Thursday, 2 April 2015

MUCH Happier

Yes, I am a much happier little Squeak today and that is because it hasn't snowed or hailed or winded on my little island and I have been able to get out to play lots and lots of times. You all know how I love being outside so you will understand why I am happy.

In a way it is just as well that the weather has been good 'cos my humans have been a tad busy today. The old boy has been sticking paper onto my bathroom walls and the old dear has been running after him and doing bits of cleaning so they haven't had too much time for me. I did manage out in my garden for a while with my MH just before she went away to the graveyard with our friend M. We went out early and my MH watched as I ran all over my garden and with one simply beautiful movement I was up the top of the clothes pole and she was laughing. It was lovely and warm so I just lay on my path until she came home again and when I saw her coming back I rolled and rolled and she laughed again. I like that!

Later on in the afternoon while we were sitting on my couch, we came up with an absolutely brilliant idea which I thought I would share with you. I told her I was happy that it wasn't as cold outside 'cos I don't like when my adorable little body gets thumped upon by hail and my MH said that she would make me a little coat to keep me warm. Then we went just a little step further and decided that she would make me a tiger coat or a lion coat and I could become like the Graemsay Loch Ness monster 'cos people would think that there was a baby tiger or a baby lion on my island and they would come for miles and miles to see me but then I would go back home and change into just Squeak again before they could catch me. Brilliant, is it not? We still have to finalise the finer points, but I think it is a fantastic idea. And, it would keep yours truly warm.

I was having a seat on my window sill when me and my MH saw the two boats in the sea and we thought you might like to see a picture of the little boat we have while our one is away getting its refit. It is called the Golden Mariana but my MH doesn't go on it very much 'cos it's not too easy for her to get on and off, but I am happy about that as it means she stays home with me.

Oh yes, my dear friends, I am MUCH happier! I hope you are happy too.

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