Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A Quiet Day

It has been a fairly quiet day in my house, but I am afraid it was not a quiet night 'cos the wind howled at us all night and my poor old MH couldn't get to sleep as she doesn't like the wind and I'm afraid I upset her a wee bit too.

We went to bed and I snuggled up beside her while she read her book and we tried to forget that the wind was shaking the house. She told me she was happy that I was beside her and glad that I wasn't going outside like I always do 'cos she was frightened I would get hurt or be blowed away and I didn't say anything, so she just assumed I wasn't going out. See?

After a while she put out her light and when I thought that the coast was clear and she was sleeping, I nipped through to my living room and asked my DH to let me out which he did. But, he let the inside door bang which wakened her and she knew I was away out in the storm and she didn't get back to sleep until I came home again. That took me quite a while as I had to wait until the wind had a wee rest and then I could run for the door and just hope that my DH would see me and let me back in again. Which he did! Phew. It was really wild and I was the only one out so I had nobody to play with and even the sheeps were away in another field so there was no reason to be out too long so I just went home again and before you could say 'Squeak is adorable' I was asleep beside my MH while she tried not to hear the wind.

Today has been better and I have been out lots of times and I will be able to go out again later on without worrying the old dear, so that is good. AND! I had a big surprise when I had two visitors to my house this afternoon. One was my friend S. who came back to see me today 'cos she told me she was missing me so I let her have a big cuddle and that made her happy.

The other one was a man I had never seen before but he was nice and he let me sniff him for a long time and he told my humans that he had cats and puppies too and I knew that 'cos I could sniff them so that was good.

I have had lots of time to play in my house with my little ball, but I'm afraid I have forgotten where I have put it again so I will have a look tomorrow. If it is not too windy tomorrow, the minister is coming to my island and my MH is going to go to the Hall to see her, but she is a wee bit nervous 'cos she hasn't been out much with her new hip, so I am going to give her one of my pep talks in the morning and I am sure she will be just fine.

I shall tell you tomorrow.

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