Friday, 27 March 2015

Just Another Friday

But a good day and a day for me to get out to play as much as I wanted. My MH was working in my house cleaning the spare bedroom and my DH was making a cabinet for my new shower room so he was in and out lots of times and I went out some of the times with him, but some of the other times I just went out all by myself and had a chat to the new baby sheeps that are popping out all over the field in front of my house. I haven't seen a new one being borned again, but I keep looking 'cos it brought a little tear to my eye.

As it was Friday, my DH went to the boat to get our messages so when he came home I made sure I was in my house to play with the string off the boxes which I just love. My DH ties it in a big knot for me and then he throws it on my kitchen floor and I run after it and kill it and I have really good fun.

I helped my MH do her exercises today but as I was feeling a bit tired, I asked her to lift up my blanket a wee bit, and I cuddled up under it and had a lovely sleep for nearly all the afternoon. But then I got a big surprise when my friend S. came to see me and she gave me lots of cuddles. She told my humans that she had come to see the new shower room, but I knew she had really come to see me. But that is our secret, please 'cos I don't want to hurt their feelings.

A funny thing happened through the night and it will make you smile when I tell you. Me and the old dear were sound asleep. Well, it was about four o'clock in this morning, so that was OK. But then she needed to go to the toilet so I said I would go with her and maybe she could give me a wee biscuit as we were up any way. Makes sense, sure it does? Anyway, my poor old MH has cold feets, so when she gets up she puts on her lectric blanket so that our bed is nice and warm when we come back. See?

Well, she put her had down to catch the cable of the blanket just as I decided to have a little look under the bed. I do that lots of times 'cos you never know what I might find. I haven't found any thing yet, but I keep looking. Anyway. There we were ---- me under the bed, her getting up and trying to put on her lectric blanket. OK? She put her hand down and guess what she grabbed thinking it was the switch? YES!!!! It was my little wagger which hadn't quite made it under the bed with the rest of me!

Oh my dear friends, we did giggle. Well, eventually we did, but we both got a great big fright 'cos I thought there was something under my bed trying to get me and my MH thought she had found something awful, so we were both a bit relieved when we found out it was just me. Oops.

I do cause some problems sometimes, but I am so, so worth the bother! Hee hee

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