Thursday, 30 April 2015

A no news day

That's what today has been. A good day, but a day with no news for you at all. Both my humans were at home with me and that is always good. My DH was still working in our greenhouse getting all his plants ready and of course he needed my help, so I wandered in and out of our greenhouse with him while my MH was playing with her vacuum cleaner and her dusters. I still don't like that machine, but if it keeps the old dear happy, then I am OK with that.

I think I am becoming quite a clever little puss 'cos every time I went into my house, my MH was having a rest and so I was able to sit on her knee while she stroked my adorable little lugs and talked to me. I was just a teeny bit naughty today when she was making some more of her friendship bracelets, but I think it was just high jinks on my part and not badness at all. How could this adorable little Squeak ever be bad or naughty? Anyway, I suppose you will want to know what I was doing.

Well, when she is doing her bracelets she has to put all the threads on the table so that she can measure them and then cut sixteen bits all the same size. This means she has to concentrate and she was thinking so hard that she didn't see me sneak up onto the seat of the chair that sits under the table and every time a bit of thread just happened to come my way I tried to catch it and the first time I did that, my poor old MH got a bit of a fright, but after that she called me a monkey and told me not to be naughty. Did I listen? Of course I did. Did I do what she told me. NO!!

Eventually I got a bit fed up and wandered into my kitchen where I noticed the sun was shining on another one of my chairs, so I sat there and was lovely and cosy and I think I must have nodded off for a while 'cos the next thing I knew was that my MH was on her way out for a while and she didn't take me with her. This annoyed me for a second but then I just settled down on the couch and had another sleep until she came back and cuddled me as she told me where she had been.

I took her round to the greenhouse to show her what we had been doing and she said she would take some pictures for you when me and my DH decide it is all ready. I think that might be quite soon. It just depends on how quickly the old boy works.

I might need to push him a wee bit, but we'll see. :-))

Wednesday, 29 April 2015


I had visitors to my house today. Birdie visitors and human visitors, so I have been a very happy little puss.

As my DH was getting ready to go away to the Cat Shop, he looked out of my living room window and there, in the field right outside my garden, were the three ducks who have been wandering around for a few days. They belong to my MH's friend M. but they told me that there aren't any lovely pussy cats there, so they prefer to come to see me. Understandable, is it not?

Anyway, we all stood at the window and watched them for a while and then it was time for the old boy to go away on the boat and I went out to play for a while and I did look for the ducks but they weren't there any more and to tell the truth I was a wee bit sad as I was looking forward to a chat with them. My MH decided to spend the day with me and she just did a tiny bit of work but then the rest of the day was mine and that made me happy. We both got a surprise when my MH's friend came to see us and we all had a chat but the best bit for the old dear was that her friend M. brought her a cream cake. She didn't bring anything for me! Not a happy Squeak.

They had a chat for a while and then when M. went away, I decided to go out to play again and just as I was doing a brilliant jump out of my living room window, I saw that the ducks were back. Now, normally I would just have wandered over to them to introduce my adorable little self, but when I saw that they were trying to eat some of the food that the little birdies had spilled I decided to chase them away and my MH tooked this picture for you. I would never hurt them you know, but I know the little birds need their dinner and I didn't like the ducks eating it all up, so I was just being a good Squeak. As I always am!

Later in the afternoon me and the Boss went into the gym again and she made her little legs walk on the treadmill. I did a lot of sniffing and exploring while she did a lot of walking and then we played on the grass for a while before we wandered round to the front of my house to see if the ducks had come back, but I think they must have gone to their own house. Maybe they needed their dinner.

I hope I will see them tomorrow as I need to tell them that they cannot eat the food we put out for the little birdies. That's just not fair, sure it's not? But they need to know that I wouldn't be unkind to them and that I want to be their friend.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Even though there is snow and hail on my little island, my humans told me it is Spring time and I know that when I see all the little baby sheeps, but it is still very cold, so although I do go outside to play, I still don't stay out too long. Both my humans were at home today so while my MH was cleaning the bedrooms, me and my DH were working in our greenhouse and it was there I spied a great big flower pot and I got a wee bit excited because I know it is quite naughty of me, but I use the flower pots for something that I shouldn't use the flower pots for. I don't think I need to spell it out for you, do I? I hope not 'cos I think I might blush if I had to.

