Thursday, 16 April 2015

Even Gooder

Oh today has been a very good day. It has been nice and warm-ish and it has not been raining, so I have been out playing lots of times and my MH has come outside with me too. She watched me rolling on my path and I loved doing it 'cos the path was quite warm too.

My DH was busy in my house so every now and then I would wander in to wherever he was and give him a wee purr and rub up against him and he would stop and give me a cuddle. He likes it when I do that and I like it too.

Me and my MH spent a lot of time together and we had lots of girlie chats, but then in the afternoon our friend M. came to my house and tooked my MH away in her car. I just lay on the path till I saw the little car coming back and then I ran to the gate to meet them and this time it was my MH who gave me a big cuddle.

I have had my dinner and a sleep so now I am thinking of going outside again 'cos the sun is shining and there are lots of little lambs in the field in front of my living room, so it is time I introduced my dear little self to them and I am sure they will be very happy to see me. I heard my DH telling the Boss that he might go to Kirkwall tomorrow so my MH said that she would take her little legs into the gym and I have to go and make sure she is OK.

It will just be us girls so I think there will be lots of quality couch time which I just love. Oh it will be a brilliant day.

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