Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Good Times

So, the old dear nearly kept her promise. Remember I told you that she said she wouldn't do any housework today? Well, she did a wee bit, but I didn't mind 'cos it didn't involve any of the machines that I don't like and while she was working in my kitchen I sat and watched and I listened as she talked to me all the time and told me what she was doing and then as soon as she was finished, we raced one another onto the couch. Guess who won? Yes, it was me! But I let her sit down first and then I plonked my adorable little self on her knee and we had a lovely time just resting and talking. It was brilliant.

We have had a very quiet day so there isn't any news for you. It was just me and my MH in my house 'cos the old boy was at the Cat Shop and he likes it there so he always has lots of stories for us when he comes home and I normally settle myself on 'the knee' again to listen. It is my favouritist place in the whole world and I go there as often as I can. My MH likes it too.

I had a very important decision to make this afternoon and that was where I would choose to have my afternoon nap. There are lots of places in my house that I can pick from and sometimes it takes me a while to come to a decision but today was easy 'cos the sun was shining in through the window of our spare room, so I took my sleepy little self on to the bed there and had a snooze while my MH's soft toys looked after me. Don't I look cute?

I got a wee surprise when my friend M. came to see me and I made her laugh when I rang the chimes on my window to let my MH know that I was absolutely starving! She jumped up and fed me right away although she did give me a bit of a telling off for being naughty. But I knew she didn't really mean it.

She never does!

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