Anyway, my MH decided to take her little legs into the gym and I went and played with her and when we were finished, I ran round to see what my DH was doing with my toilet, er I mean his flower pot, oops! I was not best pleased when I saw what he had done 'cos he had put some lovely wee flowers in it, but he put a green cage over the top so that I couldn't get into it. Not a happy Squeak! However, I am intrepid. I am clever. I shall not be beaten and if I want to get into it, then I SHALL get into it! Maybe my MH will put a picture on tomorrow for you. I shall ask.

I'm afraid I am being a little bit naughty in my house as well today 'cos every time my MH gets up from her seat, I very quickly nip into it and she has to lift me off when she wants to sit down again. At least she hasn't put a great big green cage round it! Sigh

Apart from all that, I have had a very good day just doing all my normal things. Some by myself and some with my humans and I even managed to go and see the Daisys who are both very well and happy that I go and see them. There are lots of little lambs in the fields beside my house so I will be visiting them later on tonight. I just love the night times now 'cos it stays light till very late and I can stay out as long as I want although I do go home quite early as it is still a tad on the chilly side for this adorable little Squeak.

I asked my MH when it was going to get warm, but she didn't know either. I hope it will be soon 'cos I just love being warm. That's why I keep pinching my MH's seat when she gets up, but don't tell her. That will just be our little secret, eh?

Monday, 27 April 2015

What a shock

As it was Monday, it meant that my DH was going to the Cat Shop so we were all up quite early and as the sun was sort of shining, I was looking forward to getting out to play. So I gobbled up my dinner as fast as I possibly could and asked to be let out. My MH opened the door and I raced out of my kitchen, right through the porch and on to the step where I came to such a halt that my little back paws slided into my little front ones! My MH was in fits laughing at me and then she saw why I had stopped. It was snowing! Yes, there was white, wet snow on my path and my adorable little paws didn't want to go on it 'cos it was cold and wet. Booo.

My poor old DH had to go out in it and my MH tooked this picture to let you see what it looked like. There are some cows in the picture but these are not the Daisys. These are other cows and they belong to another nice farmer man, but they are not my friends. I don't mean they are bad cows. It's just that they are so far away from my house that I don't go to see them so they don't know me. I am sure they are just as nice as the Daisys and maybe one day, I will pack a little picnic and go to see them. Maybe.

I did go out quite a few times but just for a wee while at a time 'cos it was cold but at least it had stopped snowing and the ground wasn't just as cold so my little feets were a bit happier. Me and my MH went out to feed the birdies and then we tooked her little legs into the gym where they played on the treadmill until it was time to go inside again and I sat on the back of my chair and watched all the little birdies coming to get their dinner. Me and my MH had a play together and then we had a long sit on the couch until my DH came home again and told us all the things he had been doing at the Cat Shop.

It hasn't snowed any more but it is still a wee bit cold. However, after I have had a good long rest on my couch, I shall go out and visit the Daisys and see if they are OK. I must ask them if they know the other lady cows 'cos maybe they could introduce me. I know you think I am a bouncing little puss, and usually I am, but I am a wee bit shy and don't like to push myself forward.

Believe that if you like!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Discovery

I am kicking my adorable little self---- but not too hard, you understand just a gentle little tap. I found something this morning which could have made all my five and a quarter years a lot easier and the most annoying thing about it is that it has been right under my nose all the time.

I think I have your attention by now, sure I do? I shall give you a little background information first of all just to jog your memories. Remember I got into trouble a lot of years ago when I wakened my MH by sitting on the wash hand basin in my bathroom and pinging the shower cord off the wall until she had to get up to shut the door and as she was up anyway, she had to feed me? Well, since then, the bathroom door has been closed to yours truly at night and I have had to think of other ways to get the old dear wakened and it's not too easy I can tell you, although I do believe there are times when she ignores me! I know you will find that hard to contemplate but I really think that is the case.

Well, anyway. My humans were asleep this morning and I was wide awake, a wee bit bored and in desperate need of some company, so I wandered all over my bedroom clattering things and knocking things over and jumping on my humans in turn, but neither moved. I wasn't surprised about my DH but I did think I would have better luck with my MH, and then I saw it. Eureka!!

There is a dressing table in the bedroom with a mirror on and a light shining on to the mirror and.......have you guessed yet? YES!!!!... there is a cord to pull down to switch the light on and if I clunk that against said mirror, my MH wakens with a jump! I can't believe it has been there all my life and I have only found it. It means I can waken her whenever I want 'cos she can't hide the dressing table and she definitely WON'T keep me out of my bedroom 'cos she loves it when I cuddle in beside her, so I am the happiest little Squeak EVER! I am just a tad annoyed with myself that it has taken me so long to find this. Oh I wish it was bedtime Hee hee.

