Thursday, 5 March 2015

A Huge Surprise

I think that if I keep on being just the bestest pussy cat is this en-tire world I will keep getting big surprises and that certainly worked today, but I think I shall keep you in suspense for a wee while. I will tell you, but later.

It was very windy through last night and it was still windy when this morning came so I didn't go outside until the afternoon and then I had a couple of very short runs round my garden although one time I persuaded my MH to come outside with me and we had great fun together. She had a wee walk up and down the path and then she stood at the door and watched as yours truly bounded all over the grass and as usual I made her giggle. She threw a wee stone for me with her grabber and I jumped on it ---the stone, that is!-- and killed it dead and that made her laugh so much that my DH came out to see what we were doing and do you know what he did? Yep, he shooked his head! I think he likes shaking his head.

Later on, she decided to do her jigsaw and I decided I would have a wee seat on it and warm it up for her and this is me doing what I really shouldn't be doing and that's why she has to keep all the little bits on this big board so that I don't run away with them or lose them. She would be a little bit cross if I did that.

It is while she was doing her jig saw that I got the biggest surprise ever. I was rootling about, sniffing in corners I hadn't sniffed in for a while and I found my little green ball again. Oh my dear friends, I was beside myself with joy and excitement. I haven't seen my little ball for months and months and I was almost delirious with joy as I chased it all over my living room while my MH watched me and smiled at me.

This picture shows a very tender moment between me and my little green ball when I realised it hadn't forgotten me. It almost brought a tear to my adorable little eyes.

So, I have had a brilliant day, and I hope you have a good day too.

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