Saturday, 7 March 2015

Working Hard

I have been a very busy little puss today because I have decided that I need to find the best place to have a rest and I have been wandering all over my house resting my adorable little body on all sorts of couches and chairs and mats and giving them marks out of ten and tomorrow I shall compile my list. So that's what today's pictures are. One is of me on my chair at the window and the other is me on my woolly rug which is under the window.

These are all good places to sit or sleep but I am sure you will not be surprised when I tell you that number one on my list is my MH's knee. That is my favouritist place in the en-tire world, and I think it always will be 'cos although all the other places are very comfortable, I don't get stroked or get my little lugs scratched when I am there, and I do when I am on the old dear's knee, so it is a no contest really.

I have had a good day but it didn't start off too well 'cos just after I had finished my breakfast, I was sitting on my windowsill getting ready to go out and survey my happy hunting ground when shock, horror, I saw a huge doggy in my garden. Lucky for me, my MH saw it too and didn't open the window to let me out which is just as well as I would not have been accountable for my actions. I am sure I would have given that doggy the fright of his life, but instead, I just sat at my window and growled at him and my MH was smiling 'cos my hackles were up and she thought I looked even cuter than usual. I don't think the doggy would have thought so. But he went away before we had a chance to find out.

The rest of my day has been good with little trips out to my garden and lots of playing with my humans and of course lots of naps while I have been testing, so tonight I am a very contented little Squeak.

I hope you are all having a good weekend too.

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