My day just got better and better after that as I was able to get out to play a lot of times and I went to see the Daisys and they smiled again when I told them about my light switch although the older Daisy told me to be kind to my MH and I will, unless I need something, but that's OK 'cos I know she wants me to have whatever makes me happy and she would be sad if I didn't waken her, sure she would?

I had a visit and lots of cuddles from my friend S. and I am now lying very happily on top of my MH's lap top while she is telling you all these stories about me.

So you can see that I have had a very good day and I hope your day has been as good as mine.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Super Saturday

I have had another crackin' day. It is still quite cold on my little island. In fact, my little weather-man friend said it will be hailing here tomorrow and it was doing that today so I might just stay in my little bed tomorrow if it is as cold as today. However, we all got up this morning and my DH told us that he would be working in our greenhouse and I told him that I would be helping, so that was fine. No argument there!

I sat with the old dear on my couch for a while as she wasn't doing very much so we spent time together and she stroked me for a long while before she decided to do some letters and I toddled off and lay on my little bed. When I came back into my living room, I noticed that she was making some more friendship bracelets and she was just at the stage where she was measuring and cutting all the little bits of thread and so with one of my hair-raising leaps I was right up on the table in amongst all the threads and helping her to pick them up. Well, I meant to pick them up, but I am afraid my adorable little paws had other ideas and the threads went all over the floor and the Boss wasn't best pleased as you can image. However, I did help her to pick them up again and as usual, I was forgiven.

I sat and watched her for a while and then she asked me if I wanted to go and see what my DH was doing and in another of the aforementioned leaps, I was at the door waiting for her to catch up. We wandered round to the greenhouse although my poor old MH had to struggle against the wind at one point, but with my help she made it and we went and chatted to the old boy who told us what he was thinking about doing this year. I shall listen very carefully the next time and I shall tell you.

While the humans were chatting, I took my adorable little self out to play and I ran all over my garden and my MH caught this brilliant picture of me at full stretch. I like it even though it is through the greenhouse window and I hope you will like it too.

I had a really good afternoon and although it is still cold, I have been out lots of times, but just for very short times and every time I go home, I jump in the window and stand on the chair just waiting for the cuddle that I know I always get.

Oh yes, I just LOVE super Saturdays and I hope you do too.

Friday, 24 April 2015

String Day

It's Friday again and as you all know, Friday is string day and very happy Squeak day! My humans had to go out for a while 'cos the minister was over on my little island and my MH had to go and see her, so my DH decided to go to Kirkwall for a wee while leaving yours truly all alone. It was fine though 'cos the window was left open for me and I could go out if I wanted, but I was a bit sleepy so I decided to have a napette till my MH came home to me.

As soon as I heard her coming in, I ran to the door to see her and she lifted me up for a cuddle and then I had a rest in her guitar case when she was putting the guitar away. The case is all lined with fur and it is lovely and soft to lie on. It is nearly as good as the big furry dressing gown---nearly, but not quite.

A while later my friend M. came to bring our boxes and while my MH was putting away all the things I played with the string and I had great fun skidding all over my kitchen floor while she watched me and laughed lots and lots.

When the string was too tired to play any more, I left it in a corner and I toddled into the field to have a chat with the Daisys and they were very happy to see me and I am sure I saw them smiling when I told them about my bits of string. Maybe I will take some with me the next time I go to see them. I am quite good at carrying things around 'cos I do it lots in my house, but it is quite far away where the Daisys are and I would hate to lose my bit of string.

I shall now have another nap while I consider the best thing to do.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Night Times

Yesterday I told you all about my days and I know you would be really happy to learn what I was doing, but as I was snoozing last night I suddenly had a brainwave and decided that you would also like to hear about my night times. Yes? Yes!

In the early bit of the night after my dinner, I have a long sleep on my couch beside my MH and sometimes if I feel in the need of a cuddle or some company, I snuggle in beside her and rest my adorable little head on her lap top when she is writing all about me. That way I can keep an eye on what she is telling you 'cos I wouldn't want her to spread stories, would I? No!

I am settled there until about nine o'clock when I normally wander into my kitchen for a wee biscuit and then I ask to go out to play. Now, depending on what the weather is doing I stay out a long time or a short time and on my return I settle back on my MH's knee and I am especially happy if she has already had her shower and is wearing her furry dressing gown 'cos I just love that.

