Thursday, 23 April 2015

Night Times

Yesterday I told you all about my days and I know you would be really happy to learn what I was doing, but as I was snoozing last night I suddenly had a brainwave and decided that you would also like to hear about my night times. Yes? Yes!

In the early bit of the night after my dinner, I have a long sleep on my couch beside my MH and sometimes if I feel in the need of a cuddle or some company, I snuggle in beside her and rest my adorable little head on her lap top when she is writing all about me. That way I can keep an eye on what she is telling you 'cos I wouldn't want her to spread stories, would I? No!

I am settled there until about nine o'clock when I normally wander into my kitchen for a wee biscuit and then I ask to go out to play. Now, depending on what the weather is doing I stay out a long time or a short time and on my return I settle back on my MH's knee and I am especially happy if she has already had her shower and is wearing her furry dressing gown 'cos I just love that.

So, we sit there for a while and then it is time for the old dear to go to bed, and I go with her to make sure she has settled in fine and as soon as she puts the light out, I find my DH and ask him to let me out and off I go until it is his bedtime and he comes out and whistles for me. I normally go in at the first whistle, but sometimes I am doing something really exciting and he has to whistle lots of times but I eventually wander home, have a wee feed and snuggle up beside my MH who is usually fast asleep and snoring! Bliss. So that is my usual routine and one that I like very much.

I have had good fun today as me and my MH have been outside quite a lot while my DH was putting new paper on the cupboard shelves to make them all tidy again. I was also able to have a good explore as he emptied all the things and then there was room for an adorable little puss to walk about inside the cupboard. That was good fun, but then he had to move me so that my MH could wash the shelves and I just sat and watched her before I asked her to take me out again.

So there we are. That's what I normally do with my days and my nights and I am very, very happy with them.

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