Saturday, 21 March 2015

A Great Big Adventure

Now, I know I keep telling you that I have had the bestest of days, but today was the very bestest of them all and of course I shall tell you why. When we all wakened up we saw that it was a lovely day and me and my DH were out first and we discovered it was warm as well as sunny and calm, so we stayed out for a while before we went inside to tell my MH and she decided that they would go for a walk later on.

I sat on her knee while she had her breakfast and we had a chat and then she took me out to play in my garden and I ran all over the place and attacked bits of grass and flies and I rolled on the grass as well and really it was great fun and I was so happy and my MH was happy too. When I lay on my path to get a wee rest, it was lovely and warm on my adorable little tummy so I did some more rolling there as well.

After my DH had pulled off some more bits of our bathroom, he said he was ready to go for a walk with my MH so I asked if I could please go with them. Now, I will let you into a secret. Sometimes when my pussy cat friend Buttons tells me she has been a walk with her human, I am a wee bit jealous 'cos I don't get to go a walk with my humans. They play with me lots but the only time I go a walk with them is when they are putting water in the bath for the lady cows and that is only a tiny bit a way from my house, so when I asked if I could please go with them today, my little heart was pounding and my little paws were crossed, but my MH said 'no' and I was sad. Broken hearted even. But then my DH said ' oh, let her come' and when my MH changed her mind, I was beside myself with joy and I shall love my DH for ever and ever!

So off we ALL went. Down my path and on to the road and I sniffed all the bits of grass I had never been on before and my MH smiled 'cos my tail was straight up and all fluffed out because I was so excited and a wee bit nervous too, but I was loving every single second of it and I knew I was safe 'cos my humans were right beside me. We strolled along the road and then we walked up the path between my house and the farm next door and that's when I had great fun 'cos I met some new baby sheeps and they were lovely. We all stopped for a minute and one of the little white lambs came over to see me and because it wasn't frightened, I decided to nip through the fence and go into the field beside it, which I did. However, the mummy sheep wasn't too happy with me so I just gave her a wee purr and nipped back out of the field again and walked on with my humans right into another surprise.

I did some more sniffing and then I discovered a pipe lying in the field. It was a great big pipe---not like the one my DH smokes--- so I decided to see what was inside it and I crawled all the way in and disappeared but when I heard my humans calling for me, I crawled out again and ran up to them and we all wandered back to my house just in time for me to have a drink and a wee biscuit and then a rest. I didn't stay in too long 'cos I wanted to enjoy the day so I went away and played all by myself and I had great fun.

So, now you know why my day was so good.

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