Monday, 30 March 2015

Bye Bye and Hello

We were all in my house today 'cos my DH decided to stay home and get a wee rest as he was tired from all the work he had been doing, so we were all happy together.

My MH was playing with her vacuum cleaner and her dusters so I looked after my DH and helped him feel not so tired and we went outside two or three times, but it was very cold. In fact, one time I was out and I was just settling down to have a good explore when the hail came on and I had to run home as fast as possible 'cos I know it hurts me. And it did! Oh I didn't like it at all and I felt sorry for all the little baby lambs. I asked my MH if I could bring the babies into my house till the hail went off, but she said 'no' so that was that I'm afraid. Shame.

I was a bit disappointed this afternoon. In fact, I was a bit sad 'cos I saw the nice farmer man and lady from next door moving all the sheeps away from the field in front of my house and I don't know where they have gone. I know they have gone to a field where there is more grass, I just don't know where that field is. See? So that means I can't go and play with them and that's why I was sad. I just love those little baby sheeps and I know that some of my friends who read all about me like seeing their pictures too. I shall go exploring later on and maybe I will find them and I shall tell my MH and she can take me and her camera for a walk to find them.

Well, after I was a bit sad, I got a great big surprise. I was just going out to play and as my adorable little body was just about to go out of the door, it stopped dead. In fact, my front feets stopped so quickly my back feets nearly ran in to them! I was like a concertina! And what caused this pnenominominum ---(that's my new word. I heard it and I like it, although I don't know if it is right, but it is good, sure it is?) Anyway, there's me all scrunched up on my doorstep watching some ducks at my gate! Yes, DUCKS! I have never been close up to ducks before so I didn't get too near 'cos I didn't know if they were cat friendly, but if they come back, I shall have a word with them.

Oh by the way. The old dear has finished her picture so she will show it to you tomorrow.

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