Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Discovery

I am kicking my adorable little self---- but not too hard, you understand just a gentle little tap. I found something this morning which could have made all my five and a quarter years a lot easier and the most annoying thing about it is that it has been right under my nose all the time.

I think I have your attention by now, sure I do? I shall give you a little background information first of all just to jog your memories. Remember I got into trouble a lot of years ago when I wakened my MH by sitting on the wash hand basin in my bathroom and pinging the shower cord off the wall until she had to get up to shut the door and as she was up anyway, she had to feed me? Well, since then, the bathroom door has been closed to yours truly at night and I have had to think of other ways to get the old dear wakened and it's not too easy I can tell you, although I do believe there are times when she ignores me! I know you will find that hard to contemplate but I really think that is the case.

Well, anyway. My humans were asleep this morning and I was wide awake, a wee bit bored and in desperate need of some company, so I wandered all over my bedroom clattering things and knocking things over and jumping on my humans in turn, but neither moved. I wasn't surprised about my DH but I did think I would have better luck with my MH, and then I saw it. Eureka!!

There is a dressing table in the bedroom with a mirror on and a light shining on to the mirror and.......have you guessed yet? YES!!!!... there is a cord to pull down to switch the light on and if I clunk that against said mirror, my MH wakens with a jump! I can't believe it has been there all my life and I have only found it. It means I can waken her whenever I want 'cos she can't hide the dressing table and she definitely WON'T keep me out of my bedroom 'cos she loves it when I cuddle in beside her, so I am the happiest little Squeak EVER! I am just a tad annoyed with myself that it has taken me so long to find this. Oh I wish it was bedtime Hee hee.

My day just got better and better after that as I was able to get out to play a lot of times and I went to see the Daisys and they smiled again when I told them about my light switch although the older Daisy told me to be kind to my MH and I will, unless I need something, but that's OK 'cos I know she wants me to have whatever makes me happy and she would be sad if I didn't waken her, sure she would?

I had a visit and lots of cuddles from my friend S. and I am now lying very happily on top of my MH's lap top while she is telling you all these stories about me.

So you can see that I have had a very good day and I hope your day has been as good as mine.

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