Sunday, 29 March 2015

Play Time

Well it was for me and my MH but my poor old DH was still a wee bit busy although he is finished all he can do just now so he can have a bit of a rest before he has to start sticking paper on to my bathroom wall, but me and my MH will help him and I know that will get the job done very quickly.

My MH did her pin picture and she will finish it tomorrow so I will ask her to put a picture on for you to see it. I like it and so does she but I will be a lot happier when it is finished 'cos then there will be more time for me. I know I am a very patient little Squeak, but sometimes I get a bit annoyed when she won't play with me 'cos she is playing with pins and sequins. I mean. Would you not rather play with an adorable little puss like me instead of pins? Not a hard question, is it?

I must have been able to make her understand that 'cos she came outside with me this afternoon and it was then that I noticed my little friend was at my fence and was calling for me, so I wandered over beside it and we had a chat which was lovely. I love seeing all the little baby lambs and I watch them for a long time when I am sitting on my window sill, but at night time, I nip into the field and play with them as long as the mummy sheeps don't mind. But I think they know I am a good puss. Well, I tell them often enough! Hee hee

I had fun playing in the grass plant in front of my living room and it is big enough for me to jump in. In fact it is almost big enough for me to hide in, and sometimes I sit there are watch the birdies when they are having their dinner, so it is one of my favourite places.

When I had finished hiding. I sat in the sun for a while before I nipped in and sat on my MH's knee before she could get to the table and her pins!

Oh, clever, clever Squeak.


  1. I really am enjoying your MH's pictures, Squeak. I love the little lambs, and of course you are beautiful.

  2. Thank you Bonnie. I hope we can find some more baby sheeps for you. I shall keep looking.