Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Lots of Fun

And lots of hard work! That's what has been going on in my house today. I shall give you the weather report first and then tell you what we have been doing. It has been nice and dry and quite bright but it has been cold, so although I have been going out lots of times, I am still just staying out for short adventures and then I nip back inside for some heat and lots of tickles and cuddles.

Me and my MH played with her feather duster while she did her cleaning and I played with it when she wasn't looking but it tickled my adorable little whiskers and made me sneeze---a lot. I think she needs a duster to clean the duster! The humans are doing something to my bathroom which I don't quite understand just yet, so there has been a lot of tidying up and clearing out in there and there are some corners I can sniff that I have never sniffed before and that is always good fun.

But then I had the bestest surprise of all 'cos me and my MH were outside together and you all know how happy that makes me. The old dear decided that she needed some fresh air and as the windows were quite dirty, she would wash them so I went with her and we just had great fun. We were out for quite a long time but we were both happy to get back inside again 'cos it was cold. But oh,it was so good and we both enjoyed it lots and my dear old MH just loves being able to take me out to play again.

After we had a rest, I decided that I would go out into the garden at the front of my house and after I had sharpened my claws on my favourite bit of wood I noticed my MH watching me, so in this picture I am asking her if she would please switch on the water for me, but she didn't and when I nearly had a tantrum, she told me it was still too early, but my DH would put it on for me whenever it was the right time, so I just went inside and went to my bed for a little sulk. It didn't last too long though 'cos my MH came and found me and gave me a cuddle and that unsulked me.

It always does!

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