Saturday, 28 March 2015

And Another Saturday

We have still been a bit busy, but my DH has been the busiest while me and the Boss have been having lots of rests in between jobs 'cos nearly all our work is finished just now until my DH is all done and then there will be more for us to do. So it has been a good Saturday although a different one than normal.

I have told you before that my humans like to have a lazy weekend, but there is quite a lot to be done so they have had to work this time and I have heard the old dear saying that she wants to do some painting in the bathroom so yours truly will be helping with that too. I wonder what colour I will end up?

I forgot to tell you that my MH is doing another sequin picture and I have been watching her very closely but I am not helping 'cos there are jaggy wee pins on the table and I don't want them sticking into my adorable little paws. Sure I don't? She showed my friend S. her picture yesterday and there was nearly a fight 'cos S. said it was a lovely clown but it is a doggy!! Maybe she needs to go to Specsavers! Hee hee. It was OK really and we all laughed---eventually!

It has not been a very good day today and it has been wet and windy and cold, so although I have been very brave and have been outside quite a lot, I haven't stayed out too long and when I come in the window, I always ask for a cuddle to warm me up, and of course I always get one.

We are all having a rest now and I think the work will be finished tomorrow for a wee while and then there is still some more to do next week, but I shall tell you about that when it happens.

I think my MH picked today's picture to remind her that the sunshine might come back. We hope!

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