So, we sit there for a while and then it is time for the old dear to go to bed, and I go with her to make sure she has settled in fine and as soon as she puts the light out, I find my DH and ask him to let me out and off I go until it is his bedtime and he comes out and whistles for me. I normally go in at the first whistle, but sometimes I am doing something really exciting and he has to whistle lots of times but I eventually wander home, have a wee feed and snuggle up beside my MH who is usually fast asleep and snoring! Bliss. So that is my usual routine and one that I like very much.

I have had good fun today as me and my MH have been outside quite a lot while my DH was putting new paper on the cupboard shelves to make them all tidy again. I was also able to have a good explore as he emptied all the things and then there was room for an adorable little puss to walk about inside the cupboard. That was good fun, but then he had to move me so that my MH could wash the shelves and I just sat and watched her before I asked her to take me out again.

So there we are. That's what I normally do with my days and my nights and I am very, very happy with them.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Another Good Day

I have had a lovely day. A good, easy day just doing what I do best. And what do I do best? I hear you ask, so if I explain my day to you, then maybe you will see for yourself.

I sprang out of bed with my DH when his alarm went off and I very kindly let him feed me which gave him a lovely start to his day. After my adorable little tummy was filled, I asked to be let out and I had a wander round my garden but it was still a bit cool, so I went back inside and sat with my MH while she finished her breakfast so that I could have the last little drop of milk in her dish.

During our little chat, she told me she was going to work in the bedroom and I knew there would be some fun there and I was right! I was able to jump all over the bed when she was changing the sheets and I hided under the duvet so that she couldn't see me until I decided to let her and we both laughed a lot. It was good, but when she was finished, I just lay there and had another long snooze while the old dear baked some cakes that my DH likes and as usual, I got a Squeak sized pancake. Ah! The pancake wasn't the same size as me, you understand. No, it was a size that I could eat, see?

Later in the afternoon I had some serious work to do as I had to help my MH relax on our couch. This is one of my very favourite jobs and I do it very well, and when she was OK I nipped out to play again and this is the bit that confused me. Remember she told you that she was worried about me when I didn't want to go out? Well, today I was out for a long time and when I came home she told me she was worried about me 'cos I was out so long! I am beginning to wonder if the old dear is quite all right!

I explained where I had been and she could see I was very fine and then we heard my DH coming home from the Cat Shop so it was time for yours truly to assume my position on my MH's knee while he told us all the things he had been doing during his day. And then it was dinner time after which I headed outside again to do lots of pussy cat things, but I didn't stay out too long as it is still a bit on the cool side for me.

I am now having a snooze on one of my chairs and I will be asleep until about nine o'clock when it is time for me to go outside again, but I am always home to make sure my dear old MH is safely tucked up in her little bed and then when she puts the light out, I ask my DH to let me out to play and that's me until I feel tired and I come home and go to bed. And then another day begins.

So you see, I do lots of looking after my humans, but I also do lots of pussy cat things and I am allowed to do more or less what I please as long as I am safe 'cos as I have told you lots of times, my humans love me MILLIONS and they don't want me to be hurt or sad. OK?

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Back to Normal

Remember I told you that I wasn't my normal bouncy and adorable little self yesterday and that my dear old MH was worried about me? Well, she wakened up this morning when she heard a funny scratchy kind of noise and when her wee eyes managed to get open, there was me trying to get inside the little bag where she keeps all her chargers for all her gadgets! I had seen a wee end which I thought might taste good, but it wouldn't come out to me so I was trying to persuade it, but I just wakened my MH instead. She was so happy to see the cheeky Squeak back that she wasn't even angry! But then, she never is with me, is she?

I am feeling very fit today and I was out playing in my garden as soon as I had scoffed my dinner and then I just came back in time to get the last wee drop of the old dear's milk. Superb!! I got a very pleasant surprise this morning 'cos my humans didn't do any work and just sat and chatted for a while and I had my pick of knees, so I went and sat with my DH for a long time and it makes him very happy 'cos I usually sit with my MH but I really should give him more of my attention. It is too late to make a New Year resolution?

Anyway, he went away to the boat and came home with two visitors to my house. A man that I knew and a lady I had never met before and she thought I was beautiful! Another fan. Oh joy! Me and my MH took the lady in to see our little gym and she liked it a lot but she didn't go on the treadmill so my MH showed her what to do and she liked that. We had a lovely day and I had the choice of four knees to sit on, so I have had a very good day indeed and my MH is much happier today knowing that I am right back to normal.

I am sure you will all be happy too!

