Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A Brilliant Day

In every single way. I have had a magic time and I have loved every minute of it. And, I have still the night time to come. Oh, I am such a happy little Squeak.

My DH went away on the boat to go to the Cat Shop and me and my MH sat on my couch and had a lovely together time. She stroked me and talked to me and told me she needed to do just a tiny bit of work, but the weather was so good that she would leave the window open for me, so I nipped outside and played in my garden and it was quite warm but it was dry and there was no wind, so it was definitely Squeak weather.

After a wee while, I heard my MH calling for me as she went out to feed the little birdies and I ran up to her as fast as I could. I just love it when she comes out to play with me and I was so excited that I ran round and round my garden and then with one of my speciality death-defying leaps, I ran right up the clothes pole and the old dear laughed out loud but she laughed even more when she saw the picture that she had taken 'cos it looks as though I didn't take my adorable little head with me. But don't worry, dear friends, it was there. Promise.

We left there and went round to the front of my house and my excitement was even more so my next trick was to throw myself right into the middle of the pampas grass and I just sat there for a long time pretending I was a tree and I was loving every single minute. And so was my MH 'cos she told me.

I needed a rest after that and just as I was sliding into a lovely sleep, my friend M. came to my house with a cream cake for her and my MH, but I only got a cuddle, but that was OK. I got another surprise later on when we got more visitors and one was my very special friend J. with his mummy and he cuddled me lots and I was very happy and glad I hadn't slept in for that.

So, that has been my day and it has been a very good one and as I said, I have still the night time to go out and play 'cos there is still no wind so my humans will be able to leave the window open for me and I can come home whenever I want to.

Just a perfect day.

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