Monday, 6 April 2015

A Normal Type of Monday

It started off like most Mondays with the alarm going off and my DH springing out of bed while me and my MH lay and had a chat for a while to let him get peace to get ready to go to the Cat Shop and then we got up too.

There are still lots of tools and bits of stuff lying about, but according to the Boss, they will all be put away tomorrow and I think that might be an order!

I had a quick perambulation round my garden and then went back inside just in time to sit on my MH's knee and lap up the last of her milk from her cereal and then we went and did her exercises and all was very peaceful---but just for ten minutes I'm afraid. As you know, Monday is housework day, but because there has been so much going on, the old dear decided that some places needed an extra clean and she ran round the house with hoovers and dusters and steaming machines like something possessed! I decided that if I didn't want vacuumed or dusted or steamed I would be better on my bed, so I took my adorable little self into my bedroom and had a lovely nap until she was finished!

We did manage a seat on the couch for a while and had another of our girlie chats which I always love and then I got a surprise when she made some stovies for her and my DH and I got a wee drop of mince which I gobbled up very quickly 'cos it was so very, very good.

A while later I went back to playing with my little mouse and I had some really good fun. I have been playing inside a lot 'cos it is quite cold outside and I prefer to be cosy, so I have decided that I will pick a different toy every day and play with that until it gets warmer outside.

I think that is a very good plan, don't you? At least night times in my house are quiet and peaceful and I can sit on any knee I choose and both my humans are on hand all night to do whatever I ask of them.

And that is just how it should be.

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