Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A Wee Bit Quieter....

.... but not a lot. Sigh I do not know what my MH is putting in her muesli but it is making her do an awful lot of house work. She told my DH that it is still very 'stoory' (dusty) after the workmen were here and she needs to get it all clean again, so he just said OK and disappeared into the greenhouse! Wise old DH! I did follow him a couple of times and it was good, but he doesn't talk to me as much as my MH does, so I just wandered back inside again and it was then that I got a surprise 'cos there was a strange man in my house. Well, the man wasn't strange, you understand, it was just that I didn't know him, so he was strange to me. I think my MH must have known him or she wouldn't have let him in, would she?

Anyway, I had a good old sniff at this man and he was very nice to me and let me sit on his knee for a while as I got plenty of sniffs and I listened very carefully as my humans told him about all the stories I write and all about my paw pal club and he thought it was just the brilliantest thing he had ever heard. I think he will be one of my bestest friends now.

When he went away, my MH went back to do her cleaning and today she was working in my bedroom and I liked it a lot 'cos I could lie on my little bed and listen to her as she talked to me all the time she was playing with her dusters, so it was OK really.

I'm afraid I gave my MH a fright this afternoon 'cos she she couldn't find me again and she was very worried. We had been sitting together having a chat and then she had to move, so I had to move too and when she was finished what she was doing, she looked for me but couldn't find me anywhere in the house. She asked my DH if he had let me out but he said 'no' and they were both puzzled. The poor old dear looked everywhere---in the big cupboard and in all the rooms and she even looked in one of the drawers! Well, I do have a habit of nipping into any open spaces so she thought she would give it a try, but no luck.

The old boy was dispatched to look in the greenhouse and the gym and my MH went to look in one of the bedrooms and when she was coming into my living room, there was me coming out of it. Oh she was happy, but she still doesn't know where I had been, and I ain't telling. Hee hee

I got another surprise this afternoon when my friend S. came to my house. She said she needed my MH to help her, but I know she only came to see me 'cos she loves me millions.

And that, my dear friends, is so very understandable, is it not? :-)))

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