Monday, 20 April 2015


I have been a very quiet little puss today and my MH has been a bit worried about me. I don't think there is anything wrong with me. It's just that I am not as bouncy as usual and I have slept most of the day on my little bed.

I went out a couple of times but I wasn't all that interested in anything out there either. Not even the Daisys could cheer me up and I still haven't been able to find my little friend Socks again, so I just came back in to my house and cuddled up beside my MH who was still worried about me. I tried to tell her I was fine, but she knows I am just not my usual self.

It kind of worked to my advantage though 'cos when I came back in from one of my short trips outside, there was some lovely chicken in my dinner dish and I gobbled it all up and my MH was a bit happier. I did for a minute consider asking her to feed me if I lay on my couch, but I thought that might just be pushing my luck a wee bit.

She loves me millions and lets me away with lots of things, but I am very much aware that the soup pot is just in the cupboard! Hee hee

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Lazy Puss

Well, sort of lazy. I haven't exactly been doing nothing, but I haven't done very much. I like lazy Sundays and we all worked so hard yesterday that we needed a rest today, so me and my humans have been going very slowly.

I sat with my MH on my couch for a while this morning and then my DH wasn't very happy 'cos his football team didn't win so he decided to go and do some work and my MH asked me if I would like to go a walk with her. The weather was good although a wee bit cold, but she decided it would be better if we got some fresh air rather than go into the gym and I agreed with her. So off we went.

We went out of my gate and I waved to the Daisys and I noticed there were more lady cows there, but I don't think they are all called Daisy. I shall find out tonight and you will be the first to know. Well, you won't really, 'cos the lady cows know, then I know and then my MH has to know 'cos it is her that writes this for me, but you will eventually get to know. OK?

We wandered down the lane and we could hear the birdies singing and it was good and I found some disgusting things to roll in until the Boss yelled at me, but by then I was finished anyway!

When we were going back to my house, I ran all the way in front of her and I did some simply magnificent zig-zag runs and with each zig--or was it a zag?-- I made one of my little squeaking noises which always makes my MH smile, and then I scooted into my garden and shot straight through the fence, as you can see.

It was a smashing time and I liked it. So now I am snoozing and then I shall devour my dinner and go and have a chat to the Daisys and the other ladies and I shall be back in time for Poldark 'cos he is beautiful. I am sure my MH purrs even louder that me when he is in my television.

Good job my DH isn't listening. Sure it is?

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Another Brilliant

I have had another super day 'cos I have been outside all the time with my humans. The weather has been brilliant and so they decided that they would clean out the gym so that my MH could let her little legs do their exercises again, so there was lots and lots for me to do.

I went into the gym with them and I sniffed at places I had never sniffed before while my MH was playing with her big brush and my DH was taking lots of stuff away to burn so there was lots of room for me.

I had a little chat with the Daisys but as I was very busy, I decided that I would spend more time with them when I go out just before bedtime. My DH has a big storage shed way down our path and he was putting lots of things in there and as I have never been inside that either, I had a brilliant time. I love exploring new places.

I rolled in the grass for a while and just rested in the warm sun and then I noticed that all my little garden friends were coming out again. They go away into the gym for the winter so that they don't blow away, but when it is summer, they come back out again to see me. And I just love it.

There are lots of little ornaments in the garden outside my kitchen and some outside my living room and that's where the fountain jug is. I heard the old boy tell the Boss that he was going to put that up tomorrow, so I am really looking forward to that. I like to get a drink from it so no doubt you will be seeing some pictures of me at the fountain.

The old draw back was that I heard my MH saying she might take the lawn mower out tomorrow so I guess there is always one wee cloud on my otherwise perfect horizon!


Friday, 17 April 2015

Now I know....

..... that I keep telling you that I have the bestest of days, but today really was the bestest ever. It was a lovely day and my DH decided he would go shopping into Kirkwall so it was just me and the old dear today and we had great fun.

Because it was nice and warm, she decided that we would go out into the garden and she trimmed the honeysuckle bush while I helped her lots. I had to be careful 'cos it was rather dangerous. She had ginormous sized scissors and just as she was about to cut a bit of the bush, I sometimes ran at it so I had to be very careful that I didn't get pruned as well! But you will be happy to know that I am still the same size as I was when she started!

I helped her to clean the outsides of the windows and that's when the nice farmer lady from next door came to see us and we all had a chat and she gave me a wee cuddle which I liked. She went away when they had finished chatting, but five minutes later she was back with this beautiful little lamb and we had great fun together. I have been up close to some little sheeps before but never as close as this one and you can see from the angle of my adorable little wagger that I am a little on edge, but I needn't have worried 'cos we got on famously and I was a very happy puss.

