, I forgave her. After all, it was an accident. However, I shall remind her about it whenever I want something!

We had a good afternoon and had a rest on my couch while my MH chatted to me and told me all the things she was going to do and we waited for my DH to come home again on the boat. I was looking forward to seeing him again, but then he got in my bad books too. I was sitting on my chair at the window in my kitchen when I noticed Mr Ram was just right outside the window and I knew he had come to see me and I got really excited. My DH went outside right away and I got more excited 'cos I thought he was going to bring him into my house to see me, but do you know what happened? My DH chased Mr. Ram away! Oh, I was so annoyed. I just wandered into my living room and lay down on my couch! I had a GINORMOUS sulk!

However, once I had my dinner and a big play outside I was fine. I had a chat to Mr. Ram through my fence 'cos he was back in his field and I told him maybe he could come in another time after I have spoken to my humans, so maybe we will have better luck soon. Paws crossed!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Lots of Fun

And lots of hard work! That's what has been going on in my house today. I shall give you the weather report first and then tell you what we have been doing. It has been nice and dry and quite bright but it has been cold, so although I have been going out lots of times, I am still just staying out for short adventures and then I nip back inside for some heat and lots of tickles and cuddles.

Me and my MH played with her feather duster while she did her cleaning and I played with it when she wasn't looking but it tickled my adorable little whiskers and made me sneeze---a lot. I think she needs a duster to clean the duster! The humans are doing something to my bathroom which I don't quite understand just yet, so there has been a lot of tidying up and clearing out in there and there are some corners I can sniff that I have never sniffed before and that is always good fun.

But then I had the bestest surprise of all 'cos me and my MH were outside together and you all know how happy that makes me. The old dear decided that she needed some fresh air and as the windows were quite dirty, she would wash them so I went with her and we just had great fun. We were out for quite a long time but we were both happy to get back inside again 'cos it was cold. But oh,it was so good and we both enjoyed it lots and my dear old MH just loves being able to take me out to play again.

After we had a rest, I decided that I would go out into the garden at the front of my house and after I had sharpened my claws on my favourite bit of wood I noticed my MH watching me, so in this picture I am asking her if she would please switch on the water for me, but she didn't and when I nearly had a tantrum, she told me it was still too early, but my DH would put it on for me whenever it was the right time, so I just went inside and went to my bed for a little sulk. It didn't last too long though 'cos my MH came and found me and gave me a cuddle and that unsulked me.

It always does!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Spring Time

My little weather man friend told me that Spring isn't too far away and I believe him 'cos it is quite nice when I am out playing although it is still a bit cold for me, so I don't stay out too long before I need to go back indoors for a cuddle.

My DH sailed away to the Cat Shop today and me and my MH did our housework and our exercises and then I left her inside while I went out to play, but I didn't realise she was watching me with her camera. I played in the garden in front of my living room for a while as I needed to sharpen my little claws and there is a bit of wood there which is just ideal for that job. When I was finished, I noticed that there was some rain in the place where the fountain jug goes, so I had a wee drink.

I have a very endearing little habit---well, actually, I have lots of them--- but this one in particular involves water and I was doing it today. I do it in the fountain thingy, and I do it in puddles and I have even done it in my water dish and it always makes my MH smile and my DH shake his head. Just before I have a drink, I put one of my adorable little front paws into the bowl or the puddle and I 'waft' the water towards me then I drink it. See? It looks wonderful and one of these 'aaww!' situations.

When I went inside, me and my MH watched all the birdies when they came for a feed and at one point there were lots and lots of them, so I was a very good puss and I just sat on the window sill and watched them as they all ate the dinner that me and my humans had put out for them and they were very happy.

I like being a good puss. And I do it so very, very well! :-)))

Sunday, 15 March 2015

My Sunday

My Sunday has been a good one and so far I have liked every bit of it. Me and my MH were up very early and she noticed that there was a lovely crescent moon up in the sky so we stood and looked out of the kitchen window for a while. She did think of trying to take a photograph for you, but she was a wee bit too tired, so she didn't which was a shame.

We had another sleep and then when it was time to get up, I got my breakfast and then the first thing she did was to open the window so that I could go out whenever I wanted to, but I took my time and sat on my window sill and thought about what I wanted to do with my day. My MH decided that she was going to change the sheets and the duvet covers and that was the signal for Squeak's play time, and my poor old DH was in fits of the giggles at me. You see, normally it is just me and my MH who does this job, but today my DH wanted to help the old dear and he was in fits as I slid up and down the bed as he was pulling the sheets off and then he didn't know where I had gone when I was exploring the inside of the duvet cover, but my MH knew and she just smiled and didn't tell him. Oh we had brilliant fun and I think my DH will want to help us the next time we change the beds.

I went outside with my DH 'cos he had some work to do in our greenhouse and he told me that it will soon be time to get it all clean and set up for our plants and I like that 'cos I get to help him lots and of course, I always get a plant of my very own to look after. I will show you lots of pictures when we are ready.

My MH was very happy this afternoon 'cos her and my friend M. went out for a while and my MH tooked her little car with her and that is the first time she has driven her little motor since she got her new hip and she was very happy when she came home 'cos it means she is getting a lot better and that makes us all very happy.

I sat with her for a while as she told me where she had been and what she had done and then I played with my little treat ball which I just love and before I knew it, it was dinner time, so I had a good feed and then nipped outside to have a wee word with the sheeps and I played for a while with Mr. Ram as he is my special friend.

