Wednesday, 18 March 2015


... my day started off brilliantly and carried on that way for a while although there were two wee hiccups during it which made me think that maybe I was in the wrong house! And naturally, I shall explain.

When we all wakened up we saw that it was a lovely bright day and although it was still a bit cool, my DH told me that I should take my MH out to play 'cos she would like it a lot, and, being a very good, obedient and caring little puss, I told him I would certainly do that. I went out for a wee while on my own while she was having her breakfast and then when she was ready, we both went out into my garden and what brilliant fun we had. I ran and chased bits of grass and leaves and things and I rolled all over the grass while my MH watched me.

We wandered round the garden and I said hello to the pampas grass and the honeysuckle and then I showed my MH how I sharpened my adorable little claws on another bit of wood that I had found. There are lots of bits of wood around my garden so I can sharpen my claws in lots of places and I try to pick a place where the sun is so that I am warm while I am busy.

We were out for a long time and then we went inside and my MH decided to make some scones and buns for my DH 'cos he likes them a lot, but because it was warm, she left the door open and so I could lie in my porch and feel the breeze on me while I watched my MH doing her work and I was oh so very happy, but then it went a wee bit wrong.

We went into the bedroom so that my MH could do her exercises and do you know what happened? No, of course you don't 'cos you weren't there. Well, my MH kicked me! I shall give you a minute to digest that statement. She has to do an exercise where she moves her leg back and forward and I'm afraid I was right behind her when the leg went back and it hit me. Oh, my dear friends, I flew right across the room and landed in a heap in the corner and lay there shivering and crying! OK, OK that bit is a BIG lie, but it sounded quite good, didn't it AND it got your attention. Hee hee To be honest, my MH only tapped me, but I did get a wee bit of a fright. However, I jumped up onto the ottoman and she picked me up and cuddled me and said a great big sorry, so naturally, I forgave her. After all, it was an accident. However, I shall remind her about it whenever I want something!

We had a good afternoon and had a rest on my couch while my MH chatted to me and told me all the things she was going to do and we waited for my DH to come home again on the boat. I was looking forward to seeing him again, but then he got in my bad books too. I was sitting on my chair at the window in my kitchen when I noticed Mr Ram was just right outside the window and I knew he had come to see me and I got really excited. My DH went outside right away and I got more excited 'cos I thought he was going to bring him into my house to see me, but do you know what happened? My DH chased Mr. Ram away! Oh, I was so annoyed. I just wandered into my living room and lay down on my couch! I had a GINORMOUS sulk!

However, once I had my dinner and a big play outside I was fine. I had a chat to Mr. Ram through my fence 'cos he was back in his field and I told him maybe he could come in another time after I have spoken to my humans, so maybe we will have better luck soon. Paws crossed!

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