Friday, 10 April 2015

Friday Again

Which means string! Oh I love it when it is a string day. I wait very patiently while my DH carries in our boxes and then he cuts the string, puts a knot in it and throws it to me and I play with it for ages! Oh I love it and especially when I am in my kitchen 'cos we have lino on the floor and I can slide all over the place which is just sheer magic!

It has still been a good day weather-wise and me and my humans have both been outside a lot which is what I love. My DH has been tidying up all his tools and cleaning out my MH's gym 'cos there was lots of stuff dumped in there when the workmen were here and the old dear now wants to start taking her little legs for some exercise so she wants into her gym. Well, that was a job for me and my DH. I have to make sure he leaves it just as the Boss likes it and because I do her exercises with her, I know these things. She hasn't seen it yet 'cos we're not quite finished, but I know she will be happy.

I also had a perambulation with my MH when she went out to feed the birdies and we had a play on the grass when she had finished, so I have had a very busy day, but a very good day.

It is now just after dinner time and my adorable little tummy is full, so I am having a nap before I head outside again later on and I have a lot of socialising to do because the nice farmer man next door put some cows into the field opposite me house and I need to go and introduce myself. If the opportunity presents itself, I shall make discreet enquiries as to the eventuality of some baby cows for me to play with.

I don't think they will mind me asking, will they?

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