Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Another Good Day

I have had a lovely day. A good, easy day just doing what I do best. And what do I do best? I hear you ask, so if I explain my day to you, then maybe you will see for yourself.

I sprang out of bed with my DH when his alarm went off and I very kindly let him feed me which gave him a lovely start to his day. After my adorable little tummy was filled, I asked to be let out and I had a wander round my garden but it was still a bit cool, so I went back inside and sat with my MH while she finished her breakfast so that I could have the last little drop of milk in her dish.

During our little chat, she told me she was going to work in the bedroom and I knew there would be some fun there and I was right! I was able to jump all over the bed when she was changing the sheets and I hided under the duvet so that she couldn't see me until I decided to let her and we both laughed a lot. It was good, but when she was finished, I just lay there and had another long snooze while the old dear baked some cakes that my DH likes and as usual, I got a Squeak sized pancake. Ah! The pancake wasn't the same size as me, you understand. No, it was a size that I could eat, see?

Later in the afternoon I had some serious work to do as I had to help my MH relax on our couch. This is one of my very favourite jobs and I do it very well, and when she was OK I nipped out to play again and this is the bit that confused me. Remember she told you that she was worried about me when I didn't want to go out? Well, today I was out for a long time and when I came home she told me she was worried about me 'cos I was out so long! I am beginning to wonder if the old dear is quite all right!

I explained where I had been and she could see I was very fine and then we heard my DH coming home from the Cat Shop so it was time for yours truly to assume my position on my MH's knee while he told us all the things he had been doing during his day. And then it was dinner time after which I headed outside again to do lots of pussy cat things, but I didn't stay out too long as it is still a bit on the cool side for me.

I am now having a snooze on one of my chairs and I will be asleep until about nine o'clock when it is time for me to go outside again, but I am always home to make sure my dear old MH is safely tucked up in her little bed and then when she puts the light out, I ask my DH to let me out to play and that's me until I feel tired and I come home and go to bed. And then another day begins.

So you see, I do lots of looking after my humans, but I also do lots of pussy cat things and I am allowed to do more or less what I please as long as I am safe 'cos as I have told you lots of times, my humans love me MILLIONS and they don't want me to be hurt or sad. OK?

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