The farmer lady was talking about the two lady cows in my field and she said they were both called Daisy, so I wandered over to them so that we could be properly introduced. I decided that I would give them a number as well as a name and I called one Daisy 1 and she called me Squeak. I called the other one Daisy 2 and she called me Squeak too! Get it? I think it is a brilliant joke and I love it.

After the lady farmer went away me and my MH sat outside in the sun for a while and we could hear the birdies singing and we liked it a lot so we just sat there for a long time and it was lovely.

I am hoping to go and see the Daisys later but the little lamb is in another field so I might wait until tomorrow and than I will try to find it, or maybe the Daisys will be able to tell me.

So can you see why my day so far has been absolutely fantastic and why I just LOVE the Springtime and the summer? It is just the magicest time ever!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Even Gooder

Oh today has been a very good day. It has been nice and warm-ish and it has not been raining, so I have been out playing lots of times and my MH has come outside with me too. She watched me rolling on my path and I loved doing it 'cos the path was quite warm too.

My DH was busy in my house so every now and then I would wander in to wherever he was and give him a wee purr and rub up against him and he would stop and give me a cuddle. He likes it when I do that and I like it too.

Me and my MH spent a lot of time together and we had lots of girlie chats, but then in the afternoon our friend M. came to my house and tooked my MH away in her car. I just lay on the path till I saw the little car coming back and then I ran to the gate to meet them and this time it was my MH who gave me a big cuddle.

I have had my dinner and a sleep so now I am thinking of going outside again 'cos the sun is shining and there are lots of little lambs in the field in front of my living room, so it is time I introduced my dear little self to them and I am sure they will be very happy to see me. I heard my DH telling the Boss that he might go to Kirkwall tomorrow so my MH said that she would take her little legs into the gym and I have to go and make sure she is OK.

It will just be us girls so I think there will be lots of quality couch time which I just love. Oh it will be a brilliant day.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Good Times

So, the old dear nearly kept her promise. Remember I told you that she said she wouldn't do any housework today? Well, she did a wee bit, but I didn't mind 'cos it didn't involve any of the machines that I don't like and while she was working in my kitchen I sat and watched and I listened as she talked to me all the time and told me what she was doing and then as soon as she was finished, we raced one another onto the couch. Guess who won? Yes, it was me! But I let her sit down first and then I plonked my adorable little self on her knee and we had a lovely time just resting and talking. It was brilliant.

We have had a very quiet day so there isn't any news for you. It was just me and my MH in my house 'cos the old boy was at the Cat Shop and he likes it there so he always has lots of stories for us when he comes home and I normally settle myself on 'the knee' again to listen. It is my favouritist place in the whole world and I go there as often as I can. My MH likes it too.

I had a very important decision to make this afternoon and that was where I would choose to have my afternoon nap. There are lots of places in my house that I can pick from and sometimes it takes me a while to come to a decision but today was easy 'cos the sun was shining in through the window of our spare room, so I took my sleepy little self on to the bed there and had a snooze while my MH's soft toys looked after me. Don't I look cute?

I got a wee surprise when my friend M. came to see me and I made her laugh when I rang the chimes on my window to let my MH know that I was absolutely starving! She jumped up and fed me right away although she did give me a bit of a telling off for being naughty. But I knew she didn't really mean it.

She never does!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

More Play Time

I was able to get out to play for a lot longer today 'cos it wasn't raining too much. To be honest I was glad to get out of my house for a while 'cos I don't know what is happening to my humans, but they seem to have caught some kind of cleaning bug. Well, it's more my MH's bug and my DH just does as she tells him ----sometimes!

So, the vacuum cleaner was racing round the house and the steamer was spitting its way round my kitchen and my porch so yours truly decided to head off into the garden where the only noise was the chirping of the birdies which was lovely and I liked it very much so I stayed outside until I knew that all the work would be done and then I jumped back in the window and my house was all quiet again.

By this time my MH needed a wee rest and she was sitting on my couch, so I just nipped up on her knee and we sat there for a long time while she stroked me and talked to me and you all know how happy that makes me.

The rest of my day passed nice and quietly and I had a long afternoon snooze and two or three little trips outside to see what the birdies were doing and also to sharpen my little claws. I have a scratching post in my house but I prefer the bits of wood in front of my house and I use those as often as I can, but as you know,it all depends on the weather. Today was a good-ish day, so I scratched and scratched and scratched, and it was ever so good. My little claws are now perfect. Naturally!

