Friday, 13 March 2015

Oh Yes!

It has been a crackin' day today and I have been outside nearly all the time and that makes me oh so happy. I ran and sniffed and played and it was just the bestest of fun.

My DH went to Stromness for an hour and me and my MH did a wee bit of work and then she stood at the door and watched me running up and down my garden and that made her smile. I got a bit of a surprise when he came back 'cos he had lots and lots of big parcels with him and he put them in my MH's gym which made her a wee bit not too happy 'cos she can't get in now and then he started pulling bits off our bathroom, so I'm not sure what's going on, but when I get the old dear on her own I shall ask her and when she tells me, I will tell you.

My MH went out for a wee while today and I was happy for her. It was a lovely day as I have told you, and there was a meeting in the Hall, so she went with my DH and she liked being outside. When she came home, my friend M. came in to see me and then her and my MH were in the kitchen when I shot across the grass and it gave M. a fright 'cos she just saw a streak of black and white and for a minute she didn't know what it was till my MH explained I was getting rid of some of my energy and then they both watched me as I played and ran for a while and that made us all smile. I look simply adorable when I am pretending to be a big wild hunter, but deep down I am just a pussy cat.Hee hee

Oh, my dear friends, what a difference some good weather makes. I hope it stays like this for a long time.

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