Monday, 16 March 2015

Spring Time

My little weather man friend told me that Spring isn't too far away and I believe him 'cos it is quite nice when I am out playing although it is still a bit cold for me, so I don't stay out too long before I need to go back indoors for a cuddle.

My DH sailed away to the Cat Shop today and me and my MH did our housework and our exercises and then I left her inside while I went out to play, but I didn't realise she was watching me with her camera. I played in the garden in front of my living room for a while as I needed to sharpen my little claws and there is a bit of wood there which is just ideal for that job. When I was finished, I noticed that there was some rain in the place where the fountain jug goes, so I had a wee drink.

I have a very endearing little habit---well, actually, I have lots of them--- but this one in particular involves water and I was doing it today. I do it in the fountain thingy, and I do it in puddles and I have even done it in my water dish and it always makes my MH smile and my DH shake his head. Just before I have a drink, I put one of my adorable little front paws into the bowl or the puddle and I 'waft' the water towards me then I drink it. See? It looks wonderful and one of these 'aaww!' situations.

When I went inside, me and my MH watched all the birdies when they came for a feed and at one point there were lots and lots of them, so I was a very good puss and I just sat on the window sill and watched them as they all ate the dinner that me and my humans had put out for them and they were very happy.

I like being a good puss. And I do it so very, very well! :-)))

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