When I went inside again I decided to play with some of my toys and after a lot of deliberation I picked my little mouse and I played with that for a long time. I love that little mouse 'cos I can lift it up and walk about with it and although this picture is a wee bit dark, I wanted you to see my little mouse. I 'specially wanted my friend J. to see it 'cos it was her that sended it to me through the post and I just love it loads.

So there we are. Not too bad a day after all and on top of it all, my MH has told me that she isn't doing any housework at all tomorrow and all her time will be for me. Yippee!

Monday, 13 April 2015


...although the weather was not completely to my liking, I still managed to go out for a couple of play times while my MH was playing with her vacuum cleaner.

Those of you who know me will know that Monday chez Squeak is cleaning day and unless I want polished, dusted or hoovered, I have got to keep on the move and the safest place is generally in my greenhouse with my DH but being Monday, he was away to the Cat Shop and the greenhouse was all shut up, so I just took my rest in the pampas grass until I heard silence in my house and I knew it was safe to go in.

While I was out, I had a quick word with my lady cow friends but I still haven't asked if there are any little baby cows due soon. It just didn't seem the right time, but I will. I had a good wee play in the field, but as I was feeling a tad cold I decided to go home and ask my MH for a cuddle and as usual, she was only too happy to oblige.

Me and the old dear sat on my couch for a long time and then she decided that she needed some fresh air and would I like to go outside with her? Well, although I wasn't too fussed, I knew she would be very disappointed if I didn't go with her, so oft we both went, but oh my dear friends, it was very cold so I stuck my adorable little nose outside the door and then scooted back inside again, making my MH laugh at me. Mind you, she didn't stay out much longer either! I did hear her telling my friend S. that she is going to take her little legs into her gym tomorrow, so I shall go there and help her---I think!

I still had a lot of energy left so I did one of what my MH calls my 'daft runs' which means I want to play and I disappeared at break-neck speed into my bedroom and the old dear came in after me, but a lot slower that me! We played for a long time and she wrapped me up in my blanket and then pretended she couldn't see me, but I knew she could and I wagged my little tail for her to prove I was there.

Oh we did have such good fun and we told my DH all about it when he came back home again and it made him smile too.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sleepy Sunday

We have all had a very lazy day today and we have all liked it very much. My humans have been working quite hard for a long time so it is good that the work is all finished and that they can have a rest. It is also very good that now they have lots more time for me because although I didn't get completely ignored, I didn't get as many cuddles as usual and definitely not as many as I wanted, but normal service had been well and truly restored.

I must tell you about a very special time that me and my MH had in the middle of the night. She needed to get up and it was still dark so it was sleeping time but hen she came back to bed she decided that we would have a wee chat before she went to sleep again. I snuggled in beside her as close, as close as I could possibly get, In fact, it took me quite a few trips round the bed before I finally found the right spot and I lay down and let my MH cuddle me. She talked to me for a while in a wee whisper 'cos she didn't want to waken my DH who was snoring away quite happily and I guess she could have been singing with her guitar and he wouldn't have wakened! But it was nice to have a whisper as it made it feel special and my MH told me she loved me millions and I was so, so happy. Oh, I loved it and I hope she does it again---soon!

Today is a special day for my friend S. 'cos it is her birthday. She didn't come to see me but my MH tooked her a birthday card and before she stucked down the envelope, I purred into it and she gave it to S. It is a kind of pussy cat version of 'Happy Birthday' and I hope she likes it.

So, that has been my day. Not very exciting but a very good one just the same and I have been happy and I hope you have been happy too.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

A Super Saturday

For the first day for as long as I can remember, my humans were not working in my house and I for one was delighted! I know they have to work hard to keep the place clean and tidy for yours truly, but I was in danger of being neglected and it was making me rather cross, but it all stopped just in time and normal service is well and truly restored! Phew.

In order to show my appreciation of all they had done, I decided to stay in my house for a long time this morning and I sat on my MH's knee and let her stroke me and talk to me and it was just lovely. My DH was making the dinner and I got a wee bit of meat from him and I gobbled it all up which made him smile and I think I even felt my adorable little tummy smile when the meat got there. Either that or I have wind!

I was still playing with one of my bits of string as well as my little mouse so I have been getting rid of lots of my energy, but I am afraid I have developed a rather annoying habit which is making my poor old MH just a tad not too happy with me. Shall I explain? OK Here goes.