I am now sleeping and saving up all my energy for my final trips outside later on. So, that is my Sunday, and now you might understand why it was a good one and it is still not finished. I hope yours has been a good one too.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

And Again

I am still happy. Well, to let you understand. I am always happy and my MH is sure that I will need to get a purrer transplant sometime 'cos this one works so hard it won't last forever! Anyway, as I said, I am always happy but sometimes I am happier that others and today was one of those days.

I wakened up and listened. That's what I always to 'cos I need to know if the wind is shouting or if it is just whispering and today was a whisper day, so I knew I was going to be outside a lot. I waited for a minute or two and when my MH got up she fed me and then opened the window and I was off! First of all into the field in front of my house to have a wee word with the sheeps and then round to the other side to see if there were any mouses about, but I think most of them are still sleeping. I wish the summer would hurry up so that they would all waken up again.

Anyway, I had lots of fun and a few times my DH came out to do some of his things and I played with him before I went back inside to see my MH and help her with her exercises. She didn't have any housework to do so she had plenty of time to play with me or just cuddle me and of course that sent my little purrer into overdrive again. Hee hee We had a wee walk up and down my garden path but the old dear was a bit cold, so I took her inside and sat on her knee to warm her up again and that made her very happy, as you can imagine.

I got a great big surprise this afternoon when my friend S. came to see me and as she had a new coat on, I had a lot of sniffing to do. I was glad to see her and so were my humans 'cos she brought them lots of goodies from the town so we were all very happy to see her. But then, we always are.

I am now having my after dinner snooze, and then I shall gather up all my energy and head outside into the dark to see who is out there waiting for me, and maybe my little purrer will work some more.

Who knows?

Friday, 13 March 2015

Oh Yes!

It has been a crackin' day today and I have been outside nearly all the time and that makes me oh so happy. I ran and sniffed and played and it was just the bestest of fun.

My DH went to Stromness for an hour and me and my MH did a wee bit of work and then she stood at the door and watched me running up and down my garden and that made her smile. I got a bit of a surprise when he came back 'cos he had lots and lots of big parcels with him and he put them in my MH's gym which made her a wee bit not too happy 'cos she can't get in now and then he started pulling bits off our bathroom, so I'm not sure what's going on, but when I get the old dear on her own I shall ask her and when she tells me, I will tell you.

My MH went out for a wee while today and I was happy for her. It was a lovely day as I have told you, and there was a meeting in the Hall, so she went with my DH and she liked being outside. When she came home, my friend M. came in to see me and then her and my MH were in the kitchen when I shot across the grass and it gave M. a fright 'cos she just saw a streak of black and white and for a minute she didn't know what it was till my MH explained I was getting rid of some of my energy and then they both watched me as I played and ran for a while and that made us all smile. I look simply adorable when I am pretending to be a big wild hunter, but deep down I am just a pussy cat.Hee hee

Oh, my dear friends, what a difference some good weather makes. I hope it stays like this for a long time.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

A Better Day

Although the weather still wasn't good on my little island today, me and my humans have had a very good time, but to be perfectly honest my dear friends, I spent all of the afternoon asleep. Well, what's the point of being outside in the wind and the rain when I could be all cosied up in my little bed. Now, why is there a picture of a big lump on my bed, I hear you ask? But I am sure if you have a wee think, you will work it out for yourself. Have you thinked? Yes! It is me sound asleep under my cover which is one of my favorite places in the en-tire world!

I had just finished having a chat with some of my sheep friends who are in the field in front of my living room and I helped my MH do her exercises. By this time I was quite tired so I asked her to lift up the cover and I snuggled down underneath and I was so warm that I just went to sleep for hours and hours. It was only when my MH came back in to see if I was OK that I wakened up.

I decided that I would have a wee wash before I got up to meet my adoring public and my MH thought I looked so cute as I had a good scrub to make me look adorable again. It didn't take too long though, and soon I was back up and ready for my dinner and it was then that I got a big surprise 'cos my DH had finished his jig saw and he had made it into a picture for my MH and she is very happy with it.

We both think he is a very clever DH---but we don't tell him that too much! Hee hee.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


It happened again. The wind changed all our plans and didn't let us do what we needed to do. My humans were not happy.

Picture the scene. Me and humans sound asleep and snoring beautifully. My MH says that my snoring brings a tear to her eye 'cos it makes me look and sound so innocent and vulnerable. Bless. Anyway, me and humans snoring OK? Alarm goes off and DH springs out of bed. MH grunts and goes back to sleep for a wee while. Everything fine so far. The wind is howling and it is raining so me and my MH are definitely in the best place, all snuggled up and cosy together. DH switches on his phone and gets a text message saying that because the wind is being naughty, the boat is not coming to my little island. Oh dear. All the plans are not working.

My DH couldn't get to the Cat Shop again and my MH had to tell the minister she couldn't come and then we all settled down to do little things in my house that we didn't think we could do. It turned out OK in the end, but I knew my humans were disappointed and so I spent a lot of the morning doing silly things and running all over my house to make them laugh. And it always works.

Me and my MH are still doing our exercises and she is getting really good at them and me and my DH are still doing our jigsaw and I will soon be able to show you a picture of it 'cos he reckons it will be finished by the weekend and then he is going to put sticky stuff on the back and make it into a picture for my MH and me and her can look at all the pussy cats in it and we will like that.

I did go out a few times but just for a wee while and I am now snoozing beautifully on the couch, but I don't know if I am snoring 'cos I don't hear too well when I am sleeping, but I shall ask my MH when I waken up and then no doubt I shall go out to play for a while.

It doesn't matter what the wind is doing. This intrepid little puss is not afraid of anything!