Sunday, 5 April 2015

Another Yippee

And an even bigger one than yesterday although I must admit I have been a little bit unsettled today which has rather upset the old dear 'cos she doesn't know what is causing it or what to do with me. But it will get better. I promise.

Anyway, back to the double yippee. All the work is finished and it is just clearing up now so that made me happy. My MH had lots of time for me and we played with some of my toys for a long time. Remember I told you that I always go back to my toys, and don't forget about them? Well, I did that today. Once upon a time, my friend J. sended me a little mouse---a cloth one, not a real one 'cos you couldn't stick a stamp onto a real one, could you!---and that's what I was playing with today, and I loved it all over again, as you can see.

I got my usual surprise on a Sunday when my friend S. came to see me and she bringed my MH a little chocolate rabbit which the old dear let me have a wee look at before she put it back on the table. All fine so far. So, after the humans had their little chat, my MH took S. in to see our new bathroom and when they were away, the little rabbit jumped off the table and landed on the floor beside me to have a little chat. That, my dear friends, is my story and unless you can prove otherwise, I am sticking to it!

We are going to settle down now and watch the tennis to see if Andy can win. I hope so 'cos I like him so my adorable little paws are crossed. In fact, right this minute, they are crossed over my little nose as I am sleeping but sending my MH sleep thoughts about what I want her to write and she is so clever that she gets it right every single time!


  1. Your MH is an absolute genius and you are as usual, adorable.

  2. More blushes, but how right you are Bonnie and that's from me and my MH.