My living room has two windows in it and usually I go out the same window all the time which is the right hand side one. Sometimes, if it is cold, I just run round the house and then come back to the window and ask to be let in again, but recently I have been asking to go out the left hand window and just run outside to the other window so that by the time my MH has reached the couch, I am banging on the window to get back in again. She doesn't know why I even go out when I am in so quickly and I ain't telling!

Probably when the weather gets better I will stay out much longer, but as it is still a bit cold for me I am quite content with lots of short trips into my garden. And as there are no baby cows yet and the sheeps are all away in another field, I have more company inside with my humans, so that is the best place to be. See?

Friday, 10 April 2015

Friday Again

Which means string! Oh I love it when it is a string day. I wait very patiently while my DH carries in our boxes and then he cuts the string, puts a knot in it and throws it to me and I play with it for ages! Oh I love it and especially when I am in my kitchen 'cos we have lino on the floor and I can slide all over the place which is just sheer magic!

It has still been a good day weather-wise and me and my humans have both been outside a lot which is what I love. My DH has been tidying up all his tools and cleaning out my MH's gym 'cos there was lots of stuff dumped in there when the workmen were here and the old dear now wants to start taking her little legs for some exercise so she wants into her gym. Well, that was a job for me and my DH. I have to make sure he leaves it just as the Boss likes it and because I do her exercises with her, I know these things. She hasn't seen it yet 'cos we're not quite finished, but I know she will be happy.

I also had a perambulation with my MH when she went out to feed the birdies and we had a play on the grass when she had finished, so I have had a very busy day, but a very good day.

It is now just after dinner time and my adorable little tummy is full, so I am having a nap before I head outside again later on and I have a lot of socialising to do because the nice farmer man next door put some cows into the field opposite me house and I need to go and introduce myself. If the opportunity presents itself, I shall make discreet enquiries as to the eventuality of some baby cows for me to play with.

I don't think they will mind me asking, will they?

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Still Happy

But a tad bewildered this morning. The alarm went off early and both my humans got up and I decided that they must be going on the early boat to the town, so I decided that I would be having a lonely day, but I was wrong. I was wrong, but oh so happy.

My DH went away to the pier and then brought the nurse to see my MH 'cos she has a wee sore heel and the nurse wanted to see it, so that's why we were all up at the crack of dawn, but it gave me lots more time to play and to be adored 'cos the nurse lady likes puss cats and thought I was wonderful. 'Nuff said.

My DH was still busy finishing all his jobs around my house and I was able to go outside with him lots and lots of times and that was really good fun, but then I was so excited 'cos my friend J. came to help us and he made such a fuss of me and let me help him. He even tickled my little lugs and I was a very happy little Squeak. I love my friend J.

My day just keeped getting better and better and now I am lying on my MH's knee with my adorable little head on her computer and every now and then she strokes my little lugs and tells me she loves me, so my night is pretty good too.

I hope you have had as good a day as me.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A Brilliant Day

In every single way. I have had a magic time and I have loved every minute of it. And, I have still the night time to come. Oh, I am such a happy little Squeak.

My DH went away on the boat to go to the Cat Shop and me and my MH sat on my couch and had a lovely together time. She stroked me and talked to me and told me she needed to do just a tiny bit of work, but the weather was so good that she would leave the window open for me, so I nipped outside and played in my garden and it was quite warm but it was dry and there was no wind, so it was definitely Squeak weather.

After a wee while, I heard my MH calling for me as she went out to feed the little birdies and I ran up to her as fast as I could. I just love it when she comes out to play with me and I was so excited that I ran round and round my garden and then with one of my speciality death-defying leaps, I ran right up the clothes pole and the old dear laughed out loud but she laughed even more when she saw the picture that she had taken 'cos it looks as though I didn't take my adorable little head with me. But don't worry, dear friends, it was there. Promise.

We left there and went round to the front of my house and my excitement was even more so my next trick was to throw myself right into the middle of the pampas grass and I just sat there for a long time pretending I was a tree and I was loving every single minute. And so was my MH 'cos she told me.

I needed a rest after that and just as I was sliding into a lovely sleep, my friend M. came to my house with a cream cake for her and my MH, but I only got a cuddle, but that was OK. I got another surprise later on when we got more visitors and one was my very special friend J. with his mummy and he cuddled me lots and I was very happy and glad I hadn't slept in for that.

So, that has been my day and it has been a very good one and as I said, I have still the night time to go out and play 'cos there is still no wind so my humans will be able to leave the window open for me and I can come home whenever I want to.

Just a perfect day.