Friday, 3 April 2015

Still Happy

... but still busy, I'm afraid. I am happy and my humans are busy, but I have been promised that all the work will soon be finished and then it is Squeak time FOREVER! I am trying to be patient, but every now and then I look a wee bit sad and my MH stops what she is doing to play with me so I can't complain really.

Me and my MH made my DH laugh when he came back from the boat at lunch time 'cos he had lots of boxes with all our groceries in them and he had one from the butcher which he put on the floor to cut the string. I sat right beside him and just watched him and he said to my MH that he thought I could smell the meat, but my MH knows me better than that so she just shooked her head and told him that maybe I wanted the string. He didn't think so, but as soon as the string was cut, yours truly jumped on it and ran away with it and this time it was my DH who shooked his head! Oh, my MH was SO happy 'cos she just loves it when she is right!

I played with my bit of string for a long time and my MH helped me so I did have a good afternoon, but then I fell asleep on my couch and missed a wee surprise 'cos I had visitors at my gate and I missed them.

The three ducks came waddling up to my gate again and although my humans saw them, my MH said I was looking so peaceful that she didn't want to waken me, but she has asked them to come tomorrow so maybe I will see them then. I hope so 'cos I love meeting new friends and I have never chatted to a duck before. I wonder if I will understand 'duck' and will they know that I am friendly? I shall find out and let you know.

My MH says she has a new word for you and it is 'waachle' and it describes how the ducks walk--swaying from side to side. It is a good word